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Tales of the olden days of the olden knights

MP Wittaya Khunplome receives many birthday wishes

Green Bottle celebrates Euro Cup 2004

TGI Seminar advises how to avoid long-term human damage in the workplace

Skal Pattaya attends National Committee meeting on Koh Samui

Do’s and don’ts for the tyro traveler

The Bakery Company and Super Sandwich Express, a recipe for success

Pattaya City Expats Club elects new board

Tales of the olden days of the olden knights

Were they really like this?

Elfi Seitz

A knight’s evening with a Bavarian touch was held recently in the Bavaria Beer Garden. It was organized by owner Robert Stankcke, Kurt Krieger - who was a successful master of ceremonies in typical noisy Bavarian style, complete with dialect and verses – and Herbert Sch๖n, who appeared as cupbearer.

A knife and fingers – that’s all that was needed to enjoy this olden Bavarian meal.

First the guests were officially called in and a castle maid washed their hands so that they could enjoy their meal with clean fingers. There were no forks, as these were tools of the devil and spoons had not been invented yet. So the guests had to manage with a gigantic knife to cut the many dishes into bite-size bits to enjoy.

The barmaids put giant napkins around people’s necks to wipe their fingers and to keep their clothes clean. Meanwhile, during this rustic meal, jester Ken performed card tricks and the minstrel played cheerful tunes on his accordion.

A group of the Schlaraffia from Bangkok, led by Fritz Burtchen, gave the evening the right flair with their costumes. However, these guests – some of them came with their German wives – said goodbye before the very bawdy dessert.

It was a lengthy evening, which was wonderful and fun until the dessert and which stretched until long past midnight.

MP Wittaya Khunplome receives many birthday wishes

It was a festive occasion at Baan Saensukh on June 27 when well-known Chonburi MP Wittaya Khunplome celebrated his birthday. Many of the area’s top governmental officials, local politicians, businesspeople, and public visited to deliver their praises to this special person.

Wittaya Khunpluem is currently a Chart Thai Party member, and a member of parliament representing Chonburi province.

Chonburi MP Wittaya Khunplome (left) receives gifts and birthday wishes from Chanyuth and Willawan Hengtrakul and other prominent local citizens.

Wittaya has many friends in and outside of political circles, so it was no surprise to see a long queue of people from different backgrounds waiting anxiously to present bouquets of flowers, gifts, and good wishes to him.

In the morning, religious ceremonies were carried out by nine Buddhist monks and alms were given to make merit.

Some of the well-known society members that came to wish Wittaya a happy birthday included Chanyuth Hengtrakul, advisor to the minister of tourism and sports and his wife Willawan Hengtrakul, Surasit Nitiwutworarak, Chonburi member of parliament, and Pattana Boonsawat, Pattaya deputy mayor.

Wittaya Khunplome, one of the four offspring of Somchai (Kamnan Poh) and Satil Khunplome, was born on June 27 1965. He graduated from Chulalongkorn University majoring in political science and finished his Masters degree at the University of Southern California, USA.

His political career started when he was elected as Chonburi province member of parliament in 1992. His personal motto is to be responsible and dependable for mutual progress, be honest to the job, and be obedient to parents and supportive adults.

Green Bottle celebrates Euro Cup 2004

Suchada Tupchai

Nowhere in town was Euro Cup fever more evident than it was this year at the Green Bottle Pub. Throughout the tournament, Green Bottle was alive with football fans reveling in the victories, or agonizing in the defeats of their favorite teams.

(From left) Sophin Thappajug, Willawan Hengtrakul, Chanyuth Hengtrakul and Pratheep ‘Peter’ Malhotra (right) congratulate Pol. Sgt. Utai Thipsuntiya (2nd right) who won first prize in the lucky draw.

When the Euro 2004 championships came to an end on July 5, the Green Bottle Pub threw a party to celebrate. Community leaders and public figures joined the public, staff and management of the Diana Inn for the festivities at the height of the grand final, when Greece defeated Portugal 1 - 0.

