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Friday March 12- March 18 , 2004

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HEADLINES [click on headline to view story]:

Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa hosts 4th annual members tennis tournament

Graham Hughes, Mike Allidi, Graham Johnson and Toni Putzi take 8th Pattaya AM-AM

Rookie Mali wins first time out

The pins go down at the Plutaluang Rotary Club Charity Bowling tournament

Pattaya Pool League

Graham & Graham Make Gang Grim

Rising Sun Bar Golf Society

PSC Golf from Bobby Joe’s 60s Bar

PSC Golf from the Cafe Kronborg

Sunday Quiz League

3 Sisters Golf

King retains crown in Jaroenwong Pairing

3rd Shenanigans Ladies International Open on Friday April 2

The Square Ring

Improve Your Golf

Wednesday Quiz League

Mickey Mouse Darts League


Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa hosts 4th annual members tennis tournament

Suchada Tupchai

Firmly etched in the sporting calendar is the annual tennis tournament held by the Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa Fitness Club and as each year passes more spectators and more competitors flock to the third floor of the hotel to partake in the two-day event.

Ronachit Ruthimhun replies with a strong forehand.

The competition, aimed at promoting exercise and encouraging members to take up the popular sport is a friendly competition among the community with the added bonus of some great prizes and trophies at the prize giving.

This year’s winners in the men’s singles match was Ronachit Ruthimhun who easily defeated his opponent Amnart Seela in two sets, while in the doubles class Vira Attanapanich and Benjchotichuang took out the top spot.

(L to R) Runner up men’s singles Amnart Seela, Supradit Maneeratjaratsri, managing director of the Royal Garden Plaza and Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa, Ronachit Ruthimhun, winner of the men’s singles.

Supradit Maneeratjaratsri, managing director of the Royal Garden Plaza and Pattaya Marriott Resort & Spa presented the trophies to the winners.

“I’m happy to see so many people enjoy the sport of tennis and to present the winners’ trophies. It shows that we as Thais have the ability to meet the challenges and become better sports persons. We will continue to support sporting activities, including tennis, to boost the overall skill level among the community,” said Supradit during his closing address.

Graham Hughes, Mike Allidi, Graham Johnson and Toni Putzi take 8th Pattaya AM-AM

Eastern Star Resort, March 3

For the first time in its history the eighth Pattaya AM-AM, organised by the IPGC and The Haven, was played at the Eastern Star Resort and not as in all previous years at Phoenix where the costs have become too prohibitive to run a major competition. As usual the course provided very good facilities and proved to be an excellent venue for the format of the best two scores of Stableford points on each hole from the four man teams.

(L to R) MC Mike Franklin with 1st place winners Graham Hughes, Mike Allidi, Graham Johnson, Toni Putzi and tournament organizer Stephen Beard.

There was a difference this year, with the handicaps restricted to three quarters with a maximum of eighteen, which resulted in the number of teams being slightly less than on previous occasions. This was definitely to the benefit of those that did play, as every team manage to complete their rounds in less than four and fifteen minutes. This was a major improvement on recent tournaments.

(L to R) 2nd place went to Jens Gunnarsson, Mikael Andersson, Brian Kelly and Michael Dige.

As is also usual, Stephen Beard’s organisation was impeccable with Wayne Ogonoski and Richard Livingston taking care of the scoring after they had ensured that all the competitors had been registered and apprised of the rules of the day prior to the start. With the starters ensuring that there was a smooth change over after the first nine, without any external groups allowed to get in-between, the day progressed without any problems.

(L to R) 3rd place winners Doug Campbell, Harry Riley, Saranya Chaiyanont and Bob Van Mol.

Quite a few players were surprised to find the holes had not been moved from the two earlier competitions that had been held the previous Friday and Monday, but used the knowledge gained to good advantage, none more than the days winning team consisting of Graham Johnson (playing off 6), Mike Allidi (4), Toni Putzi (4) and Graham Hughes (8). They had played the course on Monday in competition and had placed first, second, third and eighth. Following that result, the astute captain, Graham Johnson, immediately pressed them into a team to contend for the Am-Am. It proved to be a very smart move as they combined to score eight gross birdies and amassed 90 points to win by a five-point margin.

The team consisting of Jens Gunnarsson (11), Mikael Andersson (8), Brian Kelly (13) and Michael Dige (3) combined well to garner 85 points with six gross birdies took a well deserved second place.

