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Gal Fridman and Barbara Kendall ride the wind and the waves to World Championship titles

Anders Pedersen’s final day charge edges the Hermit for IPGC Crown

New league is underway with 29 weeks to go

2nd ‘TIBHAR Open’ Championship table tennis held at Mike Shopping Mall

Dongtan Windsurfing Marathon scheduled for December 21-22

Fitness Tips

PSC Golf from the Cafe Kronborg

Jerry Lien wins from Three Sisters

Privett hedges all

A Hard Day’s Night at Century IPGC Pattaya Golf Society at the Bunker

Tom Meeboer humbles Green Valley

Ladies and Gentlemen: Mark Your Calendars!

Neil Cameron holes in one

King’s Cup Regatta ends on an upbeat note

Big Vodka Villy

Bullshead claim title, parents complain

The Square Ring


Gal Fridman and Barbara Kendall ride the wind and the waves to World Championship titles

King Powers Mistral World Championship 2002

Songklod Kaewvisit

Gal Fridman became Israel’s first world windsurfing champion when he won the men’s title of the King Powers Mistral World Championship 2002 off Jomtien Beach last weekend.

1992 Olympic gold medallist, Barbara Kendall of New Zealand won the women’s title of the King Powers Mistral World Championship 2002 off Jomtien Beach last weekend.

Barbara Kendall of New Zealand, a 1992 Olympic gold medallist, won the women’s title.

Both Fridman and Kendall came out on top after defeating tough competition through a week of racing, and both are now well up on the points ladder for qualifying to race in the 2004 Olympic games in Greece.

Gal Fridman from Israel won the men’s title of the King Powers Mistral World Championship 2002 off Jomtien Beach last weekend.

Over 200 competitors from 30 countries completed in 11 races off Jomtien this past weekend, each vying for positions in the first of four qualifying rounds to determine who will go to Greece. Only teams from 12 countries will eventually get to race in the 2004 Olympiad.

Men’s champion, Gal Fridman accumulated 33 points through the 11 race series defeating nearest competitor Ricardo Santos of Brazil who had 12 points.

In the women’s category, Kiwi Barbara Kendall, who won gold in 1992 and silver in the 2000 Olympic Games, accumulated 26 points through 11 races to defeat her nearest rival, Alessanda Sensini of Italy, a gold medallist in 2000, who had 12 points last weekend.

The home team efforts weren’t strong enough to gain a placing in the ladder for the women’s division. In the men’s division, Thai hopeful Aran Homraruen came in at 28th on the ladder and 15th overall for the first qualifying, just missing the first cut.

The next round of racing will be held in France next year. The Thai men’s contingent has qualified to race in the next round, and along with China became one of only two Asian teams that qualified to race in France. Thailand will have to step up their efforts in order to gain a chance to race in Greece.

The closing ceremonies of the week long competition were held at Pattaya Park Resort in Jomtien last Sunday evening. Srisuk Jantalangsuk, permanent secretary to the Ministry of Transport presided over the prize giving ceremonies.

Anders Pedersen’s final day charge edges the Hermit for IPGC Crown

Lying no better than joint 25th after the first day’s competition at Green Valley Rayong Country Club, Anders Pedersen surged to the front with a bristling, gross 73, net 65 on the Mountain and Ocean Course of Phoenix Country Club to finish with a two-day total of net 141.

Ladies Champion Noonit Tawapee (left) shot a two-day total of 147.

Rick Sharp, who had been lying joint sixth after Wednesday’s day one, did little to disappoint as he bettered his handicap by one with a net 71. That coupled with his first day net 70 found him dead equal with Anders.

Because of the varied length of stays of many of the competitors and the busy holiday season it was determined at the outset that any ties would be settled by count back, with the first level of that being performance of Friday’s, the second day’s, eighteen hole total. As you already know, Anders’ sterling performance found him holding the claret jug signifying the 2002 IPGC Champion. Anders thus joins Darren Robson (2000) and Richard Montgomery (2001) in this third running of the Championship. Rick Sharp received an equally elegant claret jug, albeit of slightly less stature, for his runner-up position.

