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Thai Bankers win annual PSC Charity Classic 2004

Mountain Bike enthusiasts converge on Nong Nooch for first round of Thailand Championships

Super Bowl XXXVIII

Andersson and King by one shot

The fish was nearly as big as his wife!

Peacock Place Indoor Bowls and Snooker Leagues 0392

Mikael Andersson excels

PSC Three Sisters Golf

Tough times at Khao Kheow

P.S.C. Golf from the Cafe Kronborg

Joe Mooneyham is Golden for 2003

Somebody get Koehler off the podium!

PSC Golf from Bobby Joe’s 60s Bar

The Square Ring

Dollhouse Team miss-starts in Bangkok League

Bangkok United win again, Scans ease in to second, Parrott jeered


Thai Bankers win annual PSC Charity Classic 2004

Friday January 23 at Phoenix Country Club (Stableford)

Once a year the ‘Rich and Famous’ of Pattaya Sports Club, this year 148 of them, gather on the playing fields of one of the fine golf courses in the area to give their time, and hopefully money, in the support of Pattaya Sports Club’s drive to raise finance for charity. This year the money raised will go to support the needy children in the area.

The “Thai Bankers” Chris John, Ploy Thongpen (who also won women’s best Stableford score with 44 points), Moon Schluwera and Alan Pearce won this year’s PSC Charity Classic with 125 points.

I am informed by the PSC treasurer, Alan Pearce, that the day was a fine success and will have raised at least 400,000 baht. This will be a big boost to the charitable efforts of PSC and will result in many happy local children.

Pattaya Sports Club is a registered non-profit organization established in 1979 for the purpose of promoting sports and supporting local charities and has grown from 31 Charter Members in 1979 to in excess of 16000 members worldwide. In its daily operations, PSC, in the guise of its charity chairman, Bernie Tuppin, have supported many local charities to the tune of many millions of baht over the years and continue to do so. We all know, however, that this day annually is the icing on the cake and all put in a tremendous effort to make it a success.

The S2 Shaggers John Dearden, Dene Airey (who also won men’s best Stableford score with 43 points), Ian Ribbey and Phil Page finished in third place with 115 points.

Planning starts early for the event and the organizing committee, this year under the leadership of the golf chairman Gerry Carpenter, start early and devise a plan for the event that includes armed robbery of as many local businesses and affluent members as is possible. Of course it is all in a good cause so most people approached give freely and to all sponsors, volunteer or volunteered, we give thanks. In particular if their name is missed later please know we have only so much space but they are not forgotten, next year ‘We Will Remember Them’.

So on the morning of the event it was enlightening to see an army of volunteers scurrying about, fixing the unfixable and applying Band-Aids where blood was seen dripping. Alan Pearce must have lost a stone in weight, Dene Munday was everywhere, Bernie upon booking in all the starters zoomed around the course and of course Big Matt Kirkland did a fine job as the bouncer. Who wants to argue with him? He has vays to make you verk. All in all it worked and it worked fine. Like the good referee, you only notice these sort of people when things go wrong and they did a fine job. Oh and Gerry was there, nice to have someone with managerial experience.

The Irish Rovers Arthur Hancock, Joe McArdle, Tom Breslin and Jerry Power finished second with 116 points.

To the start and the arrival at Phoenix to be met by an efficient booking in system that got the players through, their goodies in hand, and also a key tag with a number of which more will be said later. A look at the start sheet listed all the teams and informed all that the ‘Ocean and Mountain’ were the test for the day, both first tees in use, so tighten the sinews, shake off the hangovers and lets get to it.

The competition consisted of teams of four players, best three to count, in a Stableford format. Pretty simple really after the travail of years gone past but testing nonetheless and played out with real seriousness by all the competitors. Well maybe some groups took it in the spirit of the day and were light-hearted. We played behind Kim Fletcher’s group and at one time considered asking for them to be disqualified, golfers are only allowed 14 clubs each, but we reckon in addition they must have had a backhoe and a calculator each. Surely a backhoe leaves different tracks than a cart. Perhaps it was to bury the Heineken cans?

Never mind, what a superb day. The two nines were in pristine condition, the fairways fine, the greens fast and tricky, and the weather superb, what is more some kind person had laid on a hotdog stand, free, between the two nines. Ken and his crew did a fine job of feeding hungry golfers all day. On a day such as this the results don’t matter, do they? Well yes if you win but that was not what the day was about. Lovely day, fine people and a bucketful of money for the kids, what more can one want?

So the day flowed, and it flowed smoothly, until at the end, showered and clean, a little tired all, gathered in the fine banquet room of the Phoenix complex. There to be met by some fine food and a happy and willing bar staff to provide liquid refreshments whilst all the players finished and the scores could be tabulated and the winners declared.

So it begins, the results, but not quite yet. First we were reminded that all had been given a key ring and this equated to a prize, and bingo, Father Christmas was there for all, unfortunately Alan had forgotten his beard and red suit but the thought was there.

So onto the night and this was opened by an address from the PSC president, Carl Engel, who thanked the sponsors, the main sponsors being Diamond Sponsor, Bauer Construction Thailand, the organizers and all who took part. Following him was the PSC golf chairman who thanked Carl for saving his sore throat and the people who aided him and passed the presentation over to the host Alan Pearce, who proceeded to read the results and let Gerry present the fine crystal prizes.

Surprise, surprise, the winners of the team prize were the Thai Bankers with a total of 125 points. The team being Ploy Thongpen, Moon Schluwera, Chris (I can pick them, I run the handicaps) John and last but not least Alan (so surprised) Pearce. What can one say, but well done. Fried not boiled.

