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Pattaya Sports Club Bowling celebrates end of season 2002

Weakened Pattaya Softball Team stuns in Bangkok one pitch tournament

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go

YMCA Pattaya organizes charity-bowl for the HRH Princess Sirindhorn Cup

Big upsets this week

Another finds its way from pier to pan

Fitness Tips

Mickey Mouse Darts League

Pattaya Sports Club Thursday Night Darts

Barry Winton takes the gold medal for 2002

Diana Group Golf

Early to bed and early to rise does make a golfer wealthy and wise...

PSC Golf from the 60s Bar

PSC Golf from the Three Sisters

PSC Golf from the Cafe Kronborg

The Square Ring

MBMG International League Week 8

What a load of Cobblers


Pattaya Sports Club Bowling celebrates end of season 2002

Pattaya Sports Club Bowling Section held another one of their famous end-of-season parties at the Mai Kai Supper Club on Tuesday, January 14. Already three weeks into the new season, the festive group of bowlers and their partners joined in for yet another round of food and drinks which included 2002’s prize giving for the season’s top achievers.

PSC Bowling winners and their trophies.

La Montgomery, former PSC bowling chairperson led her team of Jon, Tui and Tukata into the top spot of the season, taking home the winners’ trophies. Current bowling chairman and husband Jim Montgomery and his team of Pin, Peter and Lek were next up in second place, while Tony, Tue, Lada and Porn rolled in at third place for the season.

La’s winning team (L to R) Tukata, Tui, La and Jon.

The performance prizes were next on the list with Kran from the Kronborg winning the women’s high game scratch with a 247 and Mai streaming in with the women’s high game handicap with a 256.

Mio Aamlid, still in fine form, again won the women’s high series scratch with 616. Tukata’s 681 won her the women’s high series with handicap.

In the men’s categories, Tony won the men’s high game scratch with a 243. Peter won the men’s high game with handicap with a 244, and Gert took out top spot in men’s high series scratch with a 572.

After the formalities of handing over the trophies the group of enthusiastic bowlers went back to the more important things such as eating, drinking and enjoying each other’s company. The new season is now underway with more exceptional performances expected this year.

Weakened Pattaya Softball Team stuns in Bangkok one pitch tournament

by Dirk

So there we went, with our strong bought and with our strongest hitter sick. Before the tournament even started a rich Bangkok team started to buy away our best players.

The Pattaya Sports Club softball club held their own against Bangkok teams.

Arriving in Bangkok, people threw some eyes at us as we were supposed to be a team to have batting practice against. Our first game was against the mighty Nike team who won this tournament a few times as well as multiple league championships. Needless to say we were swept of the field. I won’t bother you with the score but I can tell you it was a lot against 2.

Everybody in Bangkok started doubting if it was a good idea to invite the Pattaya team at all. But the Pattaya team thought different. Those 2 runs scored against a mighty Bangkok team gave us wings, as to be proven later.

Our next opponent was Global, another Bangkok league regular. Pattaya started of like real pros, running away with a 5-0 lead after 4 innings. Pattaya traditions of courtesy kept in tact, and we made the game a bit exciting by letting Global come back to 5-5 after the top of the 7th inning. But as we started off the game, we finished it off with the game-winning hit by Daryl with 2 outs in the bottom of the 7th. Right away the Pattaya team got the respect it deserved.

The next game was against ABB, which is considered as the new revelation in the Bangkok league after buying away Pattaya’s best. In the top of the first ABB came up big, scoring 2 runs and thinking to shut Pattaya down right away. But yet again the heart of Pattaya started beating as we had a score to settle with this team. Coming right back in the bottom of the 1st, we scored 2 runs ourselves. Alan’s superior pitching in the next inning kept ABB from scoring. But in the top of the third ABB got hot again and scored 2 more runs. Again Pattaya came right back, scoring another 2 runs in the bottom of same inning and tying the game again at 4 all.

Then came the umpire in the game by not calling some illegal pitches made by the ABB pitcher. The fourth inning stayed scoreless. In the fifth inning ABB bats started swinging big, and they scored 3 more runs. As the game clock ticked away, Pattaya had a last chance at bat, starting it off with a quick run scored. Then came the moment for Brett - with runners on first and third with 2 outs and the score at 7-5 to ABB, unfortunately for Pattaya a pitch in the middle of the plate struck him out, ending the nightmare. ABB defeated Pattaya by the final score of 7-5.

Nevertheless Pattaya left the tournament with heads held high and with the intention of building our own league down in Pattaya in the future. This said, we would like to invite all of you interested in joining a team or setting up your own team to get in contact with me at [email protected] or 015754528 for further information on how to join in. With this report I would like to thank all the players who stayed faithful to Pattaya Softball Team and gave it their best in Bangkok. Alan, Nigel, John, Mark, Daryl, Phil, Brett, Joe, Scott, Dave, Rhys.

