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‘Top of the class’ for the 2007 TOG Regatta: The best so far!

Thailand’s Future in Colour

Thirty beautiful finalists ready for Miss Tiffany’s Universe finals

Dutch students celebrate end of educational study excursion at the Moon River Pub

‘Top of the class’ for the 2007 TOG Regatta: The best so far!

Ocean Marina’s own Krit Assakul helms Sonic to first place in the Class 5 Ocean Multihulls.

Driving hard downwind.

Brian Homes Platu: ‘The Weasel’.

That’s a good question!

Major co-sponsor Raimond Land’s Northpoint entry.

Ocean Marina prepares for the battles to come.

Thai and Malaysian Optis in hot competition.

by Peter Cummins - Ocean Marina, Jomtien
It has been an exhilarating four days of yacht racing out off the Ocean Marina Yacht Club in Jomtien for the Third Top of the Gulf (TOG) annual Regatta which started with registration on Thursday, 03 May, and continued through to Monday, 07 May.
Regatta Organizing Committee President, William J. Gasson, in his inimitable way even ‘out-foxed’ Mother Nature. For the week preceding the event, the Eastern Seaboard - especially the Pattaya-Jomtien region - was deluged by rain storms which also killed the wind in the Northern Gulf. But, once the racing started in earnest on Friday, apart from one down-pour during the Ocean Property Party on Saturday and relatively light wind on Monday, the more than 180 craft raced in superb conditions.
Three major awards were decided during the TOG Regatta: namely, the Coronation Cup for the Platu keelboat, the Optimist Nationals and the Top of the Gulf winner. The three happy recipients of these main awards were Kenichi Takahashi, Navee Thamsoontorn and David Lindahl, respectively.
In addition, to honour His Majesty the King for his upcoming 80th birthday next December, a fleet of 18 “Super Motts” entered the Regatta. It was the King himself who designed and built the prototype of this little craft, ideally tailored to the lighter Thai physique.
With more than 180 craft out there on the water, it was inevitable that there were many protests which kept the five-man international jury somewhat busy.
As if that was not enough for these honorable gentlemen, two of them suffered the indignity of having their jury boat sink under them: they were on a jet-ski supervising their section of the racing when ‘la voila’, the jet-ski became a wet -ski and submerged under them!
There were also a number of collisions, one being between the two leaders in the Ocean Multi-hull Class, where the erstwhile top contender saw his Regatta disappear through the hole in one of his hulls.
Then, a mention must be made of Pascal Leray, who had shipped in his own “Tasmanian Tiger” from the sunny shores of Hobart Town. Pascal’s “Breakaway” finished in the premier Class One Keelboats.
Following sponsorship of the first two TOG Regattas, as well as many other big sailing events throughout the Kingdom, Raimon Land has already committed to underwrite more than five regattas during 2007, including the Phuket King’s Cup Regatta at year’s end.
With Raimon Land’s philosophy of “developing a better environment”, the management feels that sailing regattas provide an ideal platform for this and a medium to introduce their first-class projects to new clients.
Discerning a symbiosis between yachts and property, Nigel Cornick, CEO of Raimon Land remarked recently: “A great deal of synergy exists between the marine leisure and property markets and this will become increasingly evident as both industries continue to develop in Thailand. This year’s Top of the Gulf Regatta is shaping up to be even better with more entries from around the region expected. We look forward to taking a lead role in promoting the regatta and along with it enhancing Thailand’s reputation as an idyllic yachting and lifestyle destination.”
There were participants from at least six countries: Australia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and, of course, host country Thailand.
Of special interest - and a most positive sign for the future of yacht racing in the marine sector of Thailand - was the enthusiastic participation of some 108 children (under 16-year-olds), who battled for the 2007 Optimist National Championships of Thailand, incorporated as an integral section of the TOG Regatta.
Rut Subniran, member of the Sailing Committee and representative of the Yacht Racing Association of Thailand (YRAT), says that this international racing program has the objective of establishing Pattaya as an international yachting and sailing venue and promoting the sailing event as one of the main yacht racing events in the Asian region, as well as helping the economy of Pattaya.
Mrs. Nusara (Assakul) Banyatpiyaphod, President, Ocean Property Group and Ocean Marina Yacht Club, as Regatta Host venue and co-principal sponsor, says that Ocean Marina Yacht Club has been appointed by the Sport Technical Committee of the incoming 24th SEA Games 2007, as the official venue for practicing, training and competing for all national sailing events. The Yacht Club will be the main operating headquarters of all types of water sports at the event to be held in December.
‘Top of the Gulf Regatta 2007’
Official Results
In the Class One Keelboats, it was Regatta champion, David Lindahl, (La Samudra), first; second was David Pollard (Foreign Exchange II) and third was Pascal Leray, helming his new Tasmanian import, “Breakaway”. Regatta PR man David Bell, was fourth, on Magic Roundabout.
A Japanese team led by regatta-perennial, Tetsuo Ogino on “Missy” was master of the Class Two Keelboats (Thaicap), from Dawn Phung’s “Amanda” and Erik Habers “Naranthip”.
There was no question that Kipsan Beck had his “Pornstar” in the limelight - being the first and the ONLY entry in Class 4 Sportsboats.
A welcome win in the Class Five, Ocean Multi-hulls, was Krit (Kirati) Assakul, from the Ocean Marina home base, helming his giant “Sonic” into first place, ahead of Dave Wales, “The Sting”.
Thailand’s Vivat Poonpat (Naiad) led the way in the hotly contested Platu fleet from Marco Belonje “The Beaver” in second and Japan’s Kenichi Takahashi on “Motornet” in third.
A very close tussle, indeed, was in the 16-strong Laser fleet, with Nik Ashraf Qaedi first, second was Royal Thai Navy man and national champion, Manat Photong, and third was Adrian Chang Kee.
The first three in the Super Mott Class were, in order: Kitipong Kambang, Piyapong Chantara and Suthee Poonpat
Finally to the star ‘sailors of tomorrow’ competing in the Optimist National Championships, and in a hard fought series of races the strong Malaysian team pushed the two Thai leaders right up to the end. The final standings were as follows: 1st Navee Thamsoontorn; 2nd Nattawut Paenyaem; 3rd Mohamad Nazrin Muis Bin Mohd Asri; 4th Khairunissa Binti Mohd Afendy; 5th Koh Boon Quan; 6th Nuppakao Poonpat; 7th (and first girl sailor) Patteera Meeyousamsen; 8th (and second girl) Pichamon Farkhum.