In second place were the Irish Rovers with 116 points. The team consisting of Arthur Hancock, Joe McArdle, Tom Breslin and Jerry Power.

Third were the S2 Shaggers with 115 points just behind the second and just in front of the third. The team being, Denis Airey, John Dearden, Ian Ribbey and Phil Page.

With a fine 114 points and for some time the leaders in the clubhouse was that fine bunch of men, the Hawaiian Mafia, consisting of Herbie Ishinaga, Kenny (a little) Mau, Sus Ige and Charlie Yoshida. Didn’t they all do well? But next year! Who said that?

So the night gradually wore on, but once again it is only fair to mention the major Sponsors and if I miss some I apologise.

Diamond Sponsor: Bauer Construction Thailand.

Platinum Sponsors: Team Canada, Joe St Laurent, Shenanigans, 60’s Bar & Bua’s Fishing, Sriracha Golf, Gerry Carpenter, Marriott Hotels, CR Industries Thailand, Pattaya Fantasy Football League

Main Sponsors: Bill Thompson, Baltex, Pattaya Mail, Lotus Crystal, Graham Rudd, Trevor Carnahoff, Thai Ger Line, Rotary Thaksin, Rosie O’Grady, Pattaya City Golf, Good Golf, Town in Town, Bang Sarae Club, Cafe Kronborg, and to all and others who donated our thanks.


Winning Team: Ploy Thongpen, Moon Schluwera, Chris John and Alan Pearce. (125 points)

Second: Arthur Hancock, Joe McArdle, Tom Breslin and Jerry Power. (116 points)

Third: Dene Airey, John Dearden, Ian Ribbey and Phil Page. (115 points)

Fourth: Herbie Ishinaga, Kenny Mau, Sus Ige and Charlie Yoshida. (114 points).

Low Gross Men

Graham Rudd, 74

High Stableford Men

Dene Airey, 43 points

Low Gross Women

Nora Haugstaad, 73

High Stableford Women

Ploy Thongpen, 44 points

Mountain Bike enthusiasts converge on Nong Nooch for first round of Thailand Championships

Damri Muangkaew

Over 400 mountain bikes last weekend traversed the rugged course at Nong Nooch Gardens in the first round of the national mountain bike championships.

The course offered varying degrees of difficulty, as iron legged peddlers made their way through the various courses according in to their placement in one of four main categories: Cross Country Route A, Cross Country Tour B and C, and a Downhill course for adrenalin junkies in the men’s and women’s age classes.

They’re off and racing in the first round of the Thai Mountain bike Championships held at Nong Nooch Gardens last weekend.

The national team took top places in the men’s 36 kilometer course, won by Thawatchai Masae from the national police bureau. In the men’s over 50, 18 km class, Saiyan Suwansarm from Yala finished first. The 24km winner in the men’s 40-49 class was Bunterng Jeennant from Buriram.

In the youth class, women’s under 18 Thaichanok Srisuwan from the Athletics School in Suphanburi proved she was no chicken and won the 18 km course, while in the women’s open 30 km course, Chonburi’s own Jindarat Pornbunjerdkul felt right at home in first place, as did Thanasak Tharachai from the national police bureau in the under 18s in the 30km ride.

The 18 km course winner in the Women’s Under 35 class was Ratree Sawadeeparb of Klaeng. The men’s 30 km class in the 30-39 age group saw first place go to Prasert Chitmart.

The second round of national competition, where mountain bikers will compete in the northeastern province of Mukdaharn for the coveted Princess Trophy, is scheduled for March 6 and 7 this year.

Air Chief Marshal (ACM) Chanin Jantruseksa fired the starting pistol for the first round of the event, in conjunction with Nong Nooch management.

Super Bowl XXXVIII

by Howie Reed

At 6:26 Monday morning as the sun comes up on another day of Pattaya Paradise either New England or Carolina will kick off to get Super Bowl XXXVIII (that’s 38) in Houston Texas under way. The two combatants arrive after winning their division’s championship game in similar fashion. They physically intimated their opponents to the point that opposing receivers developed “alligator arms” and swivel heads watching for the next hit.

Carolina used the legs (Davis & Foster combined for 136), the passing of Jake “Who?” Delhomme (9-14) and DB Ricky Manning Jr.’s three interceptions. The Pats used their smothering defense. The Eagles and the Colts came ready for a “tea dance” only to find a gang war. The Panthers and the Pats won all the fights.

The Boston Patriots were born in 1960 as part of the now gone but not forgotten AFL. As no team with the name Boston has ever won a professional football title the name was changed to the New England in 1971.

Meanwhile, in 1959 the Baltimore Colts won their second championship. Each player got $3,000 for the win. Rookie receiver Jerry Richardson caught a TD pass in that game. Told, “Invest your money,” he did. He’s now the owner of the Carolina Panthers.

The Patriots have been made a early and late 6 to 7 point favorite by the folks that do that sort of thing. Why? New England has won 14 games in a row, played a more difficult schedule, has a better defense, better kicking and better coaching. Fact is there isn’t a lot of difference between the two teams. Offensively Carolina has a slight edge, gaining 13 more yards per game and defensively giving up 9 less.

Both teams like to control the ball in different ways. New England with the short passing game; Carolina with the running game. New England doesn’t run the ball well, although Antowain Smith got 100 against the Colts. The figure is a little misleading as 49 of those yards came on two plays. New England has to be able to pass. Many think that the Carolina defensive front four will get to Brady. If that occurs New England has to run which they don’t do well. Many think the New England defense will stuff the run forcing Carolina to pass.