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go

IPGC Pattaya Golf Society at the Bunker

What a predicament! Imagine this scenario: You are organising a quiet visit of about 25 people to play the relatively easy local course at Phoenix. Your two regular helpers are not there on Tuesday, 14th January, as they are playing another course. One or two strange faces arrive but you are not too concerned. Then more, then more... Writer’s cramp sets in after the fortieth name and still they keep arriving. The fiftieth golfer arrives one minute before departure and now you have all the transport logistics to solve. Eventually you manage to get everyone to the course but now you have the dilemma of getting everyone to tee-off from the same tees. In the distance Wat Yai’s Lord Buddha has a glint in his eye and you even accomplish this! Surely now you can concentrate on your golf? Well, yes, but you are playing with someone who shoots a gross of 135! There were winners and losers, of course, but the day’s true star was Mr. Loy.


Division One: 1. Kevin Smith net 67; 2. Bert Guy net 69; 3. Bill Hewitt net 70.

Division Two: 1. Kevin Sheppard and Norm Robinson net 69; 3. George Holroyd net 70.

Super Sawng Award: Shared by Ed Trayling, Kevin Smith (2), Bert Guy, Harry Riley, Harry Cowling and Keith Hector.

Banana Booby: Jeff Jones.

Helgarson and Griffin hit the top at Century

On Friday, 17th January, Century Chonburi was the course chosen by the Bunker Boys for their first official Stableford tournament of the year. Thirty-eight travel weary souls stretched their way unto the basic clubhouse and prepared themselves for the fray. The course is always well tended and looked good for this time of the year.

In division one Kristian Helgarson held off all challengers to post a fine score of 39 points, with Belgium’s Bert Remy challenging with his 36 and Ronnie Rayner taking the other minor place with his 34 points.

In division two Neil Griffin shook off the effects of a long night to fire his best round for a while and his tally of 39 points was too good for Mikael Andersson, 36, and Mal Spence’s 33.

Sadly Gerhardt Schulze’s score of 33 was not good enough to be considered, neither was it scored at the same “Century” course! His reckless navigation was to earn him the Bunker Banana Booby later at the Bunker.

Three players shot birdie twos and earned a share of the Bunker Super Sawng award, namely Michael Dige (two), Wilf Latham and Johann Reynisson. So did Martin Davis who, once again, had not bought a ticket for the show and had to watch the presentation from the sidelines.

YMCA Pattaya organizes charity-bowl for the HRH Princess Sirindhorn Cup

Proceeds to go to SOS Rice Project

Nittaya Patimasongkroh, president of YWCA Pattaya presided over the association’s monthly meeting at King Seafood Restaurant, Walking Street, South Pattaya on January 7. Preparations were made for the YMCA Pattaya’s charity bowl competition for the coveted HRH Princess Sirindhorn Cup, which will be held on March 15 at PS Bowling Pattaya form 9.30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The initiative aims to raise money for lunches and educational support of underprivileged students, anti-drug projects in Pattaya, and for healthcare for Pattaya’s stray animals.

Nittaya Patimasongkroh (centre right), president of the YWCA Bangkok-Pattaya Branch and YWCA members present 120 bags of rice and other needy items to Sanga Kijsamrej, president of the SOS Rice project.

YWCA later received 120 bags of rice and gift buckets from Sanga Kijsamret, president of SOS Rice Project, in front of SK. Pattaya Construction, South Pattaya, to be given to those in need. The rice was donated to the youth correction home in Chonburi.

With the cooperation from associated judges of the Chonburi Family and Youth Department, Rotary Club Taksin, Pattaya, Pattaya Sports Club and other charity organizations, YWCA Pattaya also organized a vocational training session for youngsters at the correction home.

Since January 10 is designated as Thailand’ national Children’s Day, YMCA also catered lunch for 450 students of the Baannongchakngeaw School and presented them with name-brand T-shirts worth 13,300 baht.

Big upsets this week

The Cafe Kronborg Monday Bowling League

On Monday 13, The Cafe Kronborg Monday Bowling League had a day of upsets for the top teams. Tue’s team 3-1, without Tue, managed to beat the league’s top team, Bill’s by 3-1. For Bill’s team, Porn again was the top scorer with a 203 string and 577 series.

Kran’s team won 3-1 against Mio’s, with Kran bowling a 557 series, which was, however, offset by Tukata’s 511 for Mio’s team.

Suraphan’s team achieved a draw against La’s 2-2. Suraphan bowled a 545 series, but La’s 201 game and 543 series, backed by Gert’s 517 series was enough to get the draw.

The turnout was only 22 players, as many were absent due to the flue, but the league hopes to see them all well and back soon. Scoring this week was not quite up to what the league has seen lately, but it was still a fun day.