Having thought they were well out of the reckoning, Doug Campbell (9), Harry Riley (12), Bob Van Mol (3) and Saranya Chaiyanont (13), took third place with a score of 81 points with four gross birdies.

Getting an honourable mention, but alas no prizes, were the teams of Roy Mitchell (14), Keith Smithson (2), John Hughes (11), and Paul Butler (11) and Stephen Beard (12), Pete Murray (10), Richard Garland (9), and Barry Winton (5) both of whom scored 79 points. Both teams had one gross birdie each

The prize giving at The Haven, presided over as usual by Mike Franklin, as master of ceremonies, and the prizes presented by Stephen Beard, followed the sumptuous buffet laid on by the tireless staff controlled by “The Doc’s wife, Lumyai. To round off the day Stephen blew the horn in recognition of Lumyai’ s birthday and her special birthday present, much to the delight of the usual suspects.

At the end of the day, all agreed that once again the AM-AM had been a roaring success especially with the new 75% of handicap rule which made for a much more competitive competition, and with twenty-five different prizewinners, plenty of food and even more beverages being drunk late into the night they all vowed to be back next year for this unique tournament.

Rookie Mali wins first time out

IPGC Pattaya Golf Society at the Bunker

The Bunker chose the South and East courses at Plutaluang as the venue for their weekly stableford competition on Thursday March 4 on a day when the weather was perfect for golf, being warm and refreshingly breezy.

Thirty-one players were divided into two flights at eighteen and under and the consistency of the division one group was displayed in par or better scores. David Lightfoot ended a good week by recording 36 points to take third place, only one shot behind joint runners-up Steve Nowell and Harry Cowling. Way out in front was visitor Martin Zimmerman and his score of forty points led the division, but was not the best of the day! That honour fell to Green Valley caddie, Mali Upakham, playing in her first IPGC competition since becoming a member a few months ago, and recording 41 points for her first official victory. Following her home were David Johnson, playing excellent golf currently, on 39 points, and Big Ian Phillips, a winner two days previously, with 37 points.

The Bunker Super Sawng award was shared by Norm Robinson, Len Jones and Ian Phillips, whilst at the other end of the scale Anders Eldebrandt’s 24 point haul just pipped Colin Wilkes to the Bunker Banana Booby. Ultimately, after her victory, Khun Mali will be the talk of the Green Valley caddie shack as she recorded her name on the Bunker’s list of winners for the first time.

The pins go down at the Plutaluang Rotary Club Charity Bowling tournament

Ariyawat Nuamsawat

Rotarians and the public from Plutaluang came all the way to Pattaya to join the recent Charity Bowling tournament, each vying for the chance to win the Minister of Tourism and Sports cup, generously endorsed by the minister himself, Sontaya Khunpluem.

Winners of the Minister of Tourism and Sports cup, Rotary Jomtien Pattaya 6.

Vasant Pajongkiathitkhun, Plutaluang Rotary Club president set the ball rolling in the competition by declaring it officially open at the Pattaya Bowl with teams of 3 facing each other on the lanes.

Vasant Pajongkiathitkhun, Plutaluang Rotary Club president welcomes
the bowlers.

A full day’s play and the winners were revealed by the skill and accuracy, and maybe a touch of luck.

Winning team:
Rotary Jomtien
Pattaya 6;
Men’s High score: Kittisamrarn, Banglamung School Team;
Ladies High Score: Pokamas, Plutaluang School Team;
Two Game high score men’s team:
Rotary Club Taksin Pattaya;
Two Game high score women’s team: Singsuntorn School.

Vasant Pajongkiathitkhun, Plutaluang Rotary Club president and fellow club members hand out prizes to competitors.

Pattaya Pool League

Graham & Graham Make Gang Grim

IPGC Golf from Lewiinski’s 

Sunday February 29
Green Valley -
White Tees

1st Place A Flight: Graham Holmes, 38 points
2nd Place A Flight: Steve Weller, 38 points
3rd Place A Flight: Graham Johnson, 36 points
1st Place B Flight: Stefan Hoge, 37 points
2nd Place B Flight: Bob Lindborg, 37 points
3rd Place B Flight: Steve Ellison, 37 points
1st Place C Flight: Colin Davis, 38 points
2nd Place C Flight: Robbie Bennett, 38 points
3rd Place C Flight: Martin Zimmerman, 36 points
Near Pins: #5 Steve Weller; #8 Joe McArdle

On the first of two such days, Steve Weller assumed the role of a Hershey Bar and marshmellow between two Graham “Crackers” (ever had a s’more) in A Flight. Stefan Hoge had the best 37 points, having 20 points on the back, of his two fellow B Flight members, steady Bob Lindborg and “photographer to the stars”, Steve Ellison. Colin Davis went to his redoubtable fifteenth club, the countback, to snatch first in C Flight form Robbie Bennett. Martin Zimmerman, as he would several times this week, quietly slipped up on the podium to grab third in C.