Anders Pedersen’s (left) final day charge earned him the IPGC Claret Jug, shown here being presented by IPGC Chairman Stephen Beard (right) and PGA Pro Richard Livingston (center)

An impressive field of fifteen ladies contested the Ladies Championship. Noonit Tawapee broke from the gate quickly on Peter Thompson’s Green Valley layout as she shot gross 94, net 76, for best on Day One. She didn’t give the other ladies any help in catching her, as she carded a gross 89, net 71, for a two-day total of 147. That was good enough for a four shot victory over Nora Haugsjordet.

Two fine performances, one rewarded and one unheralded, were turned in by Barry Brooks and Jim Munns, respectively. Barry Brooks justifiably received a claret jug for his Best Gross over the two-day stroke event as he shot gross rounds of 73 on Green Valley and Gross 76 on Phoenix for a two-day total of 149. His closest rival was his Aberdeen, Scotland traveling mate, Billy Main, who was three back at 152. The two lads, who have considerable golf accomplishments in their past, will be sorely missed for their camaraderie, humor and considerable acumen on the links.

I spoke of one competitor who managed to weave his way through the maze of trophies awarded at the prize-giving buffet at The Haven, despite excellent play. Unlucky Jim Munns, who continued his recent fine form, to which he credits local teaching pro Ian Ashenden, was the best performer in B Flight over two days, and joint third overall, with a net 145. The awards giving recognized flight winners on the day but focused on the overall when prizes were issued for the two-day competition.

Barry Brooks (right) received Best Gross honors for his two-day total of 149. IPGC Chairman Stephen Beard (left) presents him with the trophy.

Given a two-day stroke competition over two days, there were certainly numerous bounces and caroms that had comedic quality. However, a self-effacing Jeff McLaury confessed to a beauty. Having hooked his ball moderately out of his vision on the 9th on the Ocean Course, Jeff and his caddy began an ardent search some ten yards from the green. Since Jeff was well away from his fellow competitors, he knew the ball they found in the rough was his. He performed the ensuing chip with the ability he does every such shot, but as the ball flew erratically he realized he had chipped a ball which was missing about 20% of its mass due to mower-damage. Disgusted as he saw any dreams of the Championship vanishing, he strode to the green only to find his actual ball only but three feet from the green. He went forward, picked up the offending wrong ball and slammed it into the rough in a fit of pique. Now bearing up under his two-stroke penalty he prepared for his chip. As he gracefully swung what should come wobbling off the end of his club but the same damaged, wrong ball. He had addressed and hit the same wrong ball again. If there had have been a claret dunce cap Jeff would have cheerfully accepted it. It has been said my many that nothing will humble you more quickly than golf. Thanks for the confession Jeff!

Winners on the Day: Day One: Ladies: Noonit Tawapee - net 76; Division Two: David Lee - net 68; Division One: David Stockman - net 67. Day Two: Ladies: Bee Matti - net 70; Division Two: Gerhard Schulze - net 67; Division One: Yazo Suzuki - net 65.

New league is underway with 29 weeks to go

Pattaya Sports Club Friday Bowling League

The new 30-week Pattaya Sports Club Friday Bowling League is underway and no team managed to sweep all four points. New team Jack & Tar took three points from new team Domicil with Porn leading her team with a 219 game and 535 series. Suraphan rolled a 535 series for Domicil.

Cafe Ole took three from Cafe Kronborg despite Kronborg Captain Kran’s rolling the best game of the day of 236 and high series of 589.

Winchester Club won three points from Nice & Sleazy behind Konrad’s 509-pin count.

Three Sisters took three points away from VFW Post 9876 behind Ooy’s 521 series.

House of the Golden Coin and Shakey Pete’s split their match at two points each. Jon rolled a 203 game, 543 series, and Mio knocked down 512 pins for the Golden Coin team. Christian toppled 207 pins, 525 series, as a spare with Shakey’s.