Regatta founder and president Bill Gasson thanks the Ocean Marina staff: (L-R) Yangky, Pui and Fuangfa (Mam).

Nigel Cornick, CEO of major co-sponsor Raimond Land presents a trophy to a happy sailorette.

The new Optimist champion of Thailand, 15 year-old Navee Thamsoontorn.

Kevin Scott (Platu: ‘Ferret’) is proud of his trophies, which included a special book on HM The King written by Pattaya Mail correspondent Peter Cummins.

The young Malaysian lady-sailors performed very well indeed.

Mrs. Nusara (Assakul) Banyatpiyaphod, President Ocean Property Group and Ocean Marina Yacht Club, acknowledges her staff for a great Regatta performance.

Vivat Poonpat’s Platu team celebrate victory in the Coronation Cup.

Even the rugby girls turned up to celebrate the Regatta at the Raimond Land Northpoint party.

Thailand’s Future in Colour

Judy Hoppe with the winning entry.

Janis and David Cotterill with Kang from the Drop In Centre.

Foo bought Suptichaa’s painting.

Kim from Casa Pascal gets her purchase signed by the artist.

Mechai Viravaidya presented the prizes.

Kang from the Drop In centre with his winning entry.

Gillian Thom
This was the name for the art exhibition held recently at the Opium Gallery, and what a colourful night it indeed turned out to be! Pattaya International Ladies Club had the idea to invite children from their various supported charities around Pattaya, Ban Chang and Rayong to enter a competition, with the winning exhibits having their own “show” at the Gallery, and the entries poured in.

Another beautiful exhibit.

A prestigious judging panel of Alan Kirkland-Roath of Gallery Opium, Liam O’Keefe, of Liam’s Gallery, Pattaya, Nikom, a well-known artist and member of the Thailand Watercolour Society, and Art Critic, Michael Bulley, had a hard job to choose the winners, but eventually more than 80 exhibits were selected and framed for showing, with costs sponsored by All Seasons Travel.
Each of the budding artists was presented with small prizes by the guest of honour, Mechai Viravaidya, founder and chairman of the Population and Community Development Association (PDA), and owner of the popular Cabbages and Condoms restaurants.
150 people attended on the night, some from as far as Bangkok. So far the exhibition has raised THB 28,500, including the auction of a portrait donated by Alan Kirkland-Roth, and a generous personal donation from Mechai.

More exhibits.