Monday March 1
Eastern Star -
White Tees

1st Place A Flight: Graham Holmes, 41 points
2nd Place A Flight: Toni Putzi, 40 points
3rd Place A Flight: Graham Johnson, 39 points
1st Place B Flight: Bill Kutzing, 37 points
2nd Place B Flight: Tore Eliassen, 36 points
3rd Place B Flight: Joe Carney, 35 points
1st Place C Flight: Chaba Carney, 39 points
2nd Place C Flight: Martin Zimmerman, 36 points
3rd Place C Flight: Norm Robinson, 36 points
Near Pins: #6 Mike Allidi; #13 Marlene Prudden

As this scribe mentioned above, the second quirk in as many days occurred with Toni Putzi assumed the centerpiece in the A Flight Graham “Cracker” sandwich. Graham Holmes, a not infrequent visitor from OZ, had a bit of a rise in his handicap over the tail end of 2003, and he made the field pay for the second day running. This day was billed as a tune up for our sister venue The Haven’s AM-AM and if my information is correct it served Graham and Graham well in that “major” two days hence. The second consecutive Graham “Cracker” sandwich was almost thwarted by Rick Sharp who fell a count back short of third in A. Bill Kutzing, visiting his brother and reigning Monthly Medal Champion, Kenny, showed the value of those strong boodlines as he took the top rung in B Flight. Good ol’ Tore Eliassen was a point back to Bill and dead on his own handicap. Joe Carney snatched the bronze in B. Showing who wears the pants in the Carney household, Chaba fired 39 points on Robert Trent Jones, Jr. resuscitated layout and showed up her old man by taking first in the junior Flight. Martin Zimmerman did himself one place better on this day by counting back Norm Robinson to third and hardluck John Baltovich to the welfare lines.

Wednesday March 3
Bangpra -
White Tees

1st Place A Flight: Phil Mitchell, net 70
2nd Place A Flight: Julian Clarke, net 72
3rd Place A Flight: Gordon Kerr, net 73
1st Place B Flight: Tore Eliassen, net 68
2nd Place B Flight: Martin Zimmerman, net 73
3rd Place B Flight: Jim Munns, net 74
Near Pins: #12 Jim Brackett; #17 Adi Mayer

Last week’s title boy, Phil Mitchell showed no let up as he shot 75 off the stick to lead the A Flight parade of second place Julian Clarke, himself at 78 off the stick, and third place Gordon Kerr. Tore Eliassen broke from the pack to take the first spot in the second flight. Martin Zimmerman made it three placings in three days of comp. Jim Munns showed little chivalry as he nudged Marlene Prudden off the podium for the last pay slot on the day.

Friday March 5
Royal Lakeside -
White Tees

1st Place A Flight: David Knight, 40 points
2nd Place A Flight: Steve Weller, 40 points
3rd Place A Flight: John Emmerson, 39 points
1st Place B Flight: Colin Davis, 41 points
2nd Place B Flight: Risto Manerus, 40 points
3rd Place B Flight: Derrick Reading, 40 points

Colin Davis was Man of the Match on a day that saw four other players have 40 points. Colin’s 41 points should nudge that handicap down from his current 18 but The Donkey will probably tidy up that problem next week. Risto Manerus, who is routinely referred to as “the guy with Tarja”, made his forty good for second as the countback held Derrick Reading to third in B Flight. Visiting David Knight did as Risto had in B Flight, that is win a count back, but did so for the top spot in A Flight, much to the chagrin of second place Steve Weller. John Emmerson, the Golf Manager, was the only payee on the day with less than 40 points, narrowly missing my one.