Another finds its way from pier to pan

Cliff from the Isle of Man, fishing with the Queen Victoria Inn Fishing club proudly displays an 8 kilo Queen fish (and his tan!) hooked near Koh Ling. Check the club notice board in the bar for details of next week’s trip.

Fitness Tips: The holistic approach

Part 2

G’day readers,

Fitness tips this year will be off in all sorts of directions, as you saw last week, and this week we will once again take you even further away from the “Western World’s” popular perception of exercise. Growing diversity in health and fitness programming has been occurring, in particular over the last 5 years for several reasons, the most prevalent two being the public’s need for variety and the fitness industry’s need to serve the clientele thus “make a buck” or make more by finding ways to appeal to a broader range of people.

Looking at these photos, the headstand is where you might progress to after many years of training, but everyone starts out with the simple things you see in the other photo.

Mind / body programmes have been cropping up all over the place to not only appeal to someone looking to take care of their body but to take their minds off the daily grind and to assist in dealing, internally, with the stresses of modern life.

Meditation, Tai Chi, Yoga, Chi Goong, various forms of martial & healing arts and long observed practices are becoming commonplace throughout the entire world.

This week, in the holistic approach part two, we see just how popular Yoga has become.

In-flight yoga

Leading fitness and entertainment brand Crunch Fitness International has joined forces with US-based low-fare airline Jet Blue Airways, to bring passengers ‘Airline Yoga’.

The new program is designed to ‘bring fitness and inner peace to the skies’ without leaving the comfort of your seat. Available in the seatback pocket on all Jet Blue flights the Crunch Fitness Airline Yoga card illustrates four easy-to-assume yoga poses to help make the flight more relaxing.

“One of the best ways to relax is to exercise,” said Howard Brodsky, executive vice president of marketing at Crunch Fitness. “By partnering with Jet Blue to offer in-flight yoga, Crunch is sharing its expertise to help air travellers relax, entertain themselves and improve their overall travel experience.”

Crunch has also installed bright yellow punching bags in the Jet Blue Terminal at JFK airport, New York, sporting humorous taglines such as “Forget where you parked?”, and “Left the iron on?”, encouraging passengers to relieve stress through exercise.

Mind body advised for heart patients

No one would dispute the obvious benefits of mind body exercise in contributing to stress reduction. According to a recent edition of Circulation: A journal of the American Heart Association, high mental stress can lead to limited blood flow in the heart, increasing the risk of death in people suffering from coronary artery disease.

Mental stress causes an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, which increases the body’s demand for oxygen. Researchers from the study recommend that people, healthy or non-healthy, would benefit from participating in mind body programs to reduce stress levels.

Dusit Resort Sports Club, in keeping with the times has started a Yoga programme. For further information please contact us at 038 425611-fitness.

Carpe’ Diem.

Barry Winton takes the gold medal for 2002

IPGC Golf from Lewiinski’s - Orchid

Sunday January 12
Green Valley - White Tees
Stroke - Monthly
Medal - Gold Medal

1st A Flight - Dave Mather - net 67 - Monthly Medal Winner

2nd A Flight - Klaus Schackt - net 69

3rd A Flight - Julian Clarke - net 71

4th A Flight - Hans Collett - net 71

1st B Flight - Steve Sgier - net 72

2nd B Flight - Sean Murphy - net 72

3rd B Flight - Norm Robinson - net 73

4th B Flight - An Kaesavane - net 75

Sunday presented a competition within a competition. The competition in which the whole field participated was the first Monthly Medal of 2003. At the same time 10 worthy souls who qualified in like manner in 2002 played off for the Gold Medal, the champion of the Monthly Medal champions for last year. Eighteen people had qualified for the competition by virtue of being one of the twelve monthly winners plus those that were numerically tied, and lost the medal on count back. Regrettably vagaries in annual vacation schedules, work rotations and a desire to have the event in some proximity to the end of that calendar year all mitigated to make it impossible to have all the qualifiers present. But a field of ten qualifiers certainly provided a robust competition.

If there was any concern that the January Monthly Medal winner would be lost in the shuffle of the Gold Medal, it was quickly allayed by the stellar performance of Dave Mather who matched the fifth lowest net in the three-year history of the Monthly Medal by shooting 67. Dave’s effort broke the hearts of the other three A Flight podium placeholders, all of which bettered their handicap, an effort that has won the Medal on a number of occasions.

Two unfortunate holes for Sean Murphy on the back nine of Green Valley opened the door for Steve Sgier to tie and then prevail on count back for the top spot in B Flight.

