Vol. XII No. 50
Friday December 10 - December 16 , 2004

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Beefeater Steak House and Pub

Something you can sink your teeth into!

by Miss Terry Diner

There is a bumper bar sticker in outback Australia which reads “You’re in cattle country – eat beef you b*st*rds!” I was reminded of this when I sat down in the newly opened Beefeater Steak House and Pub, noting that their steaks were imported from either Australia, New Zealand or Argentina, probably three of the four most famous cattle raising areas in the world.

The Beefeater has just opened in Pattaya, and we did the dining out review in their pre-opening period, which had restaurateur Peter Lomm just a little worried as everything was new and the staff likewise. However, Peter is a very experienced restaurateur and currently has four restaurants in Phuket, so he knows the business, and had very little to worry about.

The venue has two entrances. You can gain access from Soi Diana Inn, right opposite the Diana Inn itself, or from the other side, in the arcade that used to be known as the Bavaria House arcade, opposite Mike Shopping Mall.

The restaurant has two distinct areas, one ‘outside’ in the arcade itself and the second inside and air-conditioned. The tables are placed in alcoves and are large enough to seat large people with large appetites! In fact, the target group, according to restaurateur Peter, are the Brits and the Aussies, both being diners that like a good steak, especially the Australians said Peter. This is why they offer different weights in the various cuts of meat.

The menu is colourful and detailed, with explanations of the dishes. It begins with starters (B. 70-170) and salads (B. 90-120) including a Caesar salad.

Pasta dishes are next, with choices of Penne or spaghetti (B. 185-240) and then a range of Mexican items with quesadillas, enchiladas and fajitas (b. 185-245), burgers (b. 175-220), ribs and chicken and then a full page of grills (b. 245-550), with pork and imported beef on offer. There are six choices of potato to go with your order and eight sauces. There are also seafood items and two pages of Thai favourites, around B. 100.

Beers and wines are priced moderately, with eminently drinkable whites and reds under B. 1000.

We began with the spring rolls for Madame and the Toast Skagen (prawn salad) for me. We enjoyed both and were in agreement that they were great palate fresheners.

From there it was into some good hearty meat dishes, with a pork chop for Madame, that came with a red wine sauce and french-fries. The chop was not at all dried out and the meat was very tender. Madame remarked that the steak knife was superfluous, as the meat just fell apart.

At Peter’s suggestion I went for the planked steak, and this was duly presented on its wooden platter, covered with b้arnaise sauce, on a bed of oven-baked mashed potato, with fried tomato. I had ordered the meat (200 gm) as medium-well, and it arrived at the table, exactly to order. Peter informing me that all steaks are cooked to order and checked using a meat thermometer. Again my steak was truly perfect and one of the most enjoyable I have had recently.

Desserts? None for me, I was too full, but Madame (of the sweet tooth) managed to pack away a Cr่me Brulee!

We did enjoy the food at the Beefeater. Madame was still talking about her pork chop on the way home, whilst burping Cr่me Brulee! There was no doubting the quality of the meats, and the quantities were more than just adequate. Some of these Aussies must have huge appetites to get through the 300 gm steaks; I found I was very full after the 200 gm planked steak!

This restaurant is a very worthwhile addition to the dining out venues in Pattaya, and for the carnivores out there, this new eatery is next to heaven! Definitely worth a visit, even if just to have a true ‘quality’ steak again.

The Beefeater Steak House and Pub, 216/30-31 Soi Diana Inn, Pattaya Second Road (in the arcade opposite Mike Shopping Mall), Central Pattaya, telephone 038 720 926. Open 4 p.m. until midnight seven days. Street parking.

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