Rising Sun Bar Golf Society

Monthly Report for February

Flights A (0-17) B (18-27) C (28+)
Tuesday 3 - Khao Kheow A&B
Roger Pidcick 39 pts Dr Bob 34 pts Tom Dudley 17 pts
Thursday 5 - Noble Place
Mick Benton 35 pts Dr Bob 34 pts
Tuesday 10 - Green Valley
Rab McDoanld 35 pts Frank Sinclair 36 pts Geordie Hudson 22 pts
Thursday 12 - Century Chonburi
Roger Privett 36 pts Paul Sibley 35 pts
Tuesday 18 Eastern Star
Allan Hanlon 37 pts Paul Sibley 36 pts Geordie Hudson 30 pts
Thursday 19 - Sriracha
Allan Hayword Paul Sibley Tom Dudley 34
Tuesday 27 - Green Valley
A Hanlon 38 pts Granville 34 Geordie 20pts
Thursday 29 - Bangpra
Frank 34 pts Trevor Sharman 41 pts
Contact organiser Matt Anderson Tel: 0066 (0) 92476673

PSC Golf from Bobby Joe’s 60s Bar

Friday March 5
Eastern Star

Read your PSC Calendar, it lists most if not all of the Thai Holidays and saves you turning up at the course with many people and then realising it is weekend rates. Of course the players could also look but we try not to put too much strain on Bobby Joe’s customers. Next time I suspect it will be a cheaper course.

Resting in Eastern Star’s fine restaurant.

Of course being the fine chaps they are, and feeling no pain, all of the players who turned up there duly played and were rewarded with a pretty empty course and thus a pretty quick round, even if it did rain ‘Cats and Dogs’ and we all got soaked. Probably good for me as when they were thinking of building the wood pyre they realised it wouldn’t burn.

A Flight winner Bob Noble and second Pete Murray with Bobby.

The course itself was not in bad condition, but that is more than can be said of the greens which were at best below par and with a downpour on them were pretty dodgy. Still we were out in the fresh air on a fine course, who cares if it’s a weekend!

So back to Bobby Joe’s, but not before testing the best draught in the business and partaking of pancakes and maple syrup. If there is any better I have yet to find it.

B Flight winner Joe Albright and runner up Mick O’Connor with Bobby & Max.

At Bobby Joe’s we were treated to one of his beef stews, by request, and then onto the presentations with Mr ‘You Know Who’ winning the A Flight for the third week on a trot and Joe Albright winning the B Flight. Bobby declared the results in his best manner and Cees Bosman interpreted. Three hours later we would all have understood him as we were all speaking ‘Double Dutch’.
A Flight: Winner Bob Noble; Second Pete Murray
B Flight: Winner Joe Albright; Second Mick O’Connor
Near Pins: Ray Graham, Alex Kazizis, Pete Murray, Bill Robinson, Cees Bosman, Walter Smith
Long Putts: Colin Bavington, Kevin Dunne, Al Rolnick, Mike Winfield

PSC Golf from the Cafe Kronborg

Monday March 1
Treasure Hill Golf And Country Club

Harald Gruber, winner B flight on MondayThe Treasure Hill Golf and Country Club was host for a Strokeplay Competition in Two Flights. A Flight 0 to 17 & B Flight 18 upwards. As usual the course was in fine condition, even though some of the green collars were in the process of being replaced.

Ebrahim took the A Flight with a net 70 ahead of a countback for second on net 73 won by Don Richardson with Jeff Wylie in third. In fourth position with a net 74 was Takeshi Hakozaki.

Harald Gruber took the A Flight with a net 68 ahead of Aussie Barry Kerr in second with a net 70. Alan Sullivan was in third with net 70 and Wayne Koch fourth with a net 71.

Ebrahim, winner A flight on Monday

Near Pins: #2 Lief Kirkegaard, #6 Don Richardson, #13 Kris Helgason, #17 Jeff Wylie

Long Putts: #9 Henk De Bock, #18 Jeff Wylie

Thursday March 4
Country Club

This is a fine course if you stand on the tee and want to hit the ball out of sight, it is pretty forgiving with most of its danger in the approach to the green. A fine open golf course that is a pleasure to walk.

Bob Bender, winner A Flight on Thursday

On the day a full list teed off in fine conditions that were to change during the round, to a little windy and surprisingly quite humid. This lead to some fine golf and some good scores. In the A Flight, 0 to 17, Bob Benda played some fine golf to win with a 42 points ahead of a three way countback on 38 points. In second was Ebrahim, in third Gary Blackburn and in fourth Kris Helgasson. It’s only fair here to say Kevin Dunne also had a net 38 and would have come second but forgot to put his handicap on his card.