New England is called the NFL’s best defense. Hall of Fame Quarterback Steve Young, “They put a linebacker on the tight end. The LB’s task is to see that the TE doesn’t get out. Hold, trip or tackle. Can’t call a penalty on every play. The wide receivers get the same treatment. This disrupts the timing with the QB eventually getting sacked.”

Carolina’s running can negate New England’s defense. Carolina when they run have two problems. DeShawn Foster is a good runner but he has a serious problem with fumbling. New England has recovered 17 more turnovers than they’ve lost. Carolina has lost 3 more.

The Prediction: The game may be won in the first five minutes or the first drive. If Carolina’s defense line can get to Brady it will be a long day for the Back Bay Guys. If, when on offense, Carolina gets either a defensive holding or pass inference call the New England defense will be less effective. If Brady has time and Carolina can run, it will be one heck of a scrap. The first team that kicks a field goal will lose. The way to wining will be scoring touchdowns. The team that takes advantage of field position and scores in the red zone with a TD will win. The team that hits harder and plays with more heart will win. Two key injuries could make a difference. If Carolina’s RB Steve Davis or Pats Linebacker Teddy Bruschi aren’t 100% that could make the difference. The last team to have the ball will win. The final score? 27-24. The winner? The team with 27.

Andersson and King by one shot

Shenanigans Very Friendly Golf Society

Mike Franklin

Shenanigans Very Friendly Golf Society returned to Plutaluang for its 20th January Pairs Better Ball Stableford competition. Playing the North and South courses, a field of 40 players set out at the earlier start time of 9.30 a.m. on what started as a fine overcast day. Steady rain came for a while mid-round and upped the humidity into the afternoon.

Runners-up Clive Bruce and Tony Stevens.

Mid-forties is the usual score-line for the format and the winning pair of Mikael Andersson and John King did just that with 46 Stableford points.

The count-back between runners-up and third place went to Tony Stevens and Clive Bruce with 45 points overall and 24 points on the back nine. John and Tai Kennedy, also with 45 points, took third place with 20 points on the back nine.

Winners Mikael Andersson and John King flank presenter Mike Franklin at Shenanigans.

The technical prizes were shared around with near pins claimed by Paul Coutoumas and Meg Oke on the North nine, and Mal Spence and Usa Chaiyusit on South. The long putt pin for North #9 was nowhere to be seen and subsequently not claimed. However, Sue Hough holed the longest putt on South #9.

The course was well presented as usual, except for a visible lack of raking of the bunkers that is not normally the case. Best ‘Holes of the Day’ were announced - the honors going to landlord Kim Fletcher for making gross par on the challenging par five South #6, and to Tai Kennedy for her gross birdie on the par five North #2.

Back at Shenanigans the newcomers were welcomed, namely Meg & John Oke, David & Joyce Jones and Colin Bristow, all visiting from the UK. George Holroyd was back, as were Ken & Beth Lill with friends Trudi & Art Reichenberg from Holland. Clive Bruce was over from Hua Hin to enjoy some cheaper golf in Pattaya, and pie-man Tony Harris was partnering Matthew Swire who was celebrating his 50th birthday.

Shenanigans is next out on Tuesday February 3 at Eastern Star Country Club & Resort for a Pairs Combined Stableford with 40 tee times from 9.30 a.m. Tony Stevens will hold the short straw and direct operations with Kim for this one while Mike is away in the UK tying up a few loose ends. Sign-up early on the golf notice board inside Shenanigans.

The fish was nearly as big as his wife!

On January 15, Peter Wickenden and Mark took their wives fishing on the J Sea Hunter. Mark caught a beautiful 16-kilo cobia just off Pattaya Park. The fish was nearly as big as his wife Foon. A great day of fishing was had by all.

Peacock Place Indoor Bowls and Snooker Leagues 0392

Mixed Doubles Bowls has a new leader in Double Trouble as they overcame Spotty Dog 15-4, but the newcomers gave a good account of themselves again and pushed The Peacock all the way, just going down 5-3 in the lowest ever score with just one bowl winning each end and Paul and Nut driving on the last end to save 5 and win the end.

Yellowbirds beat Love Nest 12-4 and Spooty Dog 10-4 to jump into second place and revive their title hopes. The ladies were back in form this week with some catch up games where Peacock Sue held on 10-7 against a fast finishing Nid, Danny Sue beating Banjob 10-3 and then Banjob and Lek put up a great game for a 7-7 draw before Banjob overcame Nid 10-6.

Danny is just holding on to the snooker lead but George, Bill and Eddie are closing in. New Jeep games night starting on Thursdays, all 4x4 owners welcome.

