Great American Rib Company

Rejuvenate your taste buds

   by Miss Terry Dinerner

The Great American Rib Company opened three months ago in Pattaya on Thepprasit Road (close to Soi 11), but it has been in Bangkok for three years and in Hua Hin for 18 months, so it is not some untried project.

It is under the stewardship of Greg Caro, better known to most people in Pattaya as the blues singer/harmonica player, but not so well known is his work managing restaurants in Bangkok before coming down here to open the Great American Rib Company in Pattaya.
The restaurant is well signposted, just look for the large green sign on the left heading along Thepprasit from Sukhumvit, as the road begins to rise. It is in two main sections, inside and air-conditioned, and outside under a retractable roof, but also has a children’s playground area at the rear. If there is no parking outside, go 20 meters past and turn left into Soi 11 and left again into their own car park. The seating is picnic bench-style, with plastic table covers, so again, children are catered for.
The evenings are so pleasant at present that we chose to sit outside, and we were immediately impressed by the friendly nature of the staff, and the welcome everyone gets from Greg. The suggestion of a frozen lime or mango margarita sounded fine, and certainly puts one in the right mood for relaxed eating.

The menu covers Starters, Buffalo Wings, Salads, Burgers and Sandwiches, Authentic Hickory Smoked BBQ, BBQ Ribs, BBQ Platters, Tiger Prawn platters, Steaks and Beer braised Beef short ribs, and Fajitas, and on the back there is a drinks menu covering many beers, the margaritas, soft drinks and a reference to another separate wine list.
With so many items, and just the two of us in the Dining Out Team, Greg suggested he put together a ‘tasting’ sampler, to which we readily agreed. We began with the El Paso Nachos, and by the second mouthful we had both decided to never accept “ordinary” nachos again. The El Paso nachos come with spicy filet mignon beef with Jalapeno peppers, then drizzled with melted cheddar cheese. A sensational start to any evening.
Next up were the Buffalo Wings which came after tossing in a Cayenne pepper sauce with a side dish of celery and blue cheese dressing. This was another taste sensation and you can order these as 6, 12 or 24 wings.
The food kept on coming, with some superb quesadillas, but then we had to experience the BBQ. The BBQ items are kept in the marinade overnight, we were told by Greg, then put in their on-site smokers for four to five hours, and they certainly have that hickory smoke taste. We tried the pastrami pork and the ribs, and a wonderful pulled pork done this way. There is also chicken BBQ, but we were getting very close to being full up, so we skipped the chicken.
We finished (or perhaps I should say that Greg finished us) with a beautiful Surf and Turf with a filet mignon steak and the Hua Hin Tiger prawns. The steak was so tender you felt you could cut it with a spoon! The sharp knife supplied was superfluous. And for an even greater surprise, ask Greg which country it came from. (And I did not get it correct, so you will be in good company!)

The Great American Rib Company experience was a real eye-opener. Great tastes and flavors in huge portions. This is certainly the restaurant to enjoy a family night out. “Family friendly” claims Greg, and it certainly is. When you realize that the Great American BBQ Feast portion will feed four to five people at around B. 200 per head, this makes for a cheap family night out too. This restaurant certainly did rejuvenate our taste buds, and I am sure it will for you too. Highly recommended. (And try the El Paso Nachos for a different type of starter!)
The Great American Rib Company (Pattaya), 229/95 Moo 12, Thepprasit Road, South Pattaya, telephone 038 300 874. Open seven days, 11.30 a.m. until 11.30 p.m., on-street parking or behind restaurant (enter from Soi 11).