2nd ‘TIBHAR Open’ Championship table tennis held at Mike Shopping Mall

Huge crowds cheer tournament players

Songklod Kaewvisit

Thomas Kunzelmann, managing director of the D.K. Java Sports, head of the table tennis competition committee presented trophies and cash prizes to the winners of different categories in the ‘2nd Pattaya Table Tennis Mike Shopping Mall TIBHAR Open’. Starting on December 7, the tournament attracted huge crowds of table tennis lovers for every match. The tournament was divided into 7 categories.

The winners of the male and female under-14 yrs. category were Thana Wiphawatthanakul and Praikan Triampho.

The Police Team B, winners of the male open-category proudly show their trophy.

The male and female triumphant competitors of the under-12 yrs. level were Methiwat Pholit and Praikan Triampho.

Male and female open-category winning teams were Police Team B and Central Team A.

Male and female winning teams in the under-17 yrs. category were Central Team A and Central Team A.

The winner of the male in the over-45 yrs. category was Srichai Watchanachareonrat.

Dongtan Windsurfing Marathon scheduled for December 21-22

This year’s Dongtan Windsurfing Marathon will be held on December 21-22 at Amara Sailing Center, right in front of the Pattaya Park Beach Hotel.

Equipped with a treasure map, the treasure hunt on December 21 will lead competitors around Koh June to Koh Larn, where they have to locate and secure the treasure (shovels will not be provided). Each competitor has to carry at least one precious item back to Dongtan Beach.

Beginners are encouraged to join as well - a rescue team will ensure bringing everybody back safely. The day will be rounded up with games on the beach (here’s where all beginners can catch up) and a beach party.

Sunday will start with a slalom and the event will end with the prize giving ceremony around 5 p.m. Lots of prizes await the best competitors in each class. So don’t miss it.

Registration fee will be 500 baht (adults) and 100 baht (juniors) respectively. The event is sponsored by Pattaya City, Windsurfing Association of Thailand, Cobra and Starboard.

For further information, please go to www.amara or contact Ms Amara Wichithong at 01-8629958.

Fitness Tips: Holiday tips!

G’Day Readers, a very merry Christmas to all.

Our editor is very good to us, as anyone that was on the Volvo Cannondale Dusit Resort Pattaya mountain bike race will know. Looking fast, like all looks, can be deceiving. Several wrong turns and not riding my bike off road near as often as I would like to ensured that I was most definitely not being fast on race day. The ride was a lot of fun though, and people, like me, who no longer take sport seriously, got a great laugh out of our misadventures that day. I managed to prove it to myself again that exercise is fun. Keep an eye out for more sporting events in the Pattaya Mail to fully enjoy your weekends.

Speaking of mental dysfunction, read on - only kidding, it’s Christmas, let me indulge with one throwaway joke.

Now for more serious matters.

Regular physical activity benefits mental health

The benefits of regular exercise on physical health are well established. But what are the benefits on mental health? A recent study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that active women are less likely to suffer from cognitive decline if they exercised regularly.

Researchers from the University of California analysed the mental acuteness of 5,925 women aged 65 years and above over a six to eight year period. All participants were free of cognitive impairment or physical limitations. The women were divided into four groups depending on their physical activity level.

The study found that women who reported a high level of physical activity were much less likely to develop cognitive illnesses. Participants who expended the most energy per week decreased their risk of cognitive decline by up to 26% when compared to those in the lowest group. Similarly, women who covered the most distances, which was expressed as blocks per week, had a 34% less risk of developing a cognitive illness when compared to women covering the least distances per week.

It was also noted that the most active women were more likely to be in better overall health than those participating in the least amount of activity.

While further research is needed to define whether physical activity can help prevent cognitive impairment, the researchers believe that mental stability may be related to a healthy lifestyle, reduced cardiovascular risk factors or physical activity having a direct effect on the nerve cells.

Increase fibre and fish oil to avoid heart disease

Two independent studies have found that eating a diet high in fibre might lower the risk of heart disease in women and fish oil may do the same in men.

