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Lamun Hanley takes Thai-Ger Line title

PSC golf from the Cafe Kronborg

Friends is the new first place leader

Seniors hangout for a round of Betong

Rich holes in one thanks to Magellan

The Inflictor and Chaten must have played different courses

Tai and Banjob scramble home

Gale, Warburg & Pimblett take August Diana Seniors & Ladies

Ken Klobbers Khao Kheow

Emmet is white hot at Mountain Shadow

Wednesday Quiz League

Simple Simon secure in the runners-up position

Soi 6 Quiz League

Mick escapes unscathed…

Mikael ‘king of the hill’ at Ban Chang

Dene Mundy masters the putter at Ban Chang

The bandit rides again!

Roy pips Bob at the post

The Beautiful Game?

Record Breaking Rossi

The Square Ring

Pattaya Schools 7 & 9 net major trophies in Volleyball Championships

Pranee crowned Pattaya ‘Miss MegaBreak’

Thai boxing team visits Pattaya


Lamun Hanley takes Thai-Ger Line title

Mike Franklin

It took seven Thai-Ger Line Anniversary tournaments for a lady golfer to earn the title of Thai-Ger line Champion, but lucky 7th it was for Lamun Hanley. Her forty-three stableford points set her four points ahead off the rest of the field to be declared outright winner. The second main accolade of the day went to Andy Wellington, who decimated his six handicap with a gross seventy-five off the stick to take the Low Gross trophy.

Lamun Hanley (seated), this year’s Thai-Ger Line Champion relaxes with Nora Haugsjordet, Ladies runners-up after the prize giving. Lamun returned 43 points to become the tournaments first lady champion.

The immaculate Phoenix Mountain & Lakes nines were Fabian’s chosen course for the day, Lakes chosen for the excellent driving opportunity that the par five Lakes #9 offers. The Thai-Ger Line golfers did not disappoint and Long Drive 5 litre Kegs of Warsteiner beer went to Tai Kennedy for the ladies, and Phil Mitchell, Anton Schuett and Sid Ottaway in men’s divisions I, II & III respectively.

All scores, bar one, were sub-forty and reflected some difficult conditions on the course largely brought about by fairly heavy rain that began, co-incidentally, at 11.04 am when the shotgun blasted four times (shotguns and artillery to Lake Mabrachan pronto!) The round lost about 30 minutes in all through rain stoppages, but finished in good time. Near pin prizes of Warsteiner kegs went to the sixteen near pin winners listed below, Richard Wardell and Tai Kennedy both claiming two each.

Andy Wellington (right) decimated his handicap to take the Low Gross trophy with a gross 75.

Division results are also detailed below, but foremost were the division winners: Lamud Chaidara for the Ladies; Mike Turner Division III, Ray Dell Division II, and Mark Joshua Division I. Runner-up and 3rd Place trophies were awarded too. The two top trophies going to Andy Wellington (Low Gross) and Thai-Ger Line Champion, Lamun Hanley.

Roy (Mr. Loy) Mitchell was efficient and timely with the scoring, even though some of the cards were rather soggy from the rain.

Fabian and Gik ready to welcome golfers at the registration table.

Thai-Ger Line’s Gik busied herself taking photos of all the groups and individual players, later to be framed and given to the players and, for those who left Moon River Pub before the photos arrived, the photos can be collected at Fabian’s Thai-Ger Line shop in Soi Chaiyapoom. A nice idea, and greatly appreciated to be given a reminder of an enjoyable days golf.

Golf though is only half of it, as the buffet dinner back at the Thai Garden Resort’s Moon River Pub is quite superb, and Fabian’s idea of free beer, wine and soft drinks for the evening is a welcome alternative to yet another shirt in the wardrobe.

The prize-giving was on time and the live music that followed later set the pace for the rest of the evening.

Overall, this excellent tournament was deserving of a bigger field but, as Fabian said, what was more important were those who were there, rather than those who were not.

Well hosted Fabian, it was a really good day.

PSC golf from the Cafe Kronborg

Monday August 22
Green Valley

With ‘the Admiral’ once again going AWOL, the excellent Rayong Green Valley was the host for this weeks challenge for our boys from the Kronborg.

Akitoshi Ito receives the Monthly Mug from ‘The Admiral.’

The day started well as the would be organizers managed to arrive at the venue well before the rest of the field thus ensuring things ran a lot smoother than last week , although there was a totally unfounded rumor going around that they had departed the night before and camped out.

As always the course was in fine condition with lightening greens and well manicured fairways etc, and although some hold the opinion that the course ‘lost a little something’ when it was redesigned a couple of years ago it is still up there among the best courses in the area.

Jeff Wylie with his winning smile.

Certainly the degree of difficulty has not been compromised and this was reflected in the scores with not one of our crew able to beat their handicap on the day.

Leading the way in the ‘A’ Flight was the big hitting Jeff Wylie carding a fine 35 points off his five handicap with ‘steady eddy’ Bill Plath 34 points in second and Stuart Thompson taking third with 31 pts.

The scores in the ‘B’ Flight were not quite so good with the back to form Ebrehim once again a winner with points from a surprised Barry Kerr taking second place on countback from Jed Mason in third both having 30 points.

Cafe Kronborg Monthly Mug
Thursday August 25
Siam Country Club

Siam Country Cub was once again the host for this month’s stroke play event with ‘The Admiral’ standing in on this occasion for the absent DB.

The key to good scoring at Siam one feels is judging the pace of the greens which can be extremely difficult due in the main to the heavy grain or ‘nap’ as some prefer to call it which if lying against you can result in a good rap with the putter being required just to reach the hole.

Having said that, apart from a heavily sanded tenth fairway, the course was at its difficult best with the greens a little quicker than normal and on this occasion well maintained bunkers.

Once again not to many competitors ‘burned it up’ as it were but with one or two notable exceptions as Akitoshi Ito skillfully plotted his way around the course in admirable fashion to card a four under par net score of 68 to win the much vaunted Monthly Mug, from the unfortunate Brian Lebutt who just missed out on countback after also scoring a excellent net 68 himself.

Back to the Kronborg then for a few beers and the presentation with two handicapper Mike Allidi (net 75) taking the ‘A’ Flight from Bill Plath in second place on countback from Clive Robinson in third both with net 78,s.

Some consolation here for the previously mentioned Brain Lebutt who although being edged out on the main prize of the day found his net 68 good enough to take the ‘B’ flight from Ronny Walfridsson (net 69) in second and Jan Johansson (net 72) in third.

