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Friday December 10 - December 16 , 2004

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HEADLINES [click on headline to view story]:

Burapha University to hold Social Education project

World AIDS Day at The Regents

Sriracha municipal school changes the way pupils learn

YWCA, Rotary and PSC treat Koh Larn students to lunch

Burapha University to hold Social Education project

Decha Chalermyart

The Individual Social Faculty at Burapha University will hold its “48th Individual Social Education” project January 17-19, 2005 from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. at the Individual Social Faculty Department.

The project aims to make people more aware of the need for individual social education by changing the educational program of the university to more closely match other Eastern educational institutes. The project is also geared to maintain good relationships between the university and the community, and promote harmony amongst personnel working in the university.

Project activities center on educational competition in individual’s social abilities for eastern Thailand’s students, education associated with the “Eastern Community’s Economic Development”, an exhibition from the Individual Social Faculty, an International Band Competition and show, production and sales under the One Tambon One Product scheme, the Individual Social 2005 Seminar, and a Korean speech competition for pre-college and international education presented with a meeting about “Korea: Past Present and Future”.

Interested parties can attend this activity from January 17-19, 2005 at the Individual Social Faculty Department at Burapha University. For more information please call 038-745900 ext. 2310, 2336 or visit www.huso.buu.ac.th

World AIDS Day at The Regents

The Regent’s School has supported this annual event for the last 3 years. This year the campaign for AIDS awareness has been taken on by both the Round Square Service Group and the Regent’s Senior Student Guild over the last two months.

Students display the handmade badges from South Africa.

Four members of the Round Square service group visited South Africa for a conference in September 2003 and learnt about the problems facing that country due to HIV and AIDS.

This year the students decided they could build on the 20,000 baht raised last year for AIDS awareness and help two causes at the same time. 500 handmade badges were ordered from a charity called Kidzpositive in South Africa. This contributed over 36,000 baht to the women and children of South Africa who are affected by HIV/ AIDS.

The students participate in the AIDS workshops on the morning of World AIDS Day at school.

The Round Square Service Group and Student Guild have now sold all the badges in the school and local community for 150 baht each. This has raised over 75,000 baht and the money is still coming in.

The Student Guild plan to donate 40,000 baht to the Pattaya Heartt 2000 AIDS Association which provides vital medical support for HIV / AIDS sufferers in the Chonburi region.

All students worked together to gather the appropriate information and complete a questionnaire that provided the basic facts of the disease.

On December 1, World AIDS Day, the Round Square Service Group ran a very successful AIDS awareness workshop for the whole school. Presentations were made on the impact, prevention and awareness of AIDS during the morning. All students worked together to gather the appropriate information and complete a questionnaire that provided the basic facts of the disease.

The Regent’s students would like to thank all the people who supported this important cause, and the Asian University for putting on an extremely informative AIDS film festival during the afternoon, which was attended by the Student Guild.

For more information regarding the Kidzpositive charity and handmade badges from South Africa please contact: Paul Crouch at [email protected]

Sriracha municipal school changes the way pupils learn

Children’s Center takes new approach

Suchada Tupchai

Schools around the nation are upgrading their curriculum and changing the way pupils are taught. The Ban Sri Maharacha Municipal School is in the vanguard regarding new teaching policies and is fast becoming a model for other schools. Its Children’s Center changes the way pupils learn.

Learning outdoors is a complete change from ordinary classes, and encourages more direct participation.

The prime minister has stressed the need for changes in the way local teachers approach education. The Ban Sri Maharacha Municipality School is one of the schools under the Sriracha Municipality, Chonburi Province that responded to the central government’s policy of the Children’s Center in 2003. It is led by Arun Thongpan, Ban Sri Maharacha Municipality school director. The school has over 4,000 students from kindergarten to the secondary class (Mor. Sor. 3 - grade 9).

The outdoor classes at Koh Loy Park have become popular with the students.

The difference in the Child Center’s teaching method is not only learning in the classroom, but also the outdoor classes at Koh Loy Park. This is an ideal location because it’s nearby, convenient to go to, and has a good atmosphere that the children need for lessons instead of a small classroom.

For a Children’s Center lesson, teachers will set a subject such as “Som Tam”. The teacher will prepare each lesson by sections; in science by analyzing food substances in som tam, teach them to sing a som tam song for the music section, an English lesson is given by learning the English words related to som tam, calculating expenses for making som tam for the math section, and adjusting other subject matter to fit with it.

This Children’s Center method is intended to significantly increase learning for the children, because it’s a complete change from their ordinary classes. A new place to learn could be beneficial and provide more direct participation.

Each lesson takes about 2 -3 hours. The teachers said that the children enjoy this teaching method. It also encourages children to express themselves. They present their work in front of the class and give a speech in public.

Pupils at the school are being exposed to innovative teaching methods that teach thinking as a skill. This will broaden their horizons and better prepare them for a bright future in the workplace and society in general.

YWCA, Rotary and PSC treat Koh Larn students to lunch

Suchada Tupchai

The YWCA Bangkok Pattaya’s continuing lunch program recently made a jaunt offshore to visit the children at Pattaya School No. 10 on Larn Island. The ladies were joined by co-sponsors the Pattaya Sports Club and the Rotary Club of Taksin Pattaya.

Bernie and Dieter jointly blow out the candles on their birthday cake.

Malinee Sariman, YWCA Pattaya chapter president, led the group to the island community where they were met by teachers and students.

YWCA, PSC and Rotary Club members spoke to the children about the current scholarship program, and served lunch to the 417 students as part of the ‘Warm Family’ project.

Hard at work ... lots of mouths to feed.

As a thank you gesture the children put on a special show for their benefactors, and provided a birthday cake for Bernie Tuppin, PSC charity chairman and Dieter Precourt, Rotary Club of Taksin Pattaya past president, both of whom, through their respective organizations, have supported the scholarship program for the region’s underprivileged students.

Smiles all round from the welcoming committee.

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