Mixed Doubles Bowls

Double Trouble 8 6 0 2 67 47 12

Yellowbirds 8 5 1 2 70 41 11

Love Nest 10 5 1 4 62 71 11

Peacock 6 5 0 1 80 28 10

Gin 9 3 1 5 54 80 7

Thaied 3 1 1 1 21 28 3

Spotty Dog 5 0 0 5 22 50 0

Bakehouse 5 0 0 5 23 54 0

Ladies Singles Bowls

Peacock Sue 6 5 0 1 47 34 10

Nid 9 3 1 5 73 74 7

Danny Sue 9 4 0 5 55 68 8

Banjob 7 3 2 2 51 46 8

Mam 6 2 0 4 36 49 4

Lek 5 2 1 2 40 31 5


Danny 14 9 0 5 806 589 18

George 10 8 0 2 632 376 16

Bill 8 6 0 2 424 321 12

Eddie 8 6 0 2 438 371 12

Derek 10 6 0 4 456 468 12

Peter 12 4 0 8 496 669 8

Danny Sue 13 3 0 10 546 685 6

Daryl 6 3 0 3 279 276 6

Mike 3 0 0 3 100 235 0

Brian 6 0 0 6 232 419 0

Mikael Andersson excels

IPGC TAGGS Golf from the Haven

Monday 19th January
Century Chonburi

1st Division
1st Mikael Andersson, 43
2nd Tony Barritt, 38
3rd Richard Garland, 35
4th Joakim Persson, 32 cb9 18
5th Doug Campbell, 32 cb9 13
2nd Division
1st Eberhard Stoll, 33
2nd Ken Preddy, 31 cb9 18
3rd Trevor Edge, 31 cb9 16
4th Dave Lee, 30

Another super course costing almost nothing meant another good day’s golf for the large field of contenders in three divisions who travelled up the 331 to a venue that was almost deserted and in excellent condition.

After two near misses the previous week, Wendy Hollingsworth won the Ladies Division.

The first Division was cleaned out by the in-form Mikael Andersson who turned out to be unmatchable after an outward nine of 38 gross, which he matched on the inward half to record a personal best of gross 76 consisting of fourteen pars and four bogeys. Tony Barritt, although unable to equal Mikael’s performance took second well ahead of Richard Garland, Joakim Persson and Doug Campbell in the other placing positions.

Eberhard Stoll took his first win, albeit with a score well over his handicap, by two shots from Ken Preddy and Trevor Edge, who had to be separated by count back, in second and third with Dave Lee getting the last place on the podium.

Chang Suh, Wendy Hollingsworth, Michael Dige, and Richard Garland who had two, shared the twos between them.

Before presenting the prizes Richard Livingston, the resident PGA Professional, welcomed back Andy Pedlar, John Hayes and Travis Mitchell.

Wednesday 21st January
Pattaya Country Club

1st Division
1st Paul Taylor, 39 cb9 18 cb6 14
2nd Mikael Andersson, 39 cb9 18 cb6 13
3rd Karl Holm, 38 cb9 20
4th Martin Hayes 38 cb9 19
5th John Desmond, 36
2nd Division
1st Stephen Beard, 37
2nd Tony Quaid, 36
3rd John Clements, 35 cb9 28
4th Trevor Edge, 34 cb9 18 cb6 12
5th Bob Lindborg, 34 cb9 18 cb6 11
6th Volker Esser, 34 cb9 16

Karlotta Einarsdothir took the ladies division by two shots from Lorraine Scott.

Paul Taylor just managed to get ahead of the in form Mikael Andersson to claim first place by 1 point on the back six and take the day’s top prize. Karl Holm took second again by a shot on count back from Martin Hayes who won his first placing out of The Haven for some time, with John Desmond two points adrift in the last place on the podium.

“The Doc” at last showed some signs of life, although it was almost “still life”, to take the second division by a point from Tony Quaid who also had not been seen anywhere near the placings for a considerable amount of time. John Clements sang his way into third place just ahead of Trevor Edge, whose success still did not net him any cash as he unfortunately took on everyone who finished ahead of him on the day. Bob Lindborg and Volker Esser finished in the last two positions after losing out to Trevor on count back.

The twos were shared between Sunny Khanna, Jim Barnett and Brian Kelly.

Prior to the prize giving Richard welcomed new members Paul Reaper, Sunny Khanna, Claes Glaesner and again welcomed Frank and Lorraine Scott to actually playing even though they again travelled to the course with the organiser, this time they sent their clubs in another vehicle to ensure that they played. “The Doc” had in any case broken into another sixpence, and lashed out on a spare key.

Friday 23rd January
Khao Kheow B & C
Stoke play

1st Division
1st Norman Isherwood, 67
2nd Karl Holm, 69
3rd Al Rolnik, 70 cb9 37 cb6 24.3
4th Takeshi Hakozaki, 70 cb9 37 cb6 24.7
5th Chris Davisson, 70 cb9 38.5
2nd Division
1st Peter Emslie, 67
2nd Sunny Khanna, 75 cb9 34
3rd Ole Stamnes, 75 cb9 37.5
4th Roy Thornton, 76

Wendy Hollingsworth took her second trophy of the week in the ladies division, this one being even more commendable following a drive-by motorbike mugging that left her needing hospital treatment, having been dragged into the road in a vain attempt to retain her handbag and sustaining some nasty abrasions to her hands and arms which made gripping and swinging the club more than uncomfortable.

Norman Isherwood had his best day for a while to claim top spot in the first division by two shots from Karl Holm to take his first win out of The Haven. Al Rolnik led the chasing group and just got the nod by point four of a stroke after a count back from Takeshi Hakozaki and Chris Davisson.

Peter Emslie who finished eight strokes clear of second place, decimated the second division with Sunny Khanna and Ole Stamnes who had to be separated by count back in second and third respectively. Roy Thornton was unable to match his previous week’s performance but still took fourth place, an event that will no doubt be added to his speaking repertoire during his lecture tours of the city nightspots.

With the greens playing superbly it was no surprise to see that there were nine twos and the pool was shared between Frank Scott, Bob Lindborg, Glynn Nicholas, Barry Winton, Stephen Beard, Takeshi Hakozaki, Claes Glaesner and Karl Holm who had two.