It is hoped that even more funds will be raised as Alan and Linda from Gallery Opium will be displaying the works for a few more days to the public, and all the works on display are of course for sale. Proceeds from all paintings sold will be given back to the respective school to help improve conditions or buy new equipment to benefit all the children.
The winners were:
Over 13 yrs age group:
Fa from Ban Jing Jai
2nd: Kang from the Drop In Centre
Honourable mention: Pomlikit Garaat from Wat Nongkeit Noi School
11 - 13 yrs age group:
Radtanna Boonpoon from Wat Nongkeit Noi School
2nd: Ladwaan Aumtai from Ban Jing Jai
Honourable mention: Chuditmaa from Wat Nongkeit Noi School
6 - 10 yrs age group:
Kaiton from Fountain Of Life Center
2nd: Supitchaa from Wat Nongkeit Noi School
Honourable mention: Naamfon, from the Mercy Center
Under 6 years age group:
Dtan from Fountain Of Life Center
2nd: Nidnoi from Fountain Of Life Center
Honourable mention: Eve from Fountain Of Life Center
Visitors to the Gallery were also treated to a vocal offering from the Sea Breeze choir, and an Indian-style buffet was generously provided by Avninder Khanijou, owner of Indian-by-Nature Restaurant.
Many of the PILC ladies were involved in the exhibition. Our sincere thanks go to Rosanne Diamente, president, who co-ordinated the event, tirelessly assisted by the Welfare Team of Ingrid Cunliffe, Mari Parino and Kathleen Petras. Thanks are also due to Erin Castle, who collected all the children, teachers and families from the Fountain of Life Centre, to Sue and Peewee Cochlan for collecting the Wat Nongkeit Noi School teachers and children, and to Nancy Bradburn and Liz McCartney, who brought the Ban Jing Jai children. Ingrid Cunliffe brought the Drop In Centre kids, and commented: “The looks on their faces when they walked in to see their own work framed and up on the walls was priceless!”
A superb event, bringing together many facets of the Pattaya community for the good of all.

Janis and David Cotterill with kids from the Drop In Centre.

Thirty beautiful finalists ready for Miss Tiffany’s Universe finals

One of the applicants shows off her steps in front of the judges.

Tiffany’s Cabaret theatre is well prepared for the final round of the Miss Tiffany’s Universe pageant to be held tonight and excitement is running high amongst competitors and the public alike.
Sunday May 7 had seen the judging committee, which includes Associate Professor Dr Seri Wongmontha, Rungratree Thongsai, Supap Saengkhamchoo and Dr Choosana Dechkana interviewing each of the applicants. From this process, which took about three hours, 30 finalists were selected from the 60 competitors.
On the following day, the 30 finalists paid a visit to the mayor’s office, followed by World Gems Gallery to thank them for their great support.
The final round will be held tonight, Friday May 11, at Tiffany’s Theatre on Second Road from 8:30 pm until midnight. The event will be broadcast live on national Channel 7.
For more information call 038-421-700-5, 038-429-642, or visit their official website: www.misstiffanyuniverse.com

Applicants are really exited at the registration table.

Honorary judges (left-right) Supap Saengkhamchoo, Rungratree Thongsai, Alisa Phantusak, Associate Priofessor Dr. Seri Wongmontha, and Dr. Choosana Dechkana.

Some of the beauties waiting to be called for a one-on-one interview.

‘Tong’ Ratrawee Jiraprakul, Miss Tiffany’s Universe 2006 lead 30 finalists to the city hall where they were welcomed by deputy mayor Weerawat Khakai and officials of the city hall.

Dutch students celebrate end of educational study excursion at the Moon River Pub

97 students and teachers, guided by Bartjan de Keijzer from the NHTV College in Breda, the Netherlands, stayed at the Thai Garden Resort as part of their cultural exploration of Thailand. All of them are educated to become travel agents and have promised to do their best to promote Thailand.

Michael Albers
The Moon River Pub was the scene of a particularly convivial event recently, when Thai Garden Resort general manager René Pisters and guest service manager Brigitta Herkner greeted 98 students and six lecturers from the Department of Tourism Management at NHTV University of Breda, in the Netherlands.
The group had been on a two-week cultural trip through Thailand, visiting Bangkok, Ayuthaya, Sukhothai and Chiang Mai. To round off their trip to Thailand, looking for some rest and relaxation, they chose the beaches and nightlife of Pattaya.
Dutch people certainly can party, and along with taking pleasure in their Thailand experience they were also celebrating the 27th anniversary of the accession to the throne of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. For this particular occasion everyone was dressed in orange clothing.
Bartjan de Keijzer, lecturer and tour organizer, of this students study group made a short speech in Dutch, and whatever he said, within seconds the buffet area was swarming with excited Dutch students with plates in hand.
The party continued into the night as students packed the dance floor hopping and bopping to the music of the Power Jam Band. One thing was for sure, the Dutch really know how to party.