Barry Winton, who had only been able to play in one prior Monthly Medal, and qualified in so doing, showed that it was no fluke. Although he had used up the majority of this miserly 5 handicap by the sixth hole, he was able to steady the ship and come good the rest of the way to shoot a Gold Medal winning gross 77, net 72. In so doing Barry joins Ray Ryan and Steve Mascari as the third Gold Medal winner of the Lewiinski’s-Orchid Golf Club. Barry’s capable competition for the Gold was Stan Fry, Joe Mooneyham, Paul Ovens, Jim Boyd, Jim Brackett, Darren Smith, Joe McArdle, Bob Patterson, and George Jackson.

Monday January 13
St. Andrews 2000 - White Tees

1st A Flight - Gerry Cooney - 37 points

2nd A Flight - Klaus Schackt - 36 points

3rd A Flight - Stan Fry - 35 points

1st B Flight - Norm Robinson - 36 points

2nd B Flight - Steve Donovan - 35 points

3rd B Flight - Eddie Blackwell - 32 points

While its published caveat of ‘Golfers with his (sic) handicap over 18 is not recommended” is a bit overstated (and grammatically askew), it is certainly a worthy test of golf and a pleasant addition to the local golf scene. Featuring two par sixes, the first of which is more than a bit numbing, it features many aspects which might be characterized as “American Golf”. It has target driving areas, pedestal green and dramatic topography change. None of that seemed to affect Irish visitor Gerry Cooney who had not seen the course before but still bettered his 8 handicap in garnering 37 points. Two “veterans” of St. Andrews, Klaus Schackt and Stan Fry joined Gerry on the Flight A victory stand.

Stormin’ Norman Robinson, who had shown signs of coming into form last week and with a 3rd on the day before, took B flight honors with a handicap level 36 points. He edged this scribe and new visitor to B Flight Eddie Blackwell. It is a testimony to the strength of the field that Eddie’s 13 handicap was relegated to B flight.

Wednesday January 15
Century Ban Chang - White Tees

1st A Flight - John Emmerson - net 72

2nd A Flight — John Hillier - net 75

3rd A Flight - Muffy Kerr- net 75

4th A Flight - Bob Patterson - net 75

1st B Flight — Norm Robinson - net 69

2nd B Flight - Tarja Kankainen - net 72

3rd B Flight — Joe Smiley - net 73

4th B Flight - Wayne Challis - net 74

Well, I just wrote about Stormin’ Norman, and who should pop up atop B flight for the second Lewiinski’s-Orchid comp running, none other than himself. Norm’s best on the day net 69 gave him a 3 shot victory over the femme fatale of Finland, Tarja Kankainen. Joe Smiley snuck in front of a fading Wayne Challis (directly attributable to lack of buggy) to round out B Flight.

Johnny Emmerson, now having to support his new 10-passenger van, bore down to shoot his handicap and take the top rung of A flight. John Hillier edged the always competitive Muffy Kerr and Bob Patterson on count back to complete the A flight rostrum.

Friday January 17
Noble Place - C & A - White Tees

1st A Flight - Bob Patterson - 38 points

2nd A Flight — Pete Stonebridge - 38 points

3rd A Flight - Barry Tregurtha - 38 points

1st B Flight — Tony Dixon - 37 points

2nd B Flight - Risto Menrus - 37 points

3rd B Flight — Tarja Kankainen - 37 points

The confident, perhaps smug, golf manager was extending his almost heartfelt sympathy to Rick Sharp who had 22 points on the front nine and 38 points overall but fell completely out of the A flight hardware on count back. It was the kind of sympathy that the “haves” have for the “have-nots”. What cares did the golf manager have, knowing that, while he was not first in A flight, his 35 points were firmly in second, having edged John Hillier on count back with only one van load of four B flighters yet to be accounted for? It was well after dark when those last four cards were handed in, but the darkness outside was nothing like the darkness that fell over the golf manager when he read two of those last four scores, “37” and “37”. Suddenly the grandiose plans, which had flowed from those expected winnings, were crumpled, spindled, and shredded. The Fab Finns, Tarja and Risto, as they had last week, both came good at Noble Place and, in doing so, didn’t just nudge the golf manager to a less lucrative pay window, but rather to the unemployment line, just behind the aforementioned Rick Sharp ... and there was no one to offer sympathy.

Congrats to Bob Patterson and to Tony Dixon for the count back victories in A flight and B flight, respectively, the latter having to go to the fourth level of count back, the final three holes, to do so.

Diana Group Golf

Seniors & Ladies January Open

The next tournament, exclusively for Seniors (50-64), Super Seniors (65+) & Ladies (any age) will be held at Pattaya Country Club on Thursday January 30.


* Booked tee-off times from 10 a.m.

* Format: Stableford (handicap qualifying)

* Transport leaves Diana Inn, 9 a.m. (B.100 return fare)

* Prize presentation & buffet at the Green Bottle 6 p.m.

* Trophy and prize for best score in each division

* Prize for runner-up in each division

* Technical hole prizes for near pins & long putts

* Sign-up at:

* The Green Bottle or

* Diana Group Driving Range

All Seniors, Super Seniors and Ladies welcome

Early to bed and early to rise does make a golfer wealthy and wise...