Published in a recent issue of the Journal of the American Cardiology researchers looked at over 38,000 females aged 45 years and older who had no history of heart disease, cancer or stroke. The six-year study found that those who ate the most fibre (26g per day) had less chance of developing heart disease than those who consumed the least amount of fibre (18 grams per day). The study revealed that there were significantly fewer incidences of heart disease amongst the women who ate the most fibre when compared with those who ate the least fibre.

On average Australians eat around 20 to 25g of fibre daily. The recommended daily intake for Australian adults is 30 to 35g of fibre per day.

The Journal of the American Medical Association reported that the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil may not only prevent further damage to men who have already suffered a heart attack, but they may also help to prevent heart attacks and prevent sudden death in people who have no signs of heart disease.

Researchers looked at surveys completed every few years since 1976 by over 85,000 women. It was found that women who ate the most fish were least likely to develop heart disease, even after taking smoking and other risk factors into account.

A separate study published in the April edition of The New England Journal of Medicine reported that the fatty acids found in fish could significantly reduce the risk of sudden death from heart attack in men. It was found that men with no prior evidence of heart disease decreased their risk of sudden death by over 50% simply by eating fish. This was even after all other risk factors such as smoking, weight and alcohol were taken into account.

So guys and girls, for a well balanced diet that will help reduce the chances of heart disease, girls; increase your fibre intake and boys; consume more fish.

Stress can make you fat

It’s official. Stress can make you fat. A new study by a group of researchers at the University of California found that women who suffer from stress tend to eat more sweets and sugary foods, increasing their levels of the hormone cortisol. Cortisol is known to increase insulin, which fuels the appetite. Scientists believe that cortisol directly affects appetite. Cortisol has been blamed for the ‘bowling ball belly’, the deep-belly fat found on women who have relatively thin legs and arms and a fat stomach, which is known to increase the risk of heart disease.

The study analysed 59 women with an average age of 36 without any signs of eating disorders or depression. The women were exposed to a stressful environment and closely monitored. After the session each woman was sent, alone, to a quiet room to read or listen to music. A basket of snacks, ranging from sweet and salty snacks to high-fat and low-fat snacks, was made available for them to eat.

The amount eaten was closely evaluated to assess the relationship between the women’s mood, cortisol levels and the snacks consumed. Women who reacted most, those that did not cope well with the stressful environment - measured by mood and increased cortisol levels - tended to eat more, especially of the sweeter snacks. Women who became the most stressed averaged about two sweets, whilst those who demonstrated the least reaction ate about 1.4 sweets.

When comparing a stressful day with a non-stressful day there was no significant increase in cortisol or eating.

So what advice would I give stress-prone clients? Mind-control is a good start. Try and become more resilient to stress by realising your own limitations and what people expect of you. Obviously, avoiding the temptation to eat would be another great place to start. But especially avoid foods that increase insulin levels such as rice, potatoes, pasta and white sugars. Finally, increase physical activity to neutralise the stress response. A quick five-minute walk around the office every hour should do the trick; it will burn off a bit of energy, kill a bit of frustration and take your mind off the immediate problem that is causing you stress.

Carpe’ Diem

PSC Golf from the Cafe Kronborg

Monday December 9 saw a good group challenge the Natural Park Hills layout - probably one of the most scenic and testing courses around. On the day-good scores prevailed with the flights being split 0-18 for the A flight and B flight being above 19.

The ever present, steady Ebrahim won the A flight with 34 points on a count back from Rick Evans. Dave Tease was 3rd on a count back from Yasuo Suzuki on 31 points; obviously a close competition!

B flight was won by Hwang Yong Hwan (from Korea) with the best score of the day, 35 Stableford points.

The big hitting Koji Yamada was 2nd with 33 and Irishman Kevin Dinan (truly an international field) 3rd with 30 points.

Near pins were won by Rick Evans, Mark (welcome back) Adair and Mark Brenton.

On Thursday December 12, Siam C.C. was the venue on a beautiful sunny day with a nice seasonal breeze to give ideal golfing conditions.

All players were off by 10:15 to enjoy a Stableford competition, without the usual military presence (retd.) Both the Admiral and the Sar Major being away on duty.

However, all went well under the able guidance of Mick O’Connor and his team.