During the football championships the Green Bottle ran a lucky draw competition, the prizes for which were drawn after the grand final.

First prize was a 2-Baht weight gold football valued at around 13,000 baht, which lucky punter Pol. Sgt. Utai Thipsuntiya won.

Second prize was a 21-inch Sharp TV and one year of free Sophon cable, which went to David. Lucky Bob won a 6.5cu fridge, and before the night was over, numerous other prizes were given away, totaling well over 60,000 baht.

TGI Seminar advises how to avoid long-term human damage in the workplace

Healthy workers help make healthy profits

Noel Bruyns

Never put butter or greasy ointment on a burn spot, as your mother probably did when you scorched yourself as a child. It may seal the heat into the wound and cause infection.

Dr Chawalit Wongsuthipol, international operations consultant at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital gave this and similar useful - and sometimes life-saving - advice at a “Fit for Business through Health and Safety” seminar on July 2.

Dr Chawalit Wongsuthipol advises keeping a well-stocked first aid kit and a list of local emergency numbers in order to be prepared in case of an emergency, and during an emergency, “Keep calm ... Plan quickly what to do ... and, if necessary, send for professional help.”

It took place at the Thai-German Institute offices in Chonburi.

The aim was to inform companies about what to do in an emergency or immediately after an accident to prevent employees sustaining possibly long-term health damage in the workplace.”

“Keep calm. This will help the victim keep calm as well and cooperate. If they are anxious or excited, the extent of the damage from the injury may increase,” Dr Chawalit advised.

“Plan quickly what to do,” which presupposed health officers had learnt basic procedures. They should then send for professional help, if necessary, for which a list of local emergency numbers should be available at all times.

“Be an encouragement to the injured person. Let him know help is on the way.”

Giving self-evident advice, which, however, is often forgotten in an emergency situation, Dr Chawalit said, “Showing care and concern can give them hope.”

He cited the symptoms, causes and immediate treatment for a wide range of emergencies that may arise. They included: bites and stings, burns, abrasions, dislocations, fainting, fractures, nosebleeds, poisoning, sprains, asphyxiation, choking, concussions, convulsions, electrical shock and heatstroke.

Dr Chawalit also gave a list of basics that every first aid kit should, by law, contain as well as “extras” to pack in, for example, when employees have to go on trips off-site.

Dr Eberhard Stockmann, director of medical services at Siemens in Germany, said businesses operate to make money.

“It makes sense to have sites that avoid accidents. Only healthy employees are strong, motivated and able to perform properly,” he said.

He showed an overhead projection slide of an unsafe construction site in Thailand - not an uncommon occurrence.

“Keep your employees healthy at work. Prevent the spread of infectious diseases,” he advised, giving the example of Hepatitis B which is prevalent in Thailand.

“Avoid unhealthy situations developing and accidents occurring, because you will lose money as a result,” he said.

Participants ended the seminar with a hands-on practical exercise applying first-aid measures on dummies (see related story this page).

Skal Pattaya attends National Committee meeting on Koh Samui

Presents its eco-tourism project to the delegation

President Bob Lee (Skal Pattaya & East Thailand Club and vice-president of the National Committee) along with club vice president, Andrew Khoo (GM Hard Rock Hotel - and National Committee director) had the pleasure of attending the Skal National Committee Mid-Year meeting that was hosted by MD Vitaya of the Chaweng Regent Resort on Koh Samui.

Enjoying drinks at the new Vino-Tek on Samui are (left to right): Bessie & Abbey (Bangkok), Eileen (Pattaya), Rochelle & Vitaya (Samui), Andrew, Rosalind, Elmarie, Norman & Bob (all from Pattaya).

Both Bob & Andrew took along their wives as it was not to be all hard work and no fun, as this executive meeting was timed to coincide with the island’s inauguration function.