Back at The Haven Richard welcomed new members Kurt and Uibeke Knudsen and welcomed back Glynn Nicholas, Michael Moore, Ray Hurd and Brian Prime.

PSC Three Sisters Golf

With beautiful weather prevailing and the course in good condition, scores came tumbling down. Rod Perrin, who normally is near the bottom, finally found his game and pounded the rest of the field with a terrific score of 46 points. Rod has never shot that well and shot the game of his life. He could be seen grinning ear to ear at Caddy Shack Two as he celebrated his win with a few beers.

Rod Perrin (right) won this week’s bragging rights, whilst Tully continued to flirt with the bottom of the pit.

Last week’s winner was Doug Douglas and he only scored 40 points. The second place this week scored 41 points but it was not good enough for the win. Trevor Carnahof thought he had a chance until Rod’s card arrived at the scene. Although it was a disappointment, Trevor can still be proud of his score. Last week Trevor scored 38 points and tied for third position, maybe next week he can take the honors.

Following close behind was Derek Brook and Ray Spurling with 39 points each. Derek is always near the top but Ray has done a remarkable job of improving his game over the six months. Ray held the bag many times but is now looking for his first win.

For two weeks in a row Tully has flirted with the bottom of the pit. He actually fell in last week with 19 points and was saved this week by Bruce McAdam with 21 points. The low score this week was higher than the previous weeks. It seems that the golfers at the bottom are improving and getting their games together. Well, lets hope that the bottom keeps changing as the golfing improves.

Tough times at Khao Kheow

IPGC Pattaya Golf Society at the Bunker

On Tuesday, January 20 a large group of Bunker Boys took the road to the beautiful Khao Kheow golf course for their weekly medal tournament on a hot and fine day. The group should have included one more player but turning up five minutes before departure, with a plastic bag and four clubs does not signal a serious intent for golf!

The cut was made at eighteen and under and the stage for the drama was the B and C nines, apparently the easiest combination!

Division two saw the usual high scores as a result of indiscretions at the “island” eighth hole and Sunny Ruthsip showed some return to form with his net 83 taking third place, Dickie Barbe’s net 81 taking second, and the returning Bill Cook recording his best ever score in Thailand, winning the flight with a net 77.

Division one golfers had a little more success and Harry Cowling managed a net 77 to take third place. One shot better was PJ Redmond and his thoughtful net 76 was the only real challenge to Keith Smithson, whose gross 74 gave him net 73 off his IPGC handicap. It was a fine round of golf in any circumstances.

There were three shares of the Bunker Super Sawng award and they went to Keith Smithson, Tom Bray and Uwe Schr๖der, for whom it was his swansong round before leaving for his native Berlin.

The rash of high scores gave Mr. Loy a headache in deciding the recipient of the Bunker Banana Booby prize but John Preddy’s net 97 stood out like his beloved Arsenal’s lead in the English Premiership. But, at the end of the day, it was the course that had won. Khao Kheow is always a harsh challenge and a good score there remains a lasting memory.

Remy is Top Gun at Eastern Star

Another large group of Bunker Boys gathered at the revamped course at Eastern Star on Thursday, January 22, for a Stableford round, to be played out under heavy skies, threatening rain and the wrath of Royal Thai Air Force. A crowded course saw them revving their engines for thirty minutes beyond their allocated start time but eventually all got safely underway.

The day threw up few surprises and division two played itself out with newcomer Sunny Khanna firing 34 points in his second Bunker tourney to take third place, one shot behind runner-up Alan Turbill. It was left to Patrick Murphy to break par and scoop the flight with a score of 38 points.

In the top flight Mikael Andersson, PJ Redmond and local golfer Paul Butler dueled for third place with their 36 points, whilst John Hughes nosed ahead of them with his 37 points.

As pairs of F4’s scored the skies it was left to Belgium’s “Top Gun”, Remy Guy, to soar high over the field with a supersonic score of 41 points, which included two miraculously accurate bunker shots. Belgian chips are very tasty indeed!

Keith Smithson managed to emulate this feat with his birdie two to take the Bunker Super Sawng award and Remy’s playing partner, Wilf Latham, had to play the role of batman to the ace, bringing up the rear with his score of 19. For him his first Bunker Banana Booby award.

Quote of the day came from Mr. Loy at the presentation: “Remy must have played well!” Didn’t he just.

P.S.C. Golf from the Cafe Kronborg

Monday January 19
Eastern Star Country Club and Resort

The much-improved Eastern Star layout was host to a Stableford competition in two flights, A flight 0 to 19, and B flight 20 and above.

Jeff Wylie

The new management has striven to keep the course in fine condition relative to what it was a year ago, making it now very popular even on weekdays, as the total for the day was one hundred and seventy three players, but all moved on the course in a timely manner.

Aussie Jeff Wylie took the A flight with 39 points, Steindar Eidasson and Kevin Dunne second and third with 36 points and Einar Johansson fourth with 35 points.

Cees Bosman

Cees Bosman, recovering quickly from a crook shoulder, took the B flight with 38 points, Kenny Chung second with 37 points and Pete Galle and John Swanson third and fourth with 35 points.

Near pins: #3 Kevin Dunne, #6 Jeff Wylie, #13 Pete Galle, and #17 Jeff Wylie.

Long putts: #9 Brian Blackford and #18 Ted Morris.

Thursday January 22
Noble Place

One of the things I have to buy is a camera with a faster shutter speed if I want to catch some of the more exciting and newsworthy items, and on Thursday I nearly missed the picture of the year when on entering the changing room I spotted Aussie Barry Kerr with a smart shirt on and with a towel in his hand. This historic picture was nearly spoiled by the quick ducking by Barry, keen to maintain his dis-reputation, and I apologise if the picture is a trifle blurred.