IPGC TAGGS Golf from The Haven

Monday January 13
Eastern Star

1st Division

1st: Allan Hanlon, 36 points

2nd: Stephen Beard, 34

3rd: Jeff McLaury, 33

2nd Division

1st: John Mabry, 37 cb9 22

2nd: Malcolm Clare, 37 cb9 19

3rd: Mo Bertrand, 34

After a hiatus of a few months, The Haven golfers returned to the Robert Trent Jones Junior designed course at Eastern Star to see how the renovations were progressing. They were not disappointed with the general condition of the fairways, bunkers and surrounds, but the greens were still very marginal although they were playing as fast as any in the area.

Allan Hanlon in the first division and John Mabry in the second took their first trophies in Thailand just before their departures back to their homelands.

The usual suspects took up the minor placings in both divisions, with Malcolm Clare edging out Mo Bertrand with a very good back nine and “The Doc” just getting the Better of Jeff McLaury.

The twos were shared between Rick Bevington and Stephen Beard.

Prior to the prize giving Richard Livingston, the resident PGA Professional, welcomed back John Mabry from the USA, Dave Spendley, Jean and Les Utting from England, Mike Dabanovich from Saudi Arabia and Vance Millar from Canada.

January 15
Pattaya Country Club
Stroke Play

1st Division

1st: Michael Dige, 70 cb9 31.5

2nd: Dave Stockman, 70 cb9 33

3rd: Arthur Hancock, 71 cb9 30

4th: Jens Gunnarsson, 71 cb9 36.5

2nd Division

1st: Mo Bertrand, 71

2nd: Malcolm Clare, 75

3rd: Mick Spear, 76 cb9 38

4th: Paul Taylor, 76 cb9 38.5

5th: Rick Bevington, 76 cb9 40.5

Michael Dige, playing his usual steady golf, took the honours in the first division from Dave Stockman by virtue of a gross 34 on the back nine even though he played the course starting from the tenth tee due to the large number of contestants on the day. He was in fact 4 four under gross before giving two back on the last two holes. Arthur Hancock also played an outstanding back nine of level par to secure the count back for third place from Jens Gunnarsson.

The second division was far more widespread with many of the players finding the greens a little too quick for their liking.

The twos were shared between Peter Emslie, Jens Gunnarsson and Arthur Hancock.

Back at The Haven Richard welcomed new members Martin Reed, Steve Mathews and Colin Hardman, all from England. He then welcomed back Simon Irvine from Scotland and The Schakt family, Klaus, Lars and Oradee all from Norway.

Friday January 17
Noble Place

1st: Patrick Scullion, 6 up

2nd: Eero Kallinen, 5 up

3rd: David Spendley, all square cb9 a/s

4th: Mick Spear, all square cb9 1 down

5th: Doug Hollingsworth, 1 down cb9 1 down

6th: Malcolm Clare, 1 down cb9 3 down, cb6 2 down

7th: Peter Emslie, 1 down cb9 3 down, cb6 3 down

Having spent a difficult holiday trying to come to terms with the various golf courses following prior night activities, Patrick Scullion at last learnt that “early to bed and early to rise does make a golfer wealthy and wise” (sic).

Playing the A and C courses of the Peter W. Thompson designed course and having to suffer from an extraordinary long round due the number of other people trying to tame the beast, Patrick astounded his playing partners with a quality of golf shots seldom seen before. His six up against “Old Man Par” was good enough to see off Eero Kallinen, who must count himself unlucky to have found himself second with such a good round as five under. The rest of the prize winners were to be found several shots back all suffering from fatigue.

The twos were shared between Mike Dabanovich and Patrick Scullion.

Before the prize giving, Richard welcomed new member Keith Bardsley from England.

PSC Golf from the 60s Bar

Friday Jan 17
Pattaya Country Club

All the reports from the 60’s bar seem to start the same way, “After the free breakfast we started out on the bus only to get lost on the way there and go via the scenic route”. Well not this time my boyos, this time I leapt in the front seat and took us directly there by the quickest route and arrived at Pattaya Country Club without delay. We then all booked in very efficiently and all got changed. Easy this, no sweat, out to get the clubs and on to the first tee with the largest group of golfers to ever play with the 60s Bar.


I didn’t like ribs said Mr Pearce.

This was the first inkling of a tiny problem. On walking down the line of clubs and caddies, no clubs, and I knew I had put them on the bus. Up comes Bob Benda, who is running the competition, and says, “I think you’d better talk to Bobby Joe, he’s got your clubs and the pins in his car and he’s following us up here”. Yes, Bobby Joe what’s the problem, I said. Bobby says, “I was following you up the road and lost you in the traffic, where about do I turn off Route 7?”