Friends is the new first place leader

Pattaya Sports Club Friday Bowling League

200 Bowlers – Tue, Truevo, Nual, Mio, Jon and Somrak.

Friends playing without Captain Otto who is in the hospital took three points from Domicil and moved into first place. Last weeks leader Shenanigans lost three points to Cafe Ole and are now tied for second. Mai’s Thai Restaurant moved into a tie for second after winning three points from VFW Post 9876. Three Sisters knocked Brother D off the leader board taking all four points in that match. Mio returned from Norway and immediately got her House of the Golden Coin back on track taking three points from Cafe Kronborg. Grapevine won three points in their match with Jack & Tar but are still stuck in a tie for last place or a tie for ninth, depending on which way you look at it

Best bowlers of the day were:
La, Three Sisters: 554 series
Mio, House of the Golden Coin: 202 game – 553 series
Tue, VFW Post 9876: 552 series
Somrak, Cafe Ole: 200 game – 547 series
Truevo, Friends: 215 game – 546 series
Nok, Jack & Tar: 200 game – 540 series
Nual, Cafe Ole: 202 game – 530 series
Lenz, Mai’s Thai Restaurant: 528 series
Dang, Friends: 526 series
Jon, Shenanigans: 202 game – 526 series
Kran, Cafe Kronborg: 518 series
Lada, Three Sisters: 515 series

Seniors hangout for a round of Betong

Ariyawat Nuamsawat

Sport at any age helps in improving the quality of life. With this in mind, city administrators hosted the second annual Seniors Betong Tournament last weekend, with over 100 teams taking part in the event at Pattaya School No 2.

The Betong tournament was well attended with seniors from around the province taking part in the event.

This bi-annual tournament is held during the months of August and December, which coincides with national Mother’s day and Father’s Day in conjunction with the birthday celebrations of Their Majesties the King and Queen.

Mayor Niran Wattanasartsathorn presided over the opening ceremonies and spoke on the qualities of exercise, reminding players that the sport of betong was a particular favorite of HRH the Princess Mother.

“Sporting activities aid both the mind and body. Betong is ideal for seniors and people of all ages as it does not require excessive physical exertion but is enough to maintain mobility.

“It is a sport that requires strategy and planning, which keeps the mind sharp and the senses tuned. As we celebrate the month of Her Majesty the Queen’s birthday, cast a thought to Her Royal Highness the Princess Mother who was fond of betong,” said Niran.

Competitors throughout the province took part in the event supported by administrators and members of the Pattaya and Chonburi Seniors Associations.

Rich holes in one thanks to Magellan

IPGC golf from The Haven

Monday August 22
Green Valley

1st Serge Straeten, net 70
2nd Barry Traynor, net 71
3rd Martin Hayes, net 73 - cb9 32.5
4th Mashi Kaneta, net 73 - cb9 36

Serge Straeten returned from a sailing holiday round Koh Samui and the surrounding islands to claim his first win for some time and attributed his success to a clear mind refreshed by the ocean winds and a healthy diet of wine and wine, washed down with more wine and a gallon of Pastis.

Barry Traynor kept up his winning ways without making too many waves as he slid into second place ahead of Martin Hayes and “The Tailor of Pattaya”

Division 1 two’s were shared between Barry Traynor, Mashi Kaneta and Martin Hayes, whilst there were none in the 2nd Division and the pool was carried forward.

Before presenting the prizes Richard Livingston, the resident PGA Professional welcomed new members Phil Flanagan and Ashley Cotton and also welcomed back Fred Land, Del Bailey, Martin Hayes, Peter Hall and Dave Lee. The latter having returned from the far north of Thailand where the Prime Minister must have been staying when he recently told us that there was no water shortage. When Dave left it had been raining for 39 days which is only one short of the biblical record.

Wednesday August 24
Mountain Shadow

1st Martin Hayes, 40 pts
2nd Rich Holmes, 37pts - cb9 19
3rd Trevor Schirmer, 37pts - cb9 17
4th Mark Gorda, 35 pts - cb9 18
5th Jimmy Little, 35 pts - cb9 17
6th Wilf Latham, 35 pts - cb9 15

Mountain Shadow must be one of the best conditioned courses in the area and with a management that understands the wisdom of working with and not against the local golf groups will be sure to grow enormously in popularity with the regions golfers to the detriment of some of the less enlightened. After all 720 baht for a competition round at a course of such great quality is a great bargain and deserves to be rewarded with the local players wholehearted support.

Martin Hayes continued to benefit from the thousands of baht spent at the driving range, and now he has stopped hitting his putts to the back fence, can now look forward to a stream of successes according to his unpaid watcher and teacher. He swept the field away by three clear shots and left Rich Holmes and Trevor Schirmer trailing in second and third places.

Mark Gorda marked his return with a fourth place just ahead on countback from Jimmee Little and Wilf Latham.

Jimmy Little took the Second Division twos pool including the roll over. In the First Division, Mikael Innala and Mark Wood had one each but they had to sit and watch as Rich Holmes scored an ace, his lifetime third, to sweep the pot which he celebrated in style by blowing the horn back at The Haven and together with Lumyai also blowing the large horn to celebrate her return from a successful operation at Sriracha Hospital, that set up a frenzy of evening drinking that had not been seen for some time.

Rich was lucky to have had the chance at all. He had sent his clubs with ‘Magellan’ Nicolas, who got lost on the way and was driving back to The Haven for a second breakfast when he remembered Rich’s clubs in the boot. Nicolas then made yet another u-turn, making his fifth of the day, drove for half an hour, bought a map, asked a policeman, sold the map and followed a motorcycle taxi and eventually arrived with the magic implements to play his part in a rare achievement.

Magellan’s own results on the day were somewhat short of his previous outing at the same course when he topped the list with 44 points. This time out he finished bottom of the pile with 20, blaming the descent from the previous dizzy heights on the pressure of remembering where to go next after each hole without the benefit of one of the top caddies having arrived too late to get one. It could well be true as his playing partners reported seeing him traveling backwards and forwards across the fairways on numerous occasions with seemingly a definite plan in mind.

Prior to the presentations Richard welcomed back Dale Shier, Wilf Latham, Bryan Edwards and Mark Gorda and presented Magellan with a map of Soi 13.

Friday 26th August
Century Ban Chang

1st Rich Holmes, 37 pts - cb9 20
2nd Serge Straeten, 37 pts - cb9 19
3rd Barry Traynor, 35 pts
4th Alan Hanlon, 34 pts - cb9 18
5th Tony Quaid, 34 pts - cb9 17

The largest contingent of the week traveled the well marked path to Ban Chang to sample the delights of that small town and play a little golf along the way. Unfortunately the golf course seems to think it has suddenly become one of the top venues in the area and now charges the same and in some cases more than other well and better maintained and managed courses. Presumably the overcharging can be attributed to the vast sums expended on the new “Clubhouse and Locker Rooms”, sic, even though the budget unfortunately did not run to a renewal of the lockers themselves. Another case of … - Fill in your own words and send your answers to c/o the Manager Ban Chang Golf Club, to win this weeks competition. And a free…

Rich Holmes continued to mine a rich seam of golf as he just pipped the in-form Serge Straeten on countback to secure the win and prevent Serge from claiming his second win of the week. Barry Traynor also appeared on the podium for the second time in the week just ahead of fourth and fifth placed Alan Hanlon and Tony Quaid.