Barry ... caught at last

After this, the day as a whole had to be a disappointment, with the drive up there being surprisingly quiet, the course being in good condition, the rate of play good and the weather fine, and we had the same old winners, myself and Kriss Helgason. Makes you wonder what the world is coming to, and thankful to the real gentlemen and sports of the game, such as Barry.

So the winner of the A flight, 0 to 18, was Derek Brook with a net 68, ahead in an exciting count back over in second Ebrahim. The count back went to the 18th hole before a par finally beat a bogie. In third, close behind, was Johan Reynissan with net 69.

Derek Brook

In the B flight, 19 upwards, we had a clear winner when Kriss Helgason won with a fine net 67 ahead of a count back for second on net 71 won by Cees Bosman with Harald Gruber in third.

The food afterwards was fine and cheap and I do not think the day complete without mentioning the fine rates. Two green fees, two caddy fees and a cart for 1100 baht, and that is value.

Near pins: #A2 Stephen Peters, #A6 Stephan Peters, #B2 Derek Brook and #B5 Ebrahim.

Long putts: #A9 Harald Gruber and #B9 Werner Strub.

Joe Mooneyham is Golden for 2003

IPGC Golf from Lewiinski’s

As those of you readers who play out of the Lewiinski’s Golf Society or read this column with some regularity know, the Gold Medal competition, usually held in January, pits the Monthly Medal qualifiers for the prior year in an 18 hole medal match for the ultimate honor.

Joe Mooneyham (right) receives the Golden Tanker for winning the 2003Gold Medal, from Steve Donovan.

This year the 2003 Gold Medal Match fielded 11 of the prior year’s 13 qualifiers (ties with the Monthly Winner qualify as well), an amazing percentage given the varied schedules of our visitors.

Evidencing the pressure of the day, the winner, Joe Mooneyham, was the only qualifier to match his handicap at gross 85, net 72. It should be noted that Joe had been battling a case of the sh*nks and thanks to work with local pros Ian Ashenden and Richard Livingston, was able to “string and glue” a game together to take the Golden Tanker.

Somebody get Koehler off the podium!

IPGC Golf from Lewiinski’s

Sunday January 18
St Andrews 2000 White Tee

1st Place A Flight, Brian Holden, 36 points

2nd Place A Flight, Gordon Kerr, 35 points

3rd Place A Flight, Doug Hollingsworth, 34 points

1st Place B Flight, Sean O’Connor, 38 points

2nd Place B Flight, Roger Koehler, 35 points

3rd Place B Flight, Kyle Williams, 34 points

Near Pins: #2 John Emmerson, #10 Gordon Kerr, #17 Chuck Carriere

Sean O’Connor was the only player to better his handicap as his 38 points was three clear in B Flight. The first pay window appearance of the week was notched by our title boy, Roger Koehler, as he came in second in B. Kyle William, whose name seems to be omnipresent in the standings, took the last rung in the junior flight. Brian Holden doesn’t do anything overly dramatic on the course but that notwithstanding he regularly makes his presence felt during his frequent visits from Chiang Mai. Today was no exception as he made his even to handicap 36 points stand up in the A flight. Gordon Kerr and Doug Hollingsworth were but one and two strokes back, respectively. Golf manager John Emmerson won the big prize of the day when he hit the near pin on No. 2 that was graciously sponsored by Simon Kendall.

Monday, January 19
Khao Kheow - B & C, White Tees

1st Place A Flight, Nora Haugsjordet, 36 points

2nd Place A Flight, John Emmerson, 34 points

3rd Place A Flight, Bob Patterson, 34 points

1st Place B Flight, Roger Koehler, 36 points

2nd Place B Flight, Norm Robinson, 34 points

3rd Place B Flight, Ken Kutzing, 32 points

Near pins: #B8 Joe Smiley; #C8 Barry Foley

Roger Koehler, obviously unsatisfied with yesterday’s second, decided to put the pedal down on the B and C course designed by the Dye Company. His effort was rewarded with first place in the second flight. His B flight podium mates were Norm Robinson and Kenny Kutzing, as they took second and third respectively. Nora Haugsjordet signaled that there might be good things ahead in the week’s end PSC Charity Classic, as she took the top prize in A flight. Two back and separated by only a count back were consistent victors John Emmerson and Bob Patterson.

Wednesday, January 21
Green Valley, White Tees
2-Man Better Ball, Stroke/Medal

1st Place, Jim Munns/Ken Kutzing- net 60

2nd Place, Roger Koehler/Jeff Johnson, net 62

3rd Place, David Dines/Kyle Williams, net 64

Near Pins: #3 Phil Utting; #13 Ian Ahsenden

Because Sunday’s fixture was forced to move to neighboring St. Andrews 2000, due to a large tournament, the Lewiinski’s Golf Society used the opportunity to have a rare mid-week run at their home course. To add a little spice players signed up in pairs and played better ball medal play. Jim Munns and Kenny Kutzing were the team that “ham and egged it” the best going two shots clear at net 60. Roger Koehler persevered for the third time in as many outing as he carried his mate, Jeff Johnson, up to the second step on the victory podium. David Dines and consistent Kyle Williams rounded out he winners.