Per Krause, winner B Flight on Thursday

In the B Flight, 18 upwards, the scores were excellent with countback for both first and third places. Winning the countback for first, on 42 points, was Per Krause with Harvey Samuel in second. In third was Harald Gruber, on 39 points, ahead of in fourth Bent Mueller.

The facilities at Bangpakong are first class, with easy booking in, reasonable golfing rates and a fine dining area.

Near Pins: #4 Per Krause, #7 Ebrahim, #13 Rick Evans, #16 Johan Reynisson

Long Putts: #9 Brian Blackford, #18 Kevin Dinan

Sunday Quiz League

3 Sisters Golf

Monday February 23 was a beautiful day for golf. With a slight breeze and clear skies, it was a perfect day for golf. The scores were not as good as the previous weeks but handicaps have been coming down. It was a hard fought day, but as usual, cream rose to the top. Dene Mundy who was near the bottom last week rose to the occasion and scored 39 points to take honors the day. It was a miracle compared to his play last week - good going Dene!

From Zero to Hero: Dene Mundy is this week’s winner after holding the bag last week and Russell Finch has the dubious honour of holding it this week.

Following two shots back were a group of four players. Saen Jaroenwong, Carl Baumann, Danny Dyke and Bob Benda all came in with 37 points but could not pull out the win. Saen just started golf a few months back but her swing looks good. In a few months her handicap will be coming down to reflect the improvement in her game.

A new bag holder arrived at the scene on Monday. Two golfers were tied for the position but Russell Finch hitting the ball long and wrong edged out Bill Gibson to end up holding the bag. Both Russell and Bill ended up with 21 points but as luck would have it, Russell scored less than Bill on the back nine. I’m sure that neither of these golfers will be in the cellar next week.

King retains crown in Jaroenwong Pairing

Mike Franklin

Shenanigans were back at Plutaluang South & East courses in fine weather for the March 2 Pairs Scramble. Three times back-to-back winners John King and Mikael Andersson re-paired on this occasion, Mikael with Michael Dige and John King, as a single entry, was paired with Saen Jaroenwong who also wanted to play but without a partner. The inevitable happened with John & Saen returning the winning score of net 62 from their gross 72 and a combined handicap of 10.

Saen Jaroenwong, Mike Franklin and John King.

In all there were six net scores below 65, possibly due partly to the courses being in fine condition and providing plenty of run on hard fairways. Winners aside, the performance of the day must be credited to Graham Rudd and his last minute pairing with newcomer Robert Munro. Their gross 64 should have been enough, but a combined handicap of just 1.8 gave them a net 62.2 and the runners-up spot.

Graham Rudd, Mike Franklin and Robert Munro.

The technical prizes were well spread with near pins claimed by Peter Erne, Im Woodruffe, Michael Dige and Mikael Andersson. Walter Hofer and Robert Munro sank the longest first putts.

Back at Shenanigans it was the usual fun evening with a special welcome to newcomers John Sinclair, Bob Benda, Michael Dige, Robert Munro and Gerhard Schultze. It was welcome back to Willie Leuthold from Switzerland, and farewell to John & Meg Oke until later in the year.


Tuesday March 16 is the next Shenanigans outing and, as it happens to be St. Patrick’s Eve, Landlord Kim is offering all players a free Irish coffee after the prize giving.

Coming up in April are two major events. On Friday April 2 it is the Shenanigans Ladies International Open and later in the month, on Friday April 23 the Funhill Cup both at Eastern Star Country Club & Resort. Full details out shortly.

Meanwhile, sign-up for the March 16 St. Patrick’s Eve Pairs Better ball at Shenanigans.

Apres golf in the Shenanigans.

3rd Shenanigans Ladies International Open on Friday April 2

This Tournament is exclusively for the Ladies

Shenanigans continues its tradition of promoting Ladies golf tournaments with the 3rd Ladies International Open on Friday April 2 at Eastern Star Country Club & Resort, the venue for all previous Shenanigans ladies tournaments.

The Eastern Star 18 hole championship course, ever popular with lady golfers, is the ideal venue with the ‘nines crossover’ positioned directly in front of the Clubhouse and, since the re-opening of the Resort in December 2003, the course, tee to green, has been presented to the very high standard that Robert Trent Jones Jnr. intended when the course originally opened in 1992.