Skal Samui, being the “new kid on the block”, is numbered at 679.

At this gathering of professionals in the tourism industry, Pattaya had the opportunity of presenting the eco-eco tourism project that it has submitted to the Skal headquarters in Spain for consideration of an international award. The DVD presentation was met with captive interest and rapturous applause. This in itself gave the Pattaya delegation great confidence.

The award presentation is to take place at the World Congress in Durban, South Africa during October. Andrew & Bob both hope to attend this Congress and bring home the Eco-Prize for Skal and Pattaya!

If successful, this project will be shown to over 1,500 delegates from all over the globe and will be televised internationally. Just the type of marketing that the fair city of Pattaya deserves. There is also further talk that the presentation could be featured on National Geographic Television.

An eight page Saa paper brochure was also produced and was accompanied with a letter from the city mayor verifying the facts in the submission and wishing the Skal team and Pattaya good fortune at the awards ceremony in South Africa.

Also giving strength to the project and support to the new club, a number of Pattaya members joined the meeting and fun on Koh Samui.

The documentary was produced by Capital TV. It runs for an exciting and informative 7 minutes. It takes viewers on a journey through 3 generations of a Pattaya family - father Samron, his son and grandson, then it goes on to explain the differences in the environment that Pattaya City and this family have experienced over the years.

The mini-film features the city’s water rehabilitation programme, the structure, the costs, the implementation thereof and the effective results.

A grand effort to produce and send the information abroad was instigated by Panga from the Royal Cliff Resort, TAT and city hall, all of whom supplied the financial support in making this presentation a reality.

Members of the Skal Pattaya Eco-Tourism Committee included: David Smith (Peace), Deborah Bundityanond (Rabbit Resort), David Holden, Michael Swart and Panga Vathanakul (all from the Royal Cliff), Bob Lee (president Skal Pattaya), Robert Schruball (lecturer - university), Raine & Les with their crew (Capital TV), the “stars” of the show: Samran, son Anucha and grandson Toh, and quite a number of behind the scenes personnel.

The great thing about being involved with such a project is that there are no losers - only winners. Anything that can be done to improve our city is a positive reflection of the action being taken by those who care.

Without a doubt - Skal does care!

Do’s and don’ts for the tyro traveler

Think before you drink!

Noel Bruyns

Foreigners who like their steaks rare or medium should think twice about placing such orders with their waiters. This is the advice from Dr Eberhard Stockmann, director of medical services at Siemens in Germany, who offers a list of do’s and don’ts for those who wish to remain healthy in tropical countries and climates.

Our own medical correspondent, Dr. Iain Corness, says that while most of Dr. Stockmann’s advice relates to issues outside of Thailand, travelers should remember that the hygiene standards in some of the lesser developed Asian countries are not as stringent as you can expect here. This is particularly true for ice (the ‘shaved’ ice used in roadside drinks in particular, and fruits and vegetables may not be washed).

* Eat only well-cooked or roasted food (no rare steaks).

* Eat only fruit and vegetables that can be peeled.

* Take care with ice cubes! They may be made from tap water and contain bacteria not killed off by freezing.

* Never drink tap water but use sealed mineral water bottles.

* Drink as much water as possible (2-3 liters a day and more, according to the amount of physical effort you perform).

* Since ‘Delhi Belly’ and similarly named diseases are frequently caused by germs which quickly multiply in food in a tropical climate, do not eat food that has been out of the refrigerator or wok for many hours.

Malaria is still a problem in many parts of Asia. Dr Stockmann agrees that malaria is not a threat in places like Pattaya or Bangkok, but suggests that if you go to the far north, near the border with Myanmar, or the areas towards the Cambodian border, for example, you should take preventive medication and other sensible precautions. These can include:

* If you are outdoors in the evening or at night, keep as much of your body covered by clothing.

* Use a mosquito repellent containing DEET on your hands and face and other exposed regions.