Friday, January 23
Burapha - C & D - Blue Tees

1st Place A Flight, George Jackson- net 70

2nd Place A Flight, Bob Patterson, net 71

3rd Place A Flight, John Emmerson- net 72

1st Place B Flight, Graham Buckingham, net 68

2nd Place B Flight - Colm Mullen, net 70

3rd Place B Flight, Colin Davis, net 70

Near pins: #C5 Tony Dixon; #D8 Graham Buckingham

Finally, on Friday, the field found a way to keep Roger Koehler off the podium ... have him take a day off. George Jackson’s net 70 with two 9s on the card, one of them on a par three, was good enough for the top rung in A flight! Colm Mullen’s and the poor Ol’ Donkey’s 70s didn’t prove to be as stout as George’s, however, as they fell to a count back behind the best score on the day, Graham Buckingham’s 68. Bob Patterson and John Emmerson were in file behind George in one stroke increments with the latter edging Gary Blackburne on count back.

PSC Golf from Bobby Joe’s 60s Bar

After breakfast we set out from Bobby Joe’s with a smaller crowd due to the PSC charity classic. We arrived at Treasure Hill and had a fine round of golf.

Bobby Joe (back left) presents to Max Matthews, Alan Lord, Frank Sinclair and Bob Noble.

Frank Sinclair had the best game and was driving straight down the middle on every hole to win the competition. Frank also won prizes for nearest the pin and longest first putt.

Bob Noble had a magnificent eagle on the third hole par 4 sinking from 160 yards. He also won a longest first putt.

Bob Lawrence looked like he was in a mud wrestling contest after some unlucky shots. Max Matthews took the second nearest the pin while Alan Lord won a lucky draw.

Bobby Joe had the Webber fired up on our return for some of his memorable hamburgers with some of the coldest beer in town. With presentations over quickly we settled down to some more cold beer.

The Square Ring

 by Howie Reed

Here’s a little more that proves “The Square Ring is #1 in the world.” From a reader in San Francisco, California: “Azuma Nelson (39-52)? I don’t think that’s the record. If so how the hell did this guy get in the Hall of Fame? arif.” Good point. The record should have been 39-5-2. Missed one of those “-” deals. Bummer and sorry about that.

Another typo that was brought to my attention by a reader. “Always a pleasure to read your column but I would be remiss if I didn’t bring it to your attention that Paul Briggs is not undefeated. He has lost one fight. Please don’t mention my name.” Rest assured Ed that I would never mention your name. The “person” is correct. Paul Briggs after winning his first against Ronald Doo (32-8-1) just a scant two and a half years later he lost his second fight to Larl Zada (5-1) at the Stafford Tavern in Brisbane. Briggs record should be 21-1.

The “Viva Espana” guys didn’t have long to celebrate the WBO light heavyweight championship reign of Julio Cesar Gonzalez (35-2). Fact is they had about three months as Gonzalez lost to Zsolt Erdei (19-0) over 12 rounds in Karlsruhe Germany. Was it close? Not even. The judges saw it 118-110 twice and 117-111. Up until this fight the challenger’s claim to fame was that he and former champ Dariusz Michalczewski were stalemates.

There were 5,000 spectators in Karlsruhe to watch Zsolt Erdei the hometown lad triumph. Like Gonzalez, Erdei is a former Olympian. He joins Istvan Kovacs as only the second Hungarian to capture a world title. “I expected to win but I knew this was going to be a hard piece of work,” said Erdei. “Julio is skillful and a great fighter. I did everything I had to do and I subordinated my entire life to this goal of mine. I’m very happy now”. If you’re happy, I’m happy. Let’s toast the new champ with a couple of dozen cervezas.

Promoter Songchai Ratanasuban is presenting a 72 kg Muaythai tournament on March 4 in the Bec Tero Hall in Bangkok. The total prize money is reported to be 1 million baht. “There are very skillful and qualified boxers all over the world joining my gala, winner will get a trophy from royal family and a prestigious world Muaythai belt to guarantee the invincible greatness and also certificate.” That is what the man said. The rules of the tournament are slightly more complicated than Chinese arithmetic but if you have a Muaythai 72 kg fighter or know one or even a drunken tourist you might like to contact the promoter by telephone 662-6185314-6, by fax 662-2713981, by mobile 6618370300 or at www. How about them apples?

One of the most contentious divisions in boxing is found at bantamweight. Thailand’s Veeraphol Nakhornluang (41-1) the WBC champ along with Rafael Marquez (30-3) the WBA Champ and Johnny Bredahl (54-2) the IBF titleholder are the three best. Here’s where the rating organization people raise their ugly heads. These three will never meet. What makes it worse is that at lower weights fighters from one ranking organization, at any level, don’t fight. The marquee names world wide are Bredahl (Denmark) and Marquez (Mexico) that puts Veeraphol scrambling for “quality opponents.” His management doesn’t look to darn hard either. His 12th defense of his title comes on March 6 in Saitama, Japan when he’ll face Toshiaki Nishioka (23-3-3) for the 4th time in 4 years. Heck, they ought to travel together to save expenses. In the three other meetings Veerphol has a win (2000 unanimous decision) with a pair of draws in 2001 and 2003. The scoring of the last draw was highly creative. 116-112 (Veeraphol) 114-113 (Nishioka), 114-114. This will be their fourth fight in Japan. They keep getting closer. Eventually the judges will get it right.

Boxing is a dangerous game. Like car racing and bull fighting, part of the allure is the danger for the contestants. When a fatality occurs in the ring the sport and its fan morn. Yet another fighter has died in Indonesia of the injuries he received in the ring. Antonius Moses Seram (reportedly 14-0-1) died six days after being KO’d by Thailand’s Kaichon Sor Vorapin whose 3-7 record would not have suggested a KO win. Vorapin’s two wins came against fighters that had never won a fight. That then begs the question, “What type of medical tests do they perform in Indonesia?” The answer is “Damn little.”