Add to that the champagne treatment and warm hospitality that comes with a Shenanigans Ladies golf event and the girls are promised a rather special day.

Plenty of trophies and prizes to be won for performance and technical achievement and, failing that, chances in the lucky draw. The format is Stableford with a lazy start from 10:30 am, and plenty of time before that to hit some complimentary balls on the driving range. The customary Shenanigans snacks from Chef Sunny will be available between the nines, and a glass (or two) of the golden fizzy stuff from Kim to wash it down and set you on your way again.

The tournament party with a special Thai/Western buffet will be back at Shenanigans from 4:00 pm and the prize-giving and lucky draw follow at 6:00pm.

Full details with entry form are available in Shenanigans, and other bars, in the press and on the web page at www.shenanigans-pattaya. com or contact Mike Franklin at [email protected], and I will be pleased to process your entry.

Remember Ladies, this is a Shenanigans tournament exclusively for you to enjoy.

The Square Ring

by Howie Reed

The 4th time was the charm for Veeraphol Sahaprom (42-1-2) as he defended his WBC Bantam title against Toshiaki Nishioka (23-4-3) in Japan Saturday night. The three other meeting had been close affairs with Veeraphol wining the first by a close UD and then getting draws the next two trips to the ring. This one wasn’t close as the Champ won easily 117-109, 118-109. “He finally ended a tetralogy against top contender Toshiaki Nishioka over twelve gory rounds”, in the words of Joe K, the best writer in Asia. Just to make sure things were on the up and up the bout was supervised by Bangkok Post “sports writer” and “WBC’s Dr. Jose’ Pal” Edward Thangarajah. How about them apples?

In Scotland WBO Featherweight Champion Scott Harrison (21-2) was worried about his defense last Saturday night in Glasgow against late replacement Walter Estrada (26-3). Not to worry he knocked him out in 5. At The Foxwoods Casino in Mashantucket, CT USA, Diego Corrales (38-2) evened the score at 1-1 when he took a majority decision (115-112, 115-112, 113-114) off Joel Casamayor (30-2). The Square Ring had it 116-113 for the winner. The fight? Like a May-December romance it promised much but delivered little.

Tomorrow night in Las Vegas Shane Mosley (39-2) puts his titles (WBC, IBF & WBA Jr. Middleweight) on the line against big underdog Winky Wright (46-3). Wright has been hanging around whining about not getting a shot for the last 3 or 4 years. He gets the chance after his sub par performance against Angel Hernandez (26-4) and Juan Carlos Candelo (26-4-3). In both fights he took way too many punches in winning. It should be a good tune up for Mosley as he sets his sights on Felix Trinidad later in the year. Maybe pretty good heavy Joe Mesi (28-0) gets a really stern test against former light heavy champ Vassiliy Jirov (33-1). Jirov will throw punches in bunches and Mesi will catch most. Could be a barnburner.

The New Zealand Herald is reporting that David Tua has serious financial problems. The same source says that after winning an estimated $13.50 millon USD’s in the ring he’s left holding that bag with nothing to show for those years but partial ownership of his parents home. Tua is suing former managers Martin Pugh and Kevin Berry for 2.7 million USD. These problems have kept him out of the ring for over a year. With the “Thunder from DownUnder” gone from the scene is there someone out there to carry on the great fighting tradition of New Zealand? Maybe. My spies report that Mohammed Assaoui (11-0-2) may fill the bill. He had a great amateur career winning 196 from 210 in the Cruiserweight division. He fights for the WBA PABA title on March 27. There’s the chance that he looks so good early due to lack of quality competition. Time will tell on March 27. Assaoui at 28 may be a little late to the dance. As big plus is that he was trained in Cuba after being raised in Algeria. Hard to believe but the move from Algeria to Cuba was probably lateral.

Whoops. It won’t be Derrick Jefferson (26-3) stepping into the ring with Chris Byrd on April 17 at the Garden Square in New York City. In a tune up fight Jefferson received a head butt courtesy of Julis Long so in steps... the drum roll please ... The ever loving Andrew “The Foul Pole” Golota (38-4). Now you may ask yourself “Why?” Good question. Since he was KO’d in October of 2000 by Tyson he’s had two fights. Both in 03. He KO’d Brian Nix (18-10) in 7 and Terrence Lewis (31-13) in 6. “That’s it?” Well he just signed with Don King that may have something to do with a title fight against another King fighter. Can he win? Yep.