Things are always different with this group and always treated as the fun day its supposed to be, and even a record turnout didn’t change the attitude - we just split the handicaps down the middle and had two separate groups with 14 minor prizes.

So onto the golf, which on a windy day proved difficult, but eventually we all got around with no noticeable delay until we all sat in the clubhouse and slaked our thirsts with some cold Heineken for most and water for ‘Stone Cold Jimmy’ before we loaded up and returned to Pattaya and Bobby Joe’s for the presentation and the special feast that we had been promised.

Good stuff this golf.

Jimmy caught going back for ‘thirds’.

I can do this with my eyes closed.

On arrival we were met with the sight of the barbeque going full blast and ribs being cooked by the dozen. Bags down and nosebags on, as the golfers got stuck into the piles of ribs and potato salad, and even the ‘I don’t like ribs’ crowd were won over. This meal was universally described by all as the best meal we had had after golf, eat your heart out Pete Galle, and Bobby has done some ‘Gooduns’.

After all this hard work, driving around the countryside and watching his staff cook food, Bobby was so overcome with emotion (new name for booze) that he asked Bob to do the presentations, and there were a lot, and a new batch of shirts will arrive soon.

Winner of the ‘Good’ Golfers was Bob Bender and the winner of the ‘Not quite as good’ was Joe St Laurent.

Goodies near pins: No 5 Alan Pearce, No 7 Bob Benda, No 12 Derek Brook and No 16 Paul Kraft.

Long putts: No 9 & 18 Jerry Kurtz.

Not as good near pins: No 5 Jerry King, No 7 Joe St Laurent, No 12 Mike Howard and No 16 Kim Fletcher.

Long putts: No 9 & No 18 Joe St Laurent

Lucky draw: Stone Cold Sober James & Kevin Dunne.

PSC Golf from the Three Sisters

Monday the 13th - good luck? Bad luck? - It was good for Charlie (RJ) Creed as he came in with 40 points. This is the first time that Charlie has won in Monday golf. Charlie is one of the regular players and has finally broken through to win the bragging rights. With a good drive and doing well around the greens for the day, Charlie surged ahead of the rest of the field.

Charlie Creed moved from last to first Monday Jan 13 and took the bragging rights with a smashing 40 Stableford points. Herb came in holding the bag.

Following close behind Charlie was Big Bob Moberg. Bob came in with 38 points for the day but could not catch up with the frontrunner. Two shots back of Bob with 36 points were a slew of golfers: Doug Douglas, Tom Gingerich, Jimmy Little, Doug Powell and Geoff Couch were all in the hunt but were not able to come through to win the bragging rights.

Holding the bag this week was Herb S.? - no last name on the card. Herb came in with 24 points to win the bottom spot. Following close behind was Ray Spurling with 25 but he escaped the cellar. Rod Perrin who had won the spot for two weeks in a row did not play this week as he was taking lessons to get his game in shape. Hope to see him back soon.

PSC Golf from the Cafe Kronborg

Monday Jan 13
Noble Place
(Stroke play)

Noble Place is earning a lot of friends these days as the course continues to be in fine condition and more important at this time of the year, you get to play an undisturbed round. It almost makes the long trip well worth it, especially if you go on the transport and find sleeping no problem.

Cees Bosman

Kris Helgason

James, winner of B flight and ‘volunteer’.

Mick 4th in B flight and ‘volunteer’.

A full house travelled to Noble Place to take on the C & B layouts of this tough course and found the course in fine condition with lightning fast greens. The only draw back was the very windy conditions that made the course difficult to play. So the stroke play competition got underway with the players split into two flights, A flight (0 to 18) and B flight (19 upwards).

The players produced some good golf in trying conditions and that red-hot Icelander, Kris Helgason came through once again to win the A flight with a net 69. Jerry Kurtz was second with a net 71 with Bob Morrison third with a net 74 and Johan Reynisson fourth on net 76 on count back over Koji.

In the B flight another hot golfer came through with Cees Bosman, fighting to get his handicap down, producing a fine fighting net 69 ahead of in second Nigel Perry on net 73, beating on count back, third Barry Kerr also net 73 and fourth John Ostram with net 74.

Near pins: B2 Kris Helgason, B5 Lars Jansson, C3 Joakin Persson and C6 Koji Yamada.

Long putts: B9 Nigel Perry and C9 Joakin Persson.

Thursday Jan 16
Khao Kheow

There’s nothing like a volunteer to make life easy, so it was good when I could not run this competition to find not one but two volunteers, and both from the Emerald Isle, so thanks to them both, and one of them even managed to win his flight.

Once again it was a full house that left the Kronborg for the wind swept fairways of Khao Kheow. When the wind blows here it really blows, so it was no surprise that one of the winners came from the windy Emerald Isles and mastered the conditions. As usual there were some good scores and some that will not be mentioned again.