Near pins: Paul Kraft, Doug Maiko, Kevin Dunne, and Gez Tracey.

A Flight: Phillipe Berra 38 points on count back from Ebrahim followed by Ian Edwards, 34 points on count back from Oswald Scott.

B Flight: Cees Bosman 44 points followed by Paul Kraft on 39, Pete Galle 3rd with 38 on count back from Koji Yamada in 4th place.

Jerry Lien wins from Three Sisters

PSC Three Sisters Golf

With overcast skies and a slight drizzle, golfers from the Three Sisters made it around Siam with no big problems. Winning the bragging rights for the week was none other than Jerry Lien. With twenty plus players, Jerry was the only golfer to beat his handicap, with 38 points. The drizzle and high humidity took a toll on the rest of the golfers.

Jerry Lien (left) won the bragging rights at SCC on Dec 9, while UnTall Paul (right) came in holding the bag.

Holding the bag this week was Paul Donohue. Paul, just in from work was not in the best of form. Shooting 22 points for the day, he had no competitors for the bottom spot. By next week Paul should be getting in shape to climb out the cellar to pass the bag on to another golfer.

Privett hedges all

Roger Privett was the star of the Rising Sun Golf Society last week with back-to-back wins on Tuesday and Thursday.

Tuesday was played at Plutaluang, but because of the Thai holiday, a 6 hour round was enjoyed by all. Nearest the pins went to Bob Wells (x2), Granville Swanton and Dave Hughes.

Roger Privett won with 35 points. Steve Eary was runner-up with 31 points.

On Thursday, Rising Sun played a Stableford competition at the immaculate Green Valley. Nearest the pins were won by Allen Heywood (x2), Granville Swanton and Matt Anderson.

Roger Privett won with 40 points. Kevin Fortt was runner-up with 38 points.

A Hard Day’s Night at Century IPGC Pattaya Golf Society at the Bunker

The Bunker Boys chose Century Chonburi as the venue for their weekly stroke play event on Tuesday, 10th December, knowing the day was a public holiday and Century is always less crowded than some other courses. Wrong, this time! There were already more than one hundred Thais on the course when the Bunker Boys landed, no buggies in sight, and caddies hard to find.

Marshalled by Harry Riley they stoically stuck by their bags and eventually teed off sometime after noon. Little wonder then that the scores were unimpressive with division one going to Bill Hewitt and his net 76, suitably pushed by Yasuo Suzuki on 77.

Division two went to the returning Colin Morgan on a similar 76 with Robbie Bennett taking the runner-up place with 81.

Bill Hewitt and Steve Nowell shot birdie two’s and shared the Bunker Super Sawng award. The latter groups toiled for six hours on the course and they were the only true winners on a day when the words “som”, “nom” and “na” sprang readily to mind.

Entry forms for the Bunker Scramble on 30th December are currently available at all the major golf venues and online at http://www.the As with all majors at this time of year places will be taken up quickly.

Tom Meeboer humbles Green Valley

IPGC Golf From Lewiinski’s - Orchid

Sunday December 8
Green Valley - White Tees

1st A Flight - Tom Meeboer - 47 points

2nd A Flight - Graham Johnson - 37 points

3rd A Flight - Larry Watson - 37 points

4th A Flight - Stan Fry - 37 points

1st B Flight - Jim Munns - 37 points

2nd B Flight - Larry Nicholas - 34 points

3rd B Flight - Greg Schulze - 34 points

4th B Flight - Frank Sinclair - 33 points

A slate of 42 golfers was no match for Tom Meeboer who shot a career best gross of 71 to emasculate the field by 10 points! As seems to be the case lately, the winners quickly, and wisely, leave Pattaya for safer climes. Only joking, Tom had prior commitments with his family for the holidays. We do know that when Tom returns Santa will have left him a lower handicap. Congrats, nonetheless.

Second in A Flight was simply a matter of count back with Graham Johnson and Stan Fry bracketing Larry Watson for two thru four on the A Flight rostrum.