In December of 2000 the WBC refused to take any “real” action against the “ruling boxing clique” in that country. WBC President Dr. Jose’ Suliaman made a nice speech, slapped the organization’s hands but refused to do anything that would actually protect fighters in the country. Medical people from the country were refused the chance to speak.

This death is a blot on boxing, the country of Indonesia where life and death means little to greedy promoters and should be placed at the doorstep of the WBC for turning a blind eye to a serious situation.

If you though February 8 was going to bring some boxing from Moscow and Las Vegas on the “radio with pictures that fly through the air”, not going to happen. Kostya Tszyu hurt his shoulder forcing a postponement of his fight with Sharmbra Mitchell from Moscow. Now the other half of that card, James “Lights On but the House is Empty” Toney tore his Achilles tendon so scrap his contest with Jameel “The Big Dummy” McCline. Toney was operated on last Saturday. A full recovery is expected.

In the meantime Mitchell had been matched with Lovemore N’dou (pronounced “Love More.... U Do?”, the Damsels lament) as part of a double dipper that now has only one dip. That fight will probably be scrapped also. Heck of a deal.

Dollhouse Team miss-starts in Bangkok League

Dirk Brijs
Captain, Dollhouse team

On Saturday Jan 24, it became clear where the weak point is in Pattaya’s Dollhouse softball team. They started off with high hopes against 5-time champions Tilac; however, it soon became clear where the Dollhouse’s weaknesses are situated: no offense. The defense kept up pretty well against Tilac’s big bats, and big means really big, as in the first game 5 balls were send way out of the park. Not a lot even the best defense can do against that. One light point, though, as first baseman Tanatouch did hit one out of the park for Dollhouse.

Pattaya’s Dollhouse softball team stumbled a bit in their first game of the season, but have high hopes for better outcomes in the future.

Slow pitch softball still is an offensive sport and we were outclassed and out hit by the champions. Except for that one HR, we weren’t able to throw anything at Tilac. First game was lost 18-3 and we knew right away where our place was in the league. Let’s hope we can keep it for the rest of the season up there right behind Tilac.

The second game started off promising, though, as the first few innings we managed to get some runs on the board and it was 2-2 after one inning, 8-4 after 2 innings, and 10-5 after 3, which looked at least a little respectable after our first game performance. But then as sudden as they came, the bats fell away again and Tilac kept rolling. After 7 innings Tilac won the game 17-5.

As this was our first game and the team was a little shorthanded with some of our star players playing in a baseball tournament elsewhere, I still saw a lot of good points in our team and am very confident for future games.

Our next game will be a test again, though, as we will be playing the Local RBSC team (finished 3rd last season) on their home turf. The double-header will be played on Sunday, February 8, starting the first game at 3 p.m.

I would like to shine some spotlight on a few very good personal performances in our team though. Going out to our 3B David Mills who went 3 for 5 with 1 double, 2 singles and 2 RBI. Also to Tantouch who hit a HR and had 3 RBI. Top 3 hitters of the team were Mong Teerathiti who hit .667, David Mills who went .600 and Young Hadjidulah who hit .500.

Bangkok United win again, Scans ease in to second, Parrott jeered

MBMG International Casuals League - Week 8

It was an action packed weekend in the MGMB International league. Surprise leaders Bangkok United notched up another win, beating SCI Gecko and, in the clash of second versus third, the Scans ran out winners against Shrewsbury in a close 2-1 victory. The Scans have now won their first five games of the season and with a game in hand over leaders Bangkok United look certain title favorites. Inspirational captain, Jacob Longboat said, “I think if we can continue the merciless plundering of defenses, we’ll be hard to defeat.”

British Club captain, Vaughan Elias holds the line against Dubliner Corner.

Elsewhere, 2002 champions, The Mighty Dubliner, look to be in some trouble with their two big summer signings misfiring. Brought in for a massive financial outlay, Nicholas Smart and James Parrot have so far only returned a meagre four goals tally between them. After a shaky 2-0 win against the lively British Club, angry Mighty Dubliner fans booed the team off with Parrott receiving the worst of the abuse with a group of fans waving a stuffed donkey and chanting ‘Hee Haw’ at the hapless forward.

In tense press conference after the game, Robbo, the team’s legendary manager said defiantly, “I believe in class and Smart oozes class. The boy was living with his mum not three weeks ago, he needs time to adjust, but believe me, the boy will come good. As for Parrott, I know the fans think he’s a donkey, but they need to get off his back and stop whipping up trouble.”

Racing Club Pattaya rebounded after last week’s crushing defeat to the Scans with a good win over Pattana, rumours abounding that Taylor, the Pattaya manager, may be about to take advantage of the transfer window and bring in some fresh blood. His team rose above the mediocrity they have so far shown this season to chalk up a dominant 3-0 victory, though this apparently had something to do with the opposition, Pattana not showing up!

Meanwhile, the Bullshead continued their recent run of form with a 1-0 win against the German All Stars.

Results - Week 8

Les Gaulois de Bangkok 5 - 2 Bangkok Blitz

Racing Club Pattaya 3 - 0 Pattana

The Dubliner 2 - 0 British Club Casuals

Bangkok United 4 - 2 SCI Gecko FC

German All Stars 0 - 1 Bulls Head Brazilians

AFC Shrewsbury 1 - 2 Scandinavian Vikings

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