Manny Pacquiao the hard punching 122 IBF Champ struck gold on a recent trip to New York City. He signed a multi-million dollar fight deal with HBO with the first fight on May 22. Opponents? Mentioned but one must assume not seriously for the first fight were Oscar Larios a winner in Japan last Saturday or Juan Manuel Marquez (IBF 126). Paulie Aylia is more likely first out. Not mentioned was new 126 Pound WBC Champ Eric Morales who will avoid Pacquiao like the plague. From his native Philippines Pacquiao said, “Nagsimula na akong mag-ensayo. Tumakbo na rin ako kanina at nagshadowboxing na rin pero wala pa namang sparring.” Which says it all.

This column and its writer welcome comments from readers. A well thought out letter or e-mail is always welcome. Recently a three page letter was forward to me from a Mr. G.A. Wheen of Pattaya. Once his hieroglyphics like scribbling were deciphered his diatribe was nothing but a stew made up mostly of gibberish, ignorance and hate. He took issue with my opinion that “Lennox Lewis never filled the void in the heavyweight division left by Ali, Holyfield and Tyson”. In that column I concluded, “never has someone done so little with so much.” At press time the Pattaya Mail has decided not to publish the letter. Here’s his closing paragraph as decoded.

“So my message to the offensive jerk who’s glad to see the back of Lennox - the-Lionhearted is simple - put up or shut up. Preferably finding another job you’re qualified for if, like your evidence against Lewis, it exist. Meanwhile I’m placing a hefty bet on Audley Harrison to emulate Lewis - after all if pigs can get paid for defecating on others they’ll soon be taking flying lessons.” I hereby notify my agents in the Kingdom (Tim at Tim Bar Beer, Steve at the Haven, Woody at the TQ, Wil at Wils Taylor and Monkey House Fred at the New Las Vegas) to accept any bets this gentleman would like to place about Mr. Harrision “emulating” Lennox Lewis. Mr. Harrision, who I have seen fight twice in person, is a fine gentleman. He was an Olympic Champion, is well spoken and would be a credit to boxing. He does though have a slight problem. “He can’t fight.” Serve up the malt to celebrate 2 am closing, another column in the book and Happy St. Pat’s Day.

Improve Your Golf

Ian Ashenden, Pattaya Golf Academy, Thepprasit Road

Tip 4 - Don’t keep your head ‘down’, keep it ‘forward’

One of the most misunderstood pieces of advice in golf is the old clich้ ‘Keep your head down’. The reason I say this is because it’s not what you do with your head that counts, it’s what you do with your body, and in particular how your spine angle either changes or remains constant that is important.

This week’s local star golfer in the photos is my pal, man-about-town and conspiracy-cracker Neil Cameron. Compare Neil’s address position in picture 1 with his impact position in picture 2 and you will see that although he is ‘keeping his head down’, his spine angle has noticeably changed and he is now almost standing upright. This will almost certainly pull the club across the ball at impact and result in anything from a big pull-hook to a large slice.

In picture 3, Neil has attained a much better impact position, he has kept his head forward and his spine angle is much closer to the position it was in at address. This will allow him to turn thtough the shot much better and keep the club extending towards the target for longer.

Keep e-mailing your comments/queries to me at ian. [email protected], the best ones will receive an answer in this column. If you wish to be photographed as a student, please also let me know.

Wednesday Quiz League

Mickey Mouse Darts League

Rising Sun and Pleasure Dome keep up their good winning streak by taking all in their respective matches against Palmers and Bunker. Last week’s third place PSI had a bad night in a tight match at Devonshire, PSI losing all to drop two places in the league. Smugglers and Windsor Tavern had all resting on the beer leg, with Smugglers walking away the winners. Helicopter fly above (pun intended) Windsor Tavern by taking all at Cheers, leaving the Windsor Tavern propping up the league table.

League Table (Feb. 27):

Team Won Lost Beerlegs Under 10’s Highest Checkout
1. Rising Sun 7 1 5 32
2. Pleasure Dome 7 1 4 49
3. Smugglers 6 2 4 42 Ron 137
4. Devonshire 5 3 6 46
5. PSI 5 3 5 32
6. Palmers 3 5 3 59
7. Bunker 3 5 2 47
8. Cheers 2 6 3 47
9. Helicopter 1 7 4 55
10. Windsor Tavern 1 7 3 45

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