Jimmy Munns foreshadowed a week on form with his B Flight winning 37 points. Greg Schulze, a visitor from Dhaka, had his first Lewiinski’s-Orchid payday with a count back loss to Larry Nicholas for second and third. Notable in that count back loss is that Greg score 16 points in a four hole stretch, Holes 6 through 9, going par, birdie, birdie and birdie. Those scores were gross scores off his newly lowered 27 handicap! Ah, but the cold hand of reality ruled the other 14 holes as he only managed 18 on them.

Monday December 9
Khao Kheow - C & A - Yellow Tees

1st A Flight - Barry Brooks - net 72

2nd A Flight - Don Micklewait - net 73

3rd A Flight - Joe Mooneyham - net 73

1st B Flight - Kurt Neuhohr - net 70

2nd B Flight - Jez Lees - net 79

3rd B Flight - Dominic Kevorkian - net 83

The cream rose to the top as Aberdeen resident, accomplished golfer and close mate of Neil Cameron’s, Barry Brooks finally copped the top spot with a brilliant gross 74, net 72 on the challenging Dye Design layout. Newcomer to Lewiinski’s-Orchid golf, Don Micklewait, edged always tough Joe Mooneyham on count back to round out A Flight.

Kurt Neuhohr, one of the visiting fourball of caddies from world-class Whistling Straits Country Club in Wisconsin, USA, took the B Flight rostrum with his best on the day net 70. Congrats to Jez Lees who conquered his often balky short game to come second. Barry “TB’s” long time mate and Bangkok resident, Dominic Kervorkian, was a pleasant, albeit surprising, third.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Mark Your Calendars!

The 2003 PSC Charity Classic Tournament will be held on:

Friday, January 24th, Khao Kheow Golf & Country Club

Shotgun start at 11:30 a.m.

Entry fee is 2,500 baht per person and you can sign up at the following PSC venues: Three Sisters, Cafe Kronborg, Shenanigan’s, 60’s Bar and the PSC Clubhouse. Entries are limited to 144 players so sign up now to secure your place.

Stay tuned for more details in the near future!

Neil Cameron holes in one

IPGC TAGGS Golf from The Haven

1st: Jens Gunnarsson, 42 points

2nd: Phil Groves, 40

3rd: Mo Bertrand, 39

4th: Trevor Edge, 38 cb9 22

5th: Gordon Langtry, 38 cb9 21

Due to the IPGC Championship being played on Wednesday the 11th and Friday the 13th, there was only one fixture undertaken by the TAGGS during the week. This was played at the Burapha Golf Club over the more difficult of the two 18 hole tracks on the West Course, and due to the extreme severity of the rough, from the white tees.

Jens Gunnarsson, son of Gunnars the Iceman, was oblivious of the rough and allied to an extra long hitting game from the tee, made easy work of his first win since returning to Thailand with 42 points. Starting the round with 24 points on the front nine, he faded a little on the back to record a modest 18, but this was good enough to hold off the chasing pack.

These were led by Phil Groves whose total of 40 points, including a gross 38 on the back nine, following a meagre 18 points on the front, proved to be not quite sufficient to catch the runaway leader. Moe Bertrand lagged one shot further back also with a very good 21 on the back nine.

Trevor Edge just got the nod on count back from Gordon Langtry also curtsey of a good last nine in which he amassed twenty two points, against Gordon’s twenty one.

The twos were shared between Jeff McLaury, Phil Groves and Arthur Hancock.

Prior to the prize giving Richard Livingston, the resident PGA Professional, welcomed new member Roy Oakes from England and welcomed back Danny Dyke also from England and Doug Maiko from the USA.

Not playing in competition, Neil Cameron, the local club guru, and who does not play usually from The Haven but is one of the regular patrons of the restaurant, achieved an unusual feat during the week, when he played on Thursday the 12th of December (12.12.) and teed off at 12 o’clock. Having selected caddy number 12 to carry his bag, about 150 yards behind him, he arrived at the 12th hole and popped it in for one. He refused to go the whole hog and take a twelve at the following hole after knocking his first ball on the 13th out of bounds he picked up. But it was a memorable feat on any day.

It is