The winner of the A flight and a name it took a long time to get out was Val B Siguress (apologies if spelt wrong) with 35 points ahead of Johann Reynisson with 34 points. A two way count back for third and fourth was won by Geordie Ted Morris with 32 points ahead of Brian Holden also on 32 points.

The B flight proved the most entertaining with two super rounds of 41 points by James Flanagan and Sirkka Puikkonen, James winning first place on count back. The title of ‘ever improving’ has been removed from Mick and now resides with ‘Stone Cold Sober’. In third place on count back was Pete Galle with 33 points beating the ex ever improving Mick O’Connor into fourth also 33 points.

Near pins: C3 Jerry Kurtz, C8 Johann Reynisson, A3 Joaken Persson and A5 Kenny Chung.

Long putts: C9 Barry Kerr and A9 Koji Yamada.

The Square Ring

Howie Reed

Just as I predicted, Sirimongkol Singmanassk (40-1) kept his WBC super-feather belt as he “impressively used his left jab and footwork to elude the desperate retaliations of ex-WBA ruler Yongsoo Choi (29-4-1) winning a lopsided decision over 12 heats at the Korakuen Hall, Tokyo.” Those words written by the consummate expert on Asian Boxing Joe Koizumi.

The scoring was rather lopsided at 119-109 twice and 118-110, which would have to be expected. Sirimongkol is just reaching his prime while Choi at 30 has seen better days. “It became a Tom-and-Jerry game that the elusive champ kept Choi from catching himself with his footwork and accurate counterpunches,” also from Mr. K. All the officials came from America with Frank “My Way” Cappuccino the only fellow in the ring with shirt and tie when the bell rang.

Now you’re probably saying to yourself, “Self, when will Sirimongkol next fight?” Well Self, here’s your answer. He’ll fight on March 22 as part of a triple header on a pay-per-view series called Latin Fury. Sirimongkol will defend his WBC Crown against mandatory challenger Jesus Chavez. The fight will take place at the Mandalay Bay Resort/Gaming Casino in Las Vegas.

Somewhat fitting that Sirimongkol should have a good outing in Japan where just a month before during the WBC Convention in that city he was honored. Tiz true. I did mention last week that the WBC Convention was held in Tokyo. What I failed to mention, cause I didn’t know, was that Thai boxers Veeraphol Nakhonluang and Sirimongkol Singmanassk were among those that were “rendered homage”.

Our regular reader will recognize the term “rendered homage” as something from a press release as the chances of me using that term in writing is about as likely as elephants dancing Swan Lake at Tiffany. Prince Heir of the Kingdom of Thailand, HRH Maha Vajiralongkorn received the Lifetime Achievement Award for his extraordinary support of boxing in his country. The Award was presented by Dr. Suliaman (WBC president) accompanied by Pol. Gen. Kovid Bhakdibhumi and Edward Thangarajah. The latter’s name may be familiar as he is a boxing propagandist for a daily paper in Bangkok.

Not to be forgotten are the wins by WBC bantamweight champion Veerapol Nakornluang (40-1-1, 28 KOs) and WBC Int’l superbantam title holder Napapol Kiatisakchokchai (31-1) a Monday removed at Channel 7 Stadium in Bangkok. As is the familiar scenario in Land of Smiles the local lads bested a couple of visitors from the Philippines. Veerapol easily stopped Nathan Barcelona in the 6th. Napapol got Arial Austria to take the count at 40 seconds of the 5th. Napapol is planning on a mandatory challenge against WBC 122-lb king Oscar Larios within six months, probably in America.

After more the than 4 months the World Boxing Council’s Dr. Jose’ Suliaman has finally made a statement in regard to the 31 million dollars awarded to Graciano Rocchigiani by a New York court. When the award was granted many though that Graciano would try and collect by tying up sanctioning fees for WBC fights in America. “Didn’t happen.” Still a mystery why. Except maybe you can’t get blood out of a turnip. Regardless, the official WBC statement is as follows:

“The World Boxing Council will not disappear, nor declare itself bankrupt as has been presumed. It would be like betraying the WBC itself, after having achieved so many great feats in sports medicine and the protection of the boxers world-wide. The WBC has never seen together, in its 40 years of existence, the 31 million dollars that were determined by a judge in favor of German boxer Graciano Rocchigiani. I will put all my effort so the WBC continues alive because we know in our conscience that we have not committed any fault, and I keep my faith that justice will prevail in the end.” It’s Sonny and Cher Time. Que? “The Beat Goes On.”