Dr. Corness adds that travelers contemplating trekking in the far flung regions of Asia should consult their doctors in their own countries for advice on suitable vaccinations and prophylactic medications.

The Bakery Company and Super Sandwich Express, a recipe for success

Suchada Tupchai

Many of Pattaya’s residents relish hot fresh bread straight from the oven. The demand for quality bread is so great that the Bakery Company, run by long-term resident Peter Meuleman, has joined forces with Saipin Ineke, manager of Super Sandwich Express to meet that demand.

Peter Meuleman, Saipin Ineke and staff at the Thappraya Road shop.

Located on Thappraya Road opposite Jomtien Complex, the small restaurant has been refurbished and reopened.

“Our shop was previously open and we had regular customers who like a quiet, clean restaurant with good-tasting food. Now we have a wider range of fresh bread along with coffee and tea for our customers,” said Saipin.

Meuleman, who operates his bakery out of Soi Batman, is supplying the shop with mince and vegetable pies, fruit tarts and sausage rolls, among other tasty morsels.

The Bakery Company and Super Sandwich Express is open daily from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. with fresh bread baked daily.

Pattaya City Expats Club elects new board

Pattaya City Expats Club PCEC held its annual general meeting on July 4. Due praise for all his work, leadership and untiring efforts over the years was paid to Drew Noyes, the retiring PCEC chairman, who then gave a brief review of events and before handing over for the election to the acting secretary.

The acting secretary gave a brief report outlining the growth of the club’s activities over the year whilst Peter Wheeler and his two able scrutineers counted the ballots. When the results of the election were declared it had proved to be a close call at the end with a tie for the 9th position.

The new board members are: Max Rommel, Richard E. Smith, Chris Hill, Allan Sherratt (all from the previous board), Michael Berris, Thor Halland, Peter Steed, John Botting, and Richard Silverberg (new members).

At their first board meeting Max Rommel, a founder member of the club, took over the duties of chairman and Richard E. Smith the co-chairman, Thor Halland was elected secretary with Richard Silverberg part of the secretariat. John Botting became sergeant at arms and Chris Hill continues to head the Helpline. Michael Berris heads charity activities with Peter Steed in charge of speakers for the weekly meetings and topic research.

In his report on the year’s activities Allan, acting secretary, stated that the club had continued to grow through the year both in numbers and stature. He said that it had become recognized as a vital force in the local community, in the Banglamung amphur and in the province of Chonburi.

The good-standing of the club has been established through the many activities that members (as groups within the club) have attended or been involved in. The widening of club activities has involved the continuing help in obtaining driving licenses and now Thai lessons and has been achieved principally through the personal efforts and connections of our club chairman Drew Noyes.

The provision of help in attending “Buddhist” events has also come through the club’s continued link with Songporn and Sermsak.

The newsletter has continued to be a source of help and connection with the members living here and around the world in their home countries.

The website has continued to grow with more submissions from Richard Smith and others constantly updating the information on many topics, primarily on the ongoing changes in visa requirements.

The club has continued to give its support to many local events and was, again through the good offices and involvement of chairman Drew Noyes, the prime organizer of the foreign contribution to the Loy Krathong Festival. This being a first for “foreign” representation at a previously “all Thai” Festival.

Whilst many people have contributed through the year to keep the club as active as it is, many may still not realize the great contribution that Drew has made by allowing his staff and office facilities to be utilized on a regular basis to organize and carry out these many tasks during his term as chairman. In the wait for the results of the election Drew did what he is best at and what the club will miss when he ceases to be the MC; he continued to keep the meeting flowing with ad hoc items and introduced new members and then asked if anyone had any comments or questions from the floor.

Mention, with thanks, was made of the part played in the club by David in Pattaya up to his untimely death last year. Brain Maxey also spoke on behalf of members to thank all who, at the Sunday meetings, played their part behind the microphones and in the limelight.