There were no twos in the First Division and Serge Straeten had the only one in the Second Division.

Back at The Haven Richard welcomed new member Phillipe Allard and also welcomed back Alan Hanlon and Roar Berger and said farewell for a few months to Tony Quaid who is returning to Europe for a good drenching and a few quality pints of genuine Guinness after drinking far too many pints of Nodball. (Lager to the non-rugby readers)

The usual correspondent for The Haven is currently away on holiday and it is anyone’s guess who is running, sic, the show in the meantime.

The Inflictor and Chaten must have played different courses

IPGC golf from Lewiinski’s

Sunday August 21
Green Valley, White Tees

1st A Flight: Kevin Taylor, 44 pts
2nd A Flight: Joe Mooneyham, 43 pts
3rd A Flight: Jim Wickstrom, 36 pts
1st B Flight: Noel Ryan, 43 pts
2nd B Flight: Les Eaton, 43 pts
3rd B Flight: George Jackson, 38 pts
1st C Flight: Peter Henderson, 39 pts
2nd C Flight: Toy Theobald, 39 pts
3rd C Flight: Ray Dell, 39 pts
Near Pins: #8 Klaus Schackt; #13 Joe McArdle
2s: Kevin Taylor; Jim Wickstrom; Klaus Schackt; Joe McArdle; Mike Craighead

The performances on customer friendly Sunday Green Valley foretold it was to be a week of outstanding efforts. Perhaps it was due to the drought finally finding its way to all of the golf courses and firming up the fairways or perhaps it is a result of a winnowing of the competitors down to battle hardened residents. In any event, one didn’t have to look far for the ‘Man of the Match’ as Kevin Taylor led the premier lads home with 44 points. No one deserved to be disappointed more than Joe “I’m still in the” Mooneyham who saw his stellar 43 points only good for 2nd in A Flight. Jimmy Wickstrom tidied it up with a level to handicap 36 points, bettering the distribution of Klaus Schackt, on count back..

In B Flight the action was equally fierce as mates Noel Ryan and Les Eaton both notched 43 points with poor Les taking the worse of the count back. George “One Ball” Jackson continued his fine play of late to take the bronze in B with 38 points.

Thirty-nine points were de rigueur for C Flight as three players found themselves knotted atop the junior circuit. Count backs abounded as Peter Henderson took the best of it, with Toy the proverbial rose between two thorns, taking second over Ray “Farmer in the” Dell.

The newly installed 2s comp, so popular at some of our brethren IPGC sites, was implemented at the Society. The lads and lasses warmly embraced the concept with their participation and no less than five players cashed, ranging form lowest handicapper Jim Wickstrom (5) to higher handicapper Mike Craighead (20).

Tuesday August 23
Laem Chabang, A & B
Blue or White Tees

1st Blue Flight: Vic Hester, 40 pts
2nd Blue Flight: Phil Mitchell, 32 pts
3rd Blue Flight: Julian Clarke, 31 pts
1st White Flight: Rick Sharp, 38 pts
2s: John Emerson; Rick Sharp

The already courageous lot that takes on the Blues at Laem Chabang was further emboldened when presented with the easiest of permutations of the 9’s, Mountain A and Lake B. Notwithstanding their zeal, the course showed it teeth, to all, save Vic Hester who seemed, as the title suggests, to be playing a different course. Vic’s 40 points, off his 16 handicap, an 84 gross, were eight points clear of the Blue Field. They may not have felt like winners when they came off the course but Phil Mitchell and Julian Clarke cheered up a bit as they took second and third on the Blue podium. Rick Sharp, well capable of playing the Blues, saw a good deal and dropped down to pick up the lone medal in the shorter White Flight.

Wednesday August 24
Khao Kheow, A & B
Yellow Tees

1st A Flight: Chaten Patel, 40 pts
2nd A Flight: Jim Munns,– 34 pts
3rd A Flight: Dave Porter, 31 pts
2’s: Chaten Patel (2); Don Lehmer

It was off to one of the most entertaining venues, Pete Dye’s Khao Kheow, for the day and no one was entertained more than Chaten Patel who not only eclipsed the single flight field by six points but also garnered two of the three 2’s on the day. Capt. Fogg was that player six adrift, but he again was three ahead of the bronze medal holder, Dave Porter. It should be noted that David needed a count back to secure third from Roger “the Porcelain god” Koehler.

Friday August 26
Crystal Bay, B & A
White Tees

1st Glen Perkinson, 41 pts
2nd Simon Kendall, 40 pts
3rd Jan Eriksen, 40 pts
4th Dave Porter, 39 pnts
2’s: Richard Garland

Because the 2s competition is elective it is bound to generate a hard luck story or two and today was one of those days as Paul Young eschewed entry into the pool, and then went out and had two (2) of ‘em. I tell you one guy that wasn’t complaining and that was Richard Garland who took the whole lot.

In the day’s one division comp, Glen Perkinson, who due to a renegotiation of his teaching schedule will be competing more often, cleared a couple of fine scores with a 41 points. Departing Simon Kendall had the better of a count back over Jan “The Quiet One” Eriksen, with both players having superlative 40 points. Continuing the outpouring of points was Dave Porter, with 39 points, who won his second count back of the week by edging low handicapper Phil Groves.

Tai and Banjob scramble home

Mike Franklin

On Wednesday August 24, JIGS small but stalwart group took up the challenge of the North & West nines at Plutaluang and gently gave way to eighty retired Royal Thai Navy Marines who were carrying out golf-related manoeuvres on the South & East courses.

Banjob, Mike & Tai back at Jameson’s.

In persistently fine weather, brushed by a cooling breeze, Pairs Scramble rules were the order of the day and superbly followed by the ladies pairing of Tai Kennedy and Banjob Franklin. Recording a gross 78 their Pairs handicap resulted in a commendable 68.2 and number one spot on the podium.

Longest first putts were the technical tests and Banjob’s hot putter claimed North #9 and Arthur Hancock made sure of West #9.

September looms and Wednesday 7th takes us to see our friends at Eastern Star, this time for a Singles Stableford competition. Sign-up in Jameson’s please or just give me (Mike) a call. Hope to see you then.

