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Over 4000 children attend Eastern Region Education & Thai Music Festival Day

Pattaya Sports Club helps Ban Pong Saked School move into the digital age

Amari staff and guests bring joy, and lunch, to underprivileged students

Over 4000 children attend Eastern Region Education & Thai Music Festival Day

A tribute to HM Queen Sirikit’s 6th cycle birthday in August this year

Suchada Tupchai

A grand array of activities took place on the beachfront last Friday as part of the Eastern Region Education & Thai Music Festival Day.

Deputy Mayor Wattana Jantawaranont said during the opening, “Today’s activities are also part of this year’s preparations for HM Queen Sirikit’s 6th cycle birthday celebrations scheduled for later this year. There are over 4000 children from 45 schools in the Eastern Region participating. This is the largest event on the Eastern Seaboard.”

In his opening address Mayor Pairat welcomed participants and visitors to the event and thanked government and private enterprise for supporting the youth. “A special thank you goes to the Diana Group, Rotary Club of Jomtien-Pattaya, Pattaya International Musicians Club and the Pattaya Mail and Pattaya Blatt for their tireless work and generous sponsorship. They have not only provided great support for this event but have been the cornerstones for promoting Pattaya’s image to the nation,” the mayor said.

After the formalities, 1,280 children playing over 130 types of Thai classical musical instruments began a beautiful symphony of Thai music as part of the morning’s activities which drew a great deal of interest from residents, tourists and passersby.

Music filled the air and the beachfront, from Soi 5 down to Central Pattaya Road, was a beehive of activity as students placed their hand made projects on display including recycled products, scented candles, batik and booths featuring Thai massage, local cuisine and refreshments.

Melodious tunes rang out through the day until late afternoon, entertaining streams of visitors and fellow students. The event was considered a huge success for Thai education and music, the children of Pattaya and, indeed, the entire eastern region.

1280 students from Pattaya’s 10 Schools and primary schools in Chonburi simultaneously played over 130 different instruments on Pattaya Beach during the Regional Education and Thai Music Festival day as their tribute to HM Queen Sirikit’s 72nd Birthday later this year.

Students from Pattaya School 5, runners up in the Somtam competition  selling some their popular hot and spicy Thai papaya salad.

Students from Pattaya School 8 perform the beautiful traditional Thai dance of Rum Uayporn (Dance of blessings) in front of a huge portrait of HM the Queen.

President Pratheep Malhotra (right), PP Alvi Sinthuvanik (left) PP Erika Keller (2nd left) of the Rotary Club of Jomtien-Pattaya, PILC President Sandy Langford (2nd right) with children of the Interact club of Banglamung School at the Rotary/PILC booth.

Phanat Nikom students display their talent in weaving straw products, which is a major part of their livelihood in that region.

Chachoengsao students showed of their beautiful batik creations.

Future entrepreneurs, Pattaya School 1 children handing Thai herbal remedies beneficial to both mind and body.

Not to be missed, Sriracha students displayed their musical talents playing ‘bamboolins’. (String instrument made of bamboo)

Fruit bearing sampans made from bamboo and natural substances were on display and the children did a brisk business selling them.

Pattaya Sports Club helps Ban Pong Saked School move into the digital age

Brendan Richards

The Ban Pong Saked School in the rural district of Khao Mai Kaew recently stepped into the digital age with a brand-new, fully fledged computer room provided by the Pattaya Sports Club (PSC).

The school educates 297 children from kindergarten up to Mor 3 (third year of High School or Grade 9) and was the beneficiary of one of the PSC’s many educational projects. Charity chairman Bernie Tuppin, and club secretary George Bennison both paid a visit to the school for the official handover of the new facility.

Bernie Tuppin, PSC charity chairman is presented with the official documentation for the new computer room project at the Pong Saked School, Khao Mai Kaew by Suthep Chittayaong, director of the educational office Chonburi region 3.

Teachers and students lined up to thank their benefactors for providing such a valuable resource. Suthep Chittayawong, director of the Educational Office Region 3 Chonburi thanked the Pattaya Sports Club for the generous contribution, saying it will definitely be put to good use and will afford the children better educational opportunities.

Students at work while benefactors and education officials watch their progress.

Computer teacher, Suchada said that currently students in year M1 and M2 are involved in the curriculum. An Internet connection has just been established but is currently used for official communication with a view to introduce the students to the information superhighway in the future.

Students involved in the program were happy that they can now learn more about computers and their use in day-to-day learning activities.

Bernie Tuppin explained, “For this particular project we (the PSC) funded the purchase of five computers and their peripherals, eleven computer desks and built the partition in what was once was an open area.”

“We try and seek community involvement wherever possible, and as in this case, the computer project will contribute greatly to the students’ education. The Pattaya Sports Club is doing a great job in the community and I feel privileged to help the children,” Bernie said.

Bernie added that when the regional education office approaches him, he investigates the case to see if the need is real and then works out the finer details with the principal and the executive committee.

“We really try to make the baht go further and make sure that money is not wasted,” said Bernie.

In the regional educational system Bernie liaises with Mayuree Yanpayaom, secretary to the director of the Educational Office Region 3 Chonburi.

“The Educational Office has 148 schools in Sriracha, Banglamung, and Sattahip. The Pattaya Sports Club has helped this school previously by providing sporting equipment, and now this computer project,” said Mayuree.

Bernie added, “We intend to inject around 600,000 baht into regional education this year. We provide scholarships and daily lunch programs, both in association with the YWCA and special projects like this. I think it’s important to focus on education, particularly at the elementary level, so the future of society can benefit in the long term. More projects by the Pattaya Sports Club are planned through the year, with the next being a major renovation of a local school, but more on that later.”

Each school receives an annual budget of approximately 1,100 baht per child in elementary levels and 1,800 baht per head annually for secondary students. The funds are used to purchase educational equipment and other necessities, leaving little left to improve the quality of education. It is only through the activities of charity organizations such as the Pattaya Sports Club that these children are able to look forward to a brighter future, academically and in the sporting world through donations of sports equipment.

Amari staff and guests bring joy, and lunch, to underprivileged students

The management, staff and guests of the Amari Orchid Resort, led by general manager Dominik Stamm, recently held a special buffet lunch for the kids at Ban Khao Chichan School and donated school stationary, learning tools, school uniforms, and other useful items.

Amari Orchid Resort GM Dominik Stamm (background right) with the management team and children from the Ban Khao Chichan School.

Little things bring joy into a child’s heart.