Young Dave Stewart (6-0), Scottish professional boxer and Pattaya visitor, writes, “Hello again. Thanks for the write-up in the Pattaya Mail. My pals over there got in touch to say they’d seen it also. I’m hoping to spend some time there after my next fight. It was good to hear Sirimongkol won in Japan. As I told you before I’m boxing on Jan 30 at the plush Cafe Royal in London’s West End. It’s a Burns’ Supper show. In case you haven’t heard of Robert Burns, he was an eighteenth century Scottish poet and every year around Jan 25th, Burns’ Night, people celebrate by having Burns’ Suppers; a banquet where haggis is eaten, bagpipes are played and poetry is recited. Not only was he Scottish, but he was from the same town as me - Ayr. My opponent is another unbeaten guy (in five fights), Scott Lawton. I’ve been training very hard, and have done a bit of sparring with Takaloo, the former WBU light-middleweight champion. He’s boxing Dublin’s Jim Rock for his old WBU title on Feb 1st. All the best, Dave Stewart.” Hope Dave’s mates in Pattaya read this.

A lot closer to Pattaya than England, you got real live fights next Friday in Chonburi. PABA super featherweight titleholder Pongsith Wiangwiset (3-1) will defend his title for the second time against Joe Ricardo (12-3-2). Now one would think that Ricardo would have the edge because of his experience. Probably not so. “Thai fighters fighting at home and inviting a Indonesian in for tea.” Got to like Pongsith’s chances.

The number #2 WBA super bantamweight Yoddamrong Singwangcha (27-1-1) will also be on the card. At press time he was scheduled to be in against TBA. That TBA family is big and sometimes they fight good. What’s that guy in the Post say? “Mosey on over.” How about them apples?

MBMG International League Week 8

There was a hectic return to action for the teams of the MBMG International league from their winter retreats, with most of the teams in action. For The Mighty Warbler the winter break merely confirmed what many analysts have been suggesting; they may no longer be as Mighty as they once were. Retaining a title is always more difficult than winning it and so it seems with the Mighty Warbler. After some unconvincing performances where they have rode their fortune yet won the game, they came up against Scandinavian Vikings who played with passion and conviction, qualities that the Mighty Warbler have not shown for quite some time. The game was eventually a 1-1 draw but the Scans can consider themselves very unlucky with Randall, the Mighty Warbler’s goalkeeper, producing save after brilliant save. It seems highly probably that Robbo, manager of the Mighty Warbler will have to take advantage of the transfer window in order to bring in some new faces and shake up an over confident, even arrogant squad.

As the Mighty Warbler wobble the Bullshead continued their outstanding form with a 7-0 humiliation of SOHO. Indeed, in their current mood the Bullshead look like championship favorites.

Elsewhere in Conference Bangkok United gained a useful point against an improving British Club with a close 3-2 win.

In Conference B the race for the title was blown wide open with UNOCAL’s 4-0 victory over previously unbeaten Pattaya. The win was sweet revenge for UNOCAL who were on the end of a 9-0 drubbing in Pattaya last season.

Meanwhile Pattana utterly destroyed HSC 13:0. With HSC now conceding 33 goals in the last two games the dull thud of a falling axe cannot be far away.

Latest results:

Pattana 13 - 0 HSC

Bangkok United 3 - 2 British Club

The Warbler 1 - 1 Scandinavian Vikings

Bullshead Brazilians 7 - 0 SOHO

UNOCAL 4 - 0 Racing Club Pattaya

What a load of Cobblers

Pattaya Lawn Bowls Division One

The Cobblers team came out well shod and heeled playing the Tartan Bar. Willy and Lee throughout the game being a stitch in front to the last end, but suddenly they lost their sole by dropping two shots to lose the game. The crowd were heard to be saying, “What a load of cobblers. It can not be true.”

Windmill team’s Big Frank and the Dark Destroyer Dennis outclassed the Carlsberg Kids’ Dave and out of form Martin, punishing them with every bowl and keeping them on course to be number one again (back to the playground kids for some more practice).

The all girl team Yingyangs’ Jeang and Thong had a runaway win over the Team Somtams’ Ned the Ted and Dancing Peter to carry on their winning ways up the league.

Division One results: Tartan Bar 16 v 15 The Cobblers, Windmills 22 v 14 Carlsberg Kids, Team Somtams 12 v 21 Yingyangs.

Division Two

Asylum 2 boys Gazzer and pro Tommy are flying up the league by beating the almighty Winchester and keeping their sights on Division one.

Top of the league boys New Guys came crashing down to earth by getting beat by the minnows team from the Jan Bar (Well done boys).

Musketeers’ Harvey and Barry won their first game this year to get them back in the running for Div 1.

Lucky Chaplins knocked the wheels off Brendan’s tanks as the Desert Rats team lost.

Division Two Results: Thepprasit Ten Thistle 14 v 19 Musketeers, Winchester 14 v 18 Asylum 2, Jan Bar 13 v 12 New Guys, Lucky Chaplins 18 v 12 Desert Rats

Player of the Week: Gazzer of Asylum 2

Match of the Week: Tartan Bar v The Cobblers

Team of the Week: Windmills

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