Gale, Warburg & Pimblett take August Diana Seniors & Ladies

 Mike Franklin

Punyanit (Yao) Gale claimed the winners place for the Ladies in the Diana Seniors & Ladies Open at Pattaya Country Club on Thursday August 25 with 36 Stableford points. Nooket Gummer almost made it four in a row, but not quite as her best was 29 points as runner-up. The men’s scores were in the 40s, Dick Warburg winning the seniors division with 42 points with Alan Gummer close behind with 41 points, playing off 22 and 26 respectively. Roy Pimblett was the most Super Senior scoring 42 points off a 23 handicap, with Bob Short runner-up with 40 points also off 23 handicap.

Diana August winners, Dick Warburg, Yao Gale and Roy Pimblett.

‘Never far Away’ Arthur Bailey failed to make the podium but was closest to the pin on holes #5 and #12. George Meigh was closest on #7, and John Clements on #16.

Ian Edwards sank an obscenely long putt on #9 and Jack Moseley was more modest with his long putt on #18.

At prize-giving newcomers Nigel Irving and Dennis Kannar were welcomed, as were Ron and Yao Gale and Ian Coville and Doug Chalkley.

Up and coming ‘majors’ were announced, including the 7th Thai-Ger Line Anniversary on Friday 26th August at Phoenix; The PSC Tri-Nations Scramble at Century Banchang on Saturday 27th August , and a week later on Friday 2nd September the Canadian Jackalope Open charity tournament at Pattana. Looking ahead, the 7th Diana Gold Charity tournament will be on Friday November 11 at Eastern Star Country Club & Resort with a Singles Stableford format and one baht weight of gold to be won on every hole.

The next Diana Seniors & Ladies Open is on Thursday September 29 at Pattaya Country Club. Sign-up sheets at the Diana Driving Range and in the Green Bottle.

Ken Klobbers Khao Kheow

IPGC Pattaya Golf Society at the OK Corral

On Tuesday, August 23, the Pattaya Golf Society took to Khao Kheow to play their weekly medal event on the A and B courses, off the yellow tees and found the course in a sad condition with pocked tee boxes and some sanded greens. The day was very hot and humid as the first group left the tee and thunder was ever-present but thankfully stayed distant. The event marked the return to Thai golf for Wilf Latham as his holiday in UK is now a distant memory and he quickly found his feet, if not his form, in posting a score of net 80. To his surprise it was good enough to take third place as his peers found the going tough. Paul Scully managed an

A winning smile from Ken Graham (left).

 excellent net 75 to take second place but he was a country mile behind the winner Ken Graham, whose form continues to amaze, as once again he took victory with a net 69, his fifth in the current month! “Rule Nineteen” is beginning to chorus! His front nine of 41 was particularly impressive and his only real blemish came on B4, a relatively easy par four. Another big winner on the day was a resurgent George Meigh who managed the day’s only birdie two, on the infamous Island hole, and he took the rolled over two’s pot with an wry smile. Playing together at the other end of the leader board Rob Dolan and Len Jones covered themselves in embarrassment on A8, thinking they could carry the water off the tee and into the wind and took an amazing combined 23 shots to finish the hole, thus assuring them of the Booby Bevy, a double indeed! Once again the PGS had come up trumps, providing a day of immense pleasure on the golf course and congratulations to Ken Graham who ‘klobbered’ Khao Kheow in style.

Eriksen’s six-under

 For their penultimate event of the month the golfers from the Pattaya Golf Society at the OK Corral chose the magnificent course at Burapha as the venue for their weekly stableford event on Thursday, August 25. What a sumptuous course David Graham has designed and the Crystal and Dunes nines were in exquisite condition. A novice receptionist cast the only shadow on the day as she had the group booked twice, at different times, which led to confusion and rush at the start but the field soon settled down and played some fine golf. Harry Riley held the halfway lead with nineteen points seeing him two ahead of the field, but he was to stutter over the first four Dunes holes and Wilf Latham rued using his five-wood, his card suffering as a result, losing at least three shots to the course in his round of 35 points. It was still good enough to match the round of Chaten Patel and take a share of runners-up place. Jan Eriksen chose the day to post one of his best scores in the Kingdom, an astounding 42 points, including a gross 38 on the back nine. His closing five holes went birdie - birdie - eagle - par - par, hitting the 250 yard D7th off the tee and dropping a fifteen foot putt in “Tigerish” style! He is certainly waving goodbye to his handicap of seventeen. He shared the two’s pot with Wilf Latham and his Lancashire soulmate and playing partner, Harry Riley.

Jim Wilson captured the day precisely when he commented that it had been a wonderful golfing experience and he downed his Booby Bevy with relish. His score, after all, had been the lowest points total of the day. But did that really matter? Of course not, it had been a good golf day at Burapha.

Emmet is white hot at Mountain Shadow

Golf with The Caddy Shack

Tuesday August 23 had the Caddy Shack golfers travel to the Mountain Shadow golf course for a Medal competition and to make things a little harder, playing off the blue tees.

Tuesday winner Emmet White.

The day was a rather windy and Mountain Shadow boasting more trees than most courses, the scores were not exactly handicap cutting. There were two divisions with the cut made at 18 and under. In division two Alan Bissel and Mr Loy tied for 3rd place with a net 80 a piece, 2nd went to Tony Duthie with a net 78, but to win division two with a net 75 was Rob Heath.

Division one had Bob (one) and Mark Joshua sharing 3rd place with net 73, Brian Jacks came in 2nd place with a level par round, but way out in front came Emmet White with a superb net 67 round. It was a mad day for two’s as there was six of them altogether. The winners were Brian Jacks, Mark Joshua, Rob Heath, Bob 1, Philip Smith and John Mcloone got 2, well done to you all. The notorious bananas were awarded to Phil Smith for his wayward tee shot that ended up at the entrance to the gents toilets, he then asked his playing partners if he could take relief, they replied yes of course you can, once you have relieved yourself you can then take your shot.

On Thursday, the Caddy Shack travelled to Phoenix golf course to play a 2 man scramble. The Mountain and Ocean courses were selected, the weather was excellent with an occasional breeze, with course, as always, well presented. The fairways were in great shape and the greens were as sharp as expected. In 3rd place was the team of David Lightfoot and Mr Loy with a net 68.20, in 2nd was the team of Shaun Donovan and Jerry Cooney with a net 67.20. However, the winners, which consisted of a 3 man team of Rob Heath, Lee Buil and Emmet White put in a score of 67 net.

After so many two’s on Tuesday it was the opposite today with no one managing to take the prize so that means a roll over on Tuesday, the bananas went to the team of Clark and Sam for their net 75.

Don’t hesitate to turn up at the Caddy Shack on a Tuesday or Thursday for golf as transport is available, also with all beers at 50 baht its a great place to go back to, we are situated on the second part of Soi 17, its the same road as the Harley Bar.

Wednesday Quiz League

Simple Simon secure in the runners-up position

Jomtien 8-Ball Pool League

With the bye to come next week, Country Club ended their season with a visit to San Snack Bar where they suffered their third consecutive 7-2 loss. Country Club were still in it with the score at 4-2 going into the supper break but the home team was too strong in the doubles, taking all three. Country Club have had a good season, lifting themselves from the bottom of the table last season – their first in the League - to serious contenders for a trophy this season.

In the San Snack Bar vs. Country Club line up, San Snack Bar won 7-2.

Moonshine threatened another upset when they took their match at Simple Simon down to the last frame. The 5-4 win and Country Club’s loss sees Simple Simon secure in the runners-up spot without having to rely the ‘games difference’ decider.

In last week’s delayed match, Paweena’s lifted themselves away from bottom spot on the ladder with a surprise 6-3 against their visitors from Hide-A-Way. Back in the regular schedule, Hide-A-Way bounced back with an easy 8-1 home win against Woaw’s Pub and Paweena’s continued their new found winning form with a 6-3 win at home against Twilight Zone.

Elsewhere; at Rose & Thistle, Lucky Bar made it three in a row with a 7-2 win and Bolaget had their best result for a couple of weeks – they had the bye.

With the trophies already decided, next week’s interest will be on San Snack Bar’s visit to Moonshine. At home and showing some good form, Moonshine could be the ones to halt the champions’ winning streak.

New Season ahead

The Jomtien Pool League plays a home and away competition for teams in the Jomtien area every Thursday night. A new season will be starting in a few weeks. New teams and players are always welcome. If you are interested in entering a team or if you are a player of any standard looking for a game, email: [email protected] for details.

Soi 6 Quiz League

Mick escapes unscathed…

PSC golf with The Bunker

Mountain Shadow Country Club -
Monday August 22

Mick all smiles after missing golf but pleased to escape a car accident unhurt.

Starting the week with a medal competition at Mountain Shadow requires an early night on Sunday to be fit for the challenge. Only two people shot under par, both in the “A” division. John King left the field behind with a sizzling score of net 66. While Geoff Parker scored net 69 to stand-alone in second place. Granville Swanton came in third with a net 73. In the “B” division David Johnson scored level par 72 to take first honors, followed by John Preddy’s 75 and Walter Smith’s 76 to finish the placing. Near the pins went to Alan Freeman (2), Walter Smith and David Johnson

Green Valley Golf Course –
Wednesday August 24

Green Valley was the golfer’s choice of play after receiving a cancellation from the scheduled play at Sriracha. The stage was set and the players were off for a pleasant day of stableford competitive golf. Mark Thomas led division “A” with a score of 36 points. P.J. Redmond scored 33 points for a second place finish and Terry Phur and Scot Eaton shared third place honours with a score of 32 points. In division “B” there were joint winners each scoring 37 points. Well done to David Johnson and Lamun Hanley. In third place was Jim Wooler with 35 points. Near the pins were won by Mark Thomas, Terry Phur and Geoff Parker.

Pattaya Country Club – Friday August 26

There was a very unfortunate start to the day, as Mick Ramshaw was turning into Pattaya Country Club he was struck by a high speed vehicle over taking a following bus, fortunately only the vehicles were damaged (the overtaking vehicle being a write-off after rolling several times!). Mick was out of action and wondering how much Bob Turner had paid the driver of the speeding vehicle to keep him out of the running for “Golfer of the Month” – Mick is currently in second place!)

The other golfers proceeded to the course for a medal competition. Several rain scores kept the scores fairly high except for Graeme Preston who scored an excellent net 66 to win “B” division (Graeme was also in the vehicle that had the accident so it was a great achievement to card a 6 under par as he must have been shaken up too!). Bryan Rought and Dickie Barbe shared second place honors, both scoring net 71. In division “A” Eddie Martin won first prize with a net 74 followed by Roger Privett with net 75. Third was John King with net 76. Near the pins were won by Roger Privett (2), Trevor Sharman, and Eddie Martin.

The Bunker Boys are located on Soi Chaiyapoon (near X-zyte disco and across the street from Tony’s Disco II). Monthly golf schedules are available or consult the Pattaya Mail every week.

Mikael ‘king of the hill’ at Ban Chang

PSC golf from the Grapevine

Seventeen Grapevine golfers headed to the Nick Faldo designed Century Ban Chang on August 25 for a stableford competition. Mikael Anderson, playing off his 6 handicap, shot a very strong 41 points to lead the field. Runner-up with 39 points was Gordon Everingham (35), while Jeff Wylie (5) squeaked in to 3rd with 36 on a countback.

Mikael Anderson (left) & Gordon Everingham with Da(2) and Da (1).

Mikael’s round was made even more creditable given we had a heavy downpour mid-round. Great for the golf course, not so good for golfers. Overall, the course was in good condition and all agreed it was an excellent value venue.

Technical prizes were limited to one near pin on each of the par 3s and 2 long putts. Nearest to pins were won by Steve Hamstad, Walter Smith, Gordon Everingham and Terry Mills, while Walter Smith and Jeff Wylie won the long putt prizes. Lucky draws were picked up by Vincent and Tom, regular winners lately on ability, showing they also are lucky when skill deserts them.

All in all, a great day topped off by a super meal of ribs (smothered in Opal’s favorite Rancho Texas Smoky Barbecue Sauce), roasted potatoes, and veggies provided by hosts Malcolm and Opal at the Grapevine.

If you’re looking for a great game on a Thursday, get down to The Grapevine, Soi ‘0’, Regent Marina off Beach Road and sign up. They organize transportation, provide breakfast and apr?s golf tucker followed by a timely presentation of the day’s prizes.

Cheers and good golfing.

Dene Mundy masters the putter at Ban Chang

PSC McAllister’s Golf

On hot still day with Century Ban Chang back to its challenging best, a smaller than usual group of golfers took on the elements with good results. The lower turnout was likely because of the annual Tri-Nations Tournament to be held on the following day.

Century Ban Chang is unusual in its effect on our golfers - some of whom absolutely hammer the course regularly while others find it a huge challenge, or even a torment, with its undulating fairways and tough par three holes. Our winner is in the former group, always managing to play to his handicap or as was the case on Friday considerably better than that. Dene Mundy was the winner with a creditable 41 points, followed by Alex Backlund on 39 and Mike Gerrard on 36 points. Dene has always been a good striker of the ball, although in the past his putter has let him down. We are told by his playing partners that Dene was at peace with his putter on Friday and if this trend continues he will do considerable damage before ‘Khun Handicapper’ catches up with him, to say nothing of sending his regular playing partners to the poor-house. Mike Gerrard was very satisfied with his game playing to his handicap.

Back at McAllister Bar & Grill, Don had put on a rehearsal for the following day’s festivities, the highlight being the lovely ladies clad beautifully in black promoting the “Blue Ice” beer much to the delight of the assembled rowdies.

We will all reconvene at Century next Friday and all golfers are welcome. Show up at the course between 7:30 and 8:00 and you are sure to get a game with a very friendly group of players, and then on to McAllister’s for the complementary buffet.

The bandit rides again!

PSC golf from the Three Sisters Bar

The bandit arrived - he did not even wear a mask. He laid down Murphy’s Law, which said I win! Its not like he was a new comer to our Monday Golf session. He has been with the group for months if not a year. Some of us felt that his handicap was too low as he seldom played to it. Well, Monday was a different story as Dale Murphy clobbered the field with 47 points. His drives went straight down the middle, his chips were “gimme putts”, (but no gimme’s with us) and he also putted like a demon. I know because I played in the same group! Dale shot 78 off the stick off a 17 handicap. Great shooting Dale!

Dale Murphy laid down the law – Murphy’s Law – to win with 47 points at Siam.

I felt sorry for Bobby Clark and Roy Pimblett as they shot normally winning scores. On any normal day Bobby or Roy would have won. Bobby came in with 45 points and Roy came in with 44. The only thing that they will get now is the axe. These scores were followed by 40 points for Bob Benda, and 39 for Bill Gibson.

Making a return trip to the cellar this week was Jim Tully. Jim stumbled again and managed 21 points for the day. Andy Bettany gave chase with 26 but it was a no contest situation. We are all waiting for next week to see who will be the next victim and who will be the monthly winner.

Roy pips Bob at the post

PSC golf from Tropical Bert’s

Tuesday August 23 Plutaluang

Undaunted by the prospect of limited showering facilities due to a recent fire at this weeks venue, the boys gathered at Bert’s as usual and following a good ‘brekky’ headed for the navy course at Plutaluang.

Winner Roy Plimipette (left) with Bob Noble and Bert’s Girls.

Unlike the clubhouse, currently under repair, the course was in fine condition and although the greens were reported as being a little slow the scoring in general was good and in some cases exceptional.

Now we all have those rare days when we think we have found the ‘secret to golf’ as our shots fly effortlessly towards the target and the hole looks as big as a bucket, and this was obviously the sort of day Bob Lawrence was having as he took the course apart to card a excellent 45 points and one could forgive him for being reasonably confident of taking first place.

Unfortunately for Bob, he was not the only one to find ‘the secret’ that day and, incredible as it may seem, he was ‘pipped at the post’ by Roy Plimipette who also carded a brilliant 45points to edge out Bob on countback.

No problem with the showers then as the competitors were ferried by buggy to the old clubhouse for a ‘scrub up’ and it was back to Bert’s for a few beers, good food, and another entertaining presentation from Bob Noble who has done a great job in the absence of DB who returns to the fold next week.

Results Winner: Roy Plimipette; Second: Bob Lawrence

Near Pins: Stuart Thompson, Bob Noble (2), Michael Anderson, Dick Warberg, Walter Smith, Bob Lawrence, Andy Evans.

Long Putt #18 Andy Evans.

The Beautiful Game?: All you need is love

Riz Taylor

Last weekend’s action brought maiden victories for two Birmingham rivals desperate for points in the dog-eat-dog world of the Premiership’s mid-table.

Earlier last week Aston Villa finally announced the 6.5 million pound capture of Milan Baros, a player deemed surplus to Liverpool’s requirements by Rafael Benitez even after playing a major part in the side’s Champions League success last season. The Czech star immediately began to repay that fee with a goal to cap a dream debut, as Villa edged past Blackburn Rovers to pick up a desperately needed win.

Finding himself down the Anfield pecking order behind fit again strikers Djibril Cisse and Fernando Morientes along with Peter Crouch and Luis Garcia, Baros had trudged down the M6 motorway to Birmingham and into the welcoming arms of Villa manager David O’Leary.

The youngster had a harsh introduction to English football. Brought to Liverpool by Gerard Houllier as a teenager in 2001, he was initially dogged by injury problems to an ankle and then struggled to establish himself thanks to strong competition for places. Following Houllier’s departure Baros fell out with Benitez when he criticised his manager’s selection policy during last season, one in which he was substituted on more than twenty occasions. It’s been a steep learning curve, and Baros made it clear that the Villa move was carefully considered.

“I spoke to David O’Leary at length and he was a big factor in my deciding to come here,” he told Villa’s website. “It was a big decision for me, but if the manager wants you it is easier and David’s influence was one of the reasons I am here.

“I used to play alongside Patrik Berger at Liverpool and also with the Czech Republic. So I spoke to him and he said so many good things about Villa to encourage me to join.”

In the Czech side’s impressive Euro 2004 campaign, Baros looked like a player reborn. The perfect foil for giant striker Jan Koller, Baros’ pace, movement and finishing helped the Czechs reach the semi-final round which ended in defeat to eventual champions Greece.

Regular Premiership watchers wondered aloud: “Is this is same Baros we see missing chance after chance each week for Liverpool?”

It was, and that’s because like many strikers, most notably his possible Liverpool replacement in Michael Owen, Baros is a confidence player. O’Leary’s multi-million pound gamble on the Czech forward that will make him a bigger fish in a smaller pond may be the perfect move for the youngster once dubbed the ‘Ostravan Maradona’.

Speaking of ex-Liverpool strikers that need a cuddle to perform at their best, Emily Heskey grabbed a brace as Birmingham City also recorded their first win of the season. In what was supposedly a first course before the main meal of Tottenham versus Chelsea, Birmingham’s thrilling 3-2 win over West Bromwich Albion at the Hawthorns proved far more entertaining than the tedious London derby that Chelsea won 2-0.

Blues boss Steve Bruce made no attempt to hide adoration for England’s forgotten man:

“I’ve been saying this for a year since we signed him but there is no better centre-forward of his type in the country than Emile Heskey. If you play to his strengths, which we did against Albion, he will cause anyone problems.”

Andy Cole’s 69th minute goal was enough to secure three points for Manchester City at home to Portsmouth, and Wigan moved off the bottom with a win over fellow strugglers Sunderland. Charlton Athletic maintained a 100% record with a fine victory over Middlesbrough on Sunday thanks to strikes from Dennis Rommedahl, Chris Perry and Darren Bent.

We’ll meet again

Not satisfied with squaring up to each other five times last season, Liverpool and Chelsea will meet on at least four occasions this time around following the UEFA Champions League draw.

The European and Premiership champions will meet in Group G along with Anderlecht of Belgium and dangerous Spanish side Real Betis.

“It would be nice if all the English teams progress so we hope we don’t cancel each other out,” said Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard. “It’s a tough draw. Everyone will talk about Chelsea and us but the other two teams are tough and we will have to be on our toes to qualify,” he continued.

Everton missed out on the group stages with a defeat to fellow debutants Villareal in the third qualifying round.

International bright young things

International football takes over from tomorrow, as sides across the globe compete to reach next summer’s World Cup Finals in Germany.

Wales take on England at 9 p.m. Pattaya time tomorrow, followed by Scotland’s tie with Italy at 11.30. Then on Thursday, it’s a treat for insomniacs as Scotland face Norway at midnight before Wales take on Poland at around 1.45 a.m. with Northern Ireland hosting England at the same time.

Perhaps the fixture most interesting encounter comes on Thursday as the Republic of Ireland host France, in what is an enormous fixture for both sides. Les Bleus desperately need a win in Dublin to stand a chance of reaching Germany, whilst the Irish can go some way to ensuring their progression.

Record Breaking Rossi

Gauloises Grand Prix Ceske Republiky, Brno MotoGP - August 28

The victory in Brno gives Yamaha racer Valentino Rossi (The Doctor) the record-breaking achievement as the first rider in the history of the series to win nine races in five consecutive seasons.

In the run up to this event KTM, the Austrian engine manufacturer, announced the withdrawal of their support for Team Roberts Proton. This eliminated Shane Byrne, because his contract was with KTM and not Team Roberts. Roberts called up veteran Jeremy McWilliams as a replacement; an old racer with no real chance because Proton fell back on their two / three year old engines for the race.

Suzuki fielded a three-man team with Nobuatsu Aoki (Japan) as a wild card entry.

Practice was eventful as usual, with a late manoeuvre by Troy Bayliss (Honda) early in the Free Practice 1 (FP1) bringing down the table leader, fortunately without serious consequences. Ducati mounted Loris Capirossi lead the FP1 timesheet with Sete Gibernau in close attendance. FP2 saw Rossi toppling Capirossi from top of the table with Gibernau third fastest. Capirossi reverted to top the FP3 table but it was Qualifying Practice that counted. So what did we see? Not quite the usual turn of events with Rossi on pole but in fact it was Gibernau’s late charge that took him clear of Nicky Hayden and Capirossi leaving “The Doctor” to head the second row with Melandri and Checa as company.

When the lights went out for the 22-lap race it was Rossi who made a very determined move on slow starters Capirossi and Hayden so that the positions exiting the second corner of the opening lap were Gibernau, Rossi, Melandri and Hayden.

On lap three Gibernau and Rossi changed places for the lead an incredible three times (eat your hearts out Formula F1 fans you don’t see that many lead changes in a race or is it in a season?). Thereafter Rossi seemed content to follow and pressure Sete until lap 12 when he again took the lead until the Honda man fought back to lead again with some five laps to go. Expert comment suggests Rossi was slowing the pace so much that Gibernau had to take the lead before the pair were swallowed up by the chasing pack of Barros, Biaggi and Capirossi. Earlier contenders Melandri and Hayden ran out of steam in the latter part of the race.

On the final bend of the penultimate lap Valentino showed his class (and Sete displayed his lack of the same quality) by slipping neatly inside the Honda man as he ran a little wide on the corner. The last lap by Rossi was electrifying and he was never going to be caught. Unfortunately for Sete, once again on the final lap, ill luck befell him when his machine ran out of fuel. Can you believe that? Out of petrol in a MotoGP, by one of the supposedly premier teams in the business loading insufficient fuel to last the race! Sete Gibernau must be wondering whom he can sign up with for 2006, as his luck could not be worse (well it might be with Team Roberts).

Loris Capirossi was the prime beneficiary of the Gibernau debacle and finished second after recovering from a disastrous start from his third place on the grid. Max Biaggi completed the podium with a gritty ride from his lowly tenth place qualifying position.

Other placings were as follows, 4. Barros, 5. Hayden, 6. Melandri, 7. Edwards, 8. Checa, 9. Bayliss, 10. Tamada.

To his credit McWilliams managed to coax 15 laps out of the non-competitive bag of dung named Proton before mechanical failure forced him to retire from a lowly (and slowly) last position. Where does Team Roberts Proton go from here to avoid further humiliation and becoming the joke of the paddock?

With Gibernau recording another DNF the 2005 Championship standings have shuffled around a little and are now; Rossi 261, Biaggi 129 and Melandri 126. One more win from the remaining six races would guarantee Valentino Rossi the 2005 title. Who would vote against him getting that at the next round that takes place at the Motegi circuit in Japan on 18th September? The official MotoGP website records a poll that almost 94 % of voters expect Rossi to take the championship in Japan. Sponsors of the Grand Prix of Japan are once more and, be assured, whatever happens it won’t be boring.

Do I hear more samurai swords being unsheathed for Honda executives and decision makers to fall on?

The Square Ring

by Howie Reed

Well I might as well get this out of the way to start with. A couple of weeks ago, Audley Harrison stretched his professional winning streak to 19-0. This time he took out minor leaguer Robert Wiggins. (Minor Leaguer? A reference to Baseball, which is nothing like Rounders. In American baseball there is the Major and the Minor Leagues. Major is the better.) Wiggins’ claim to fame was that he was in with both DaVarryl Williams and Monte Barrett. Upon further review, you’ll know that William has a glass jaw and Barrett can’t fight a lick. So much for Wiggins credentials. What crowd there was in San Jose California booed, and rightly so, Harrison’s lack of action from about half way in the opening round on. There in lies the problem as fight announcer par excellence Barry Tompkins said, “He’s winning but would anyone pay to watch him fight?” The answer was and is a resounding “No!” “I feel great and ready to conquer the division,” said Harrison. Shirley you’re kidding! Samuel Peter would KO you before the bell had stopped ringing for the opening stanza. My pal TV Star Phil Jones was right when he called Harrison, “Fraudley”. Of course, that goes for the entire heavyweight division.

If there’s anything in life that people get up in arms about it’s “beating a dead horse to death”. At the risk of being accused of doing just that, my middle name is risk, I want to revisit the “didn’t happen title fight” between Fahprakorb Rakkiatgym (50-3) and Juan Manuel Marquez for the IBF Featherweight crown. The IBF citing the fact that two purse bids were held with no bidders and Marquez refusal to fight for less than a king’s ransom, stripped him of the title. The action prompted on well known boxing writer to opine: “There’s something rotten going on in the IBF. The organization seems to disgrace itself weekly. Marquez’s crime? Nothing.” Well that’s not exactly correct. He’s offered $750,000 to fight Pacquiao but wants $1.5, offered a fight with Eric Morales for $1.5 million he wants $3 million. Done nothing wrong? How about being stupid. Marquez loves the IBF as long as he can do what he wants, in comes a new manager and all of a sudden Marquez is the king. Phooey!

“But those moronic decisions had nothing to do with the IBF deciding to strip Marquez’s title. Instead, he lost his belt because no promoter bid on either of the purse bids for Marquez’s mandatory defense against Fahprakorb Rakkietgym. Rakkietgym clearly had no business being the mandatory challenger for any world title. He has no significant wins and was knocked out in the first round - and carried out on a stretcher - after an IBF super bantamweight title fight with Pacquiao in the Philippines on Oct. 26, 2002.” That’s true, but since then Rakkietgym (55-3) has gone 14-0 with 11 KO’s. Where was this writer’s outrage when Marquez fought IBF # 12 Victor Polo in May? Did he opine that it was fair that the toped ranked IBF fighter, Rakkietgym, didn’t get a shot? Nope. But this writer has decided that Rakkietgym doesn’t deserve a shot at the title cause he got KO’d by Manny Pacquiao. On last comment, Marquez’s promoter, Top Rank, has one more call on his services.

“It’s not a sellable fight in today’s TV environment,” Todd duBoef Top Rank president said. “ And they won’t even talk to me. It’s my last fight and I’m not going to eat a bad mandatory if they won’t sit and talk to me about the future. If I bid on this fight, they’d make the defense and walk away and go sign with someone else.” Who’s the they? The Marquez camp. Yea, let’s shed crocodile tears for the greedy bastards. One of the better super bantam in the world is WBO Champion Joan Guzman (23-0). His problem was that he ran out of guys to fight at that weight class so moved up to featherweight. Which is 126 lbs as opposed to 124. I know, “BFD” but it makes a difference. Sure it does. If Guzman could prove himself against a quality opponent then he’s in line for big money fights with the likes of Chris John or Manny Pacquiao. Scott Harrison and Juan Manuel Marquez as well except he has a date with Chris John. The first step in the step up the ladder was against WBO#1 Thailand’s Terdsak Jandaeng who came into the meeting last Saturday at 18-0. “So Jandaeg, how did your fight go?” “No good. I try hard but no good tonight. He win 117-110, 119-108, 119-108.” The easy win for Guzman (24-0) pouts him as next up for Scott Harrison. Oh yes but don’t hold your breath.

It was erroneously reported in these pages that Chris John would defend against Juan Manual Marquez on October 1 as part of the under card for Tarver-Jones jr. Wrong bucko. Not going to happen. At least on October 1 or in Tampa. One fight that is ready to go, this is a be still my heart moment, is Vitali Klitschko-Hashim Rahman on November 12 at the Thomas & Mack Center on the campus of the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Done deal. Some local guys had fights recently with good results all around. Former WBC bantam king Veerapol Nakornluang (49-2-2) got an easy ten round unanimous decision over former Philippines champion Joel Bauya (15-9-3). Yes dear readers this was a “paid workout”. How easy was it? All scoring cards had it 98-92. The former champ will have one more tune up before he meets the winner of Hasegawa-Morales on September 25. WBC#2 superbantam Napapol Kiattisakchokchai (32-2) scored a ninth round TKO over former Filipino champion Julius Tarona (24-21-3) Former champ? Long time ago. Here is a medical problem waiting to happen.

Unlike the minor league fights mentioned above there might be a good scraps in the offing. Tomorrow at the Duetschlandhalle on Berlin Markus Beyer (32-2) defends his WBC Super Middle title against the always tough. Omar Sheika (26-7). Beyer is probably the second best super middle just a step behind Jeff Lacy. Sheika lost a step going 3-5 in his last 8. Last time out he got the business from Lacy. Maybe not that good a fight upon further review. Before retiring for the “liquid adjustment period” American’s baseball League have an award each year for “Comeback of the year.” This year the award is sponsored by Viagra. Imagine the pride that a player would have to win the Viagra Comeback Award. Same, same in Thailand. Teelock tell me I win award twice last week.

Pattaya Schools 7 & 9 net major trophies in Volleyball Championships

Suchada Tupchai

Two local schools reigned supreme the Pattaya Youth Volley Championships 2005. The girls from School No. 7 claimed top prizes in the u-12s girls and the u-15 mixed teams in the interschool championships. The Pattaya School No. 9 boys took out the same titles in the boys categories.

The competition saw some high flying antic from the youngsters as they went head to head and toe to toe throughout the August 20-21 weekend event.

Some hard court action seen during the Pattaya Youth Volley Championships 2005.

Each team was promptly backed by their own cheerleader as the field narrowed down in the finals.

In the end, the No. 7 girls demolished the team from School No. 3 three sets to love in the u-12s. The u-15s they won out over the School No. 8, scraping in with 2 sets to 1.

The boy’s competition was just as exciting with Pattaya School No. 9 boys beating their School No. 8 and School No. 7 rivals in the u-12s and u-15s respectively.

The annual competition is organised by the city administration and aimed at improving skills and boosting the profile of sports among the city’s youth.

Pranee crowned Pattaya ‘Miss MegaBreak’

Pranee Piya-om was well endowed with skills as she defeated Ankanaporn ‘Fern’ Tuchaisarn in the final to clinch the 5,000 baht prize money. This year’s Miss MegaBreak competition, recently, drew a field of over 20 of Pattaya’s finest lady players in the 8-ball tournament.

Pranee lines up for a final shot to win this year’s Miss MegaBreak Competition.

The competition is popular Pattaya, and drew great interest from both players and spectators alike. The ladies dressed for show and ease as they played a knockout competition, slowly narrowing the field down to the finals. As with any games referee decisions were called into question in the quarter finals, building the tension as the end drew nigh. Pranee defeated Ankanaporn ‘Fern’ Tuchaisarn beat in the race to 5 games.

Both Pranee and Ankanaporn played some magnificent snooker in the final rounds.

The venue is located on Soi Diana Inn and is open from 1 p.m. till 1 a.m. daily.

Thai boxing team visits Pattaya

Thailand National boxing team at the Mercure Hotel Pattaya.

The Thai national boxing team was in Pattaya last week for ‘The Muay Thai against Drugs Gala’ event. The team visited the new Mercure Hotel Pattaya and were given a warm welcome by the hotel where met foreign entrants prior to the event.

Fighters from all over the world, stayed at Mercure before the August 27 event, held at the Thepprasit Boxing stadium. It was one of the biggest Muay Thai events ever held in Pattaya.

The Mercure Hotel Pattaya is located close to the centre of Pattaya and features 245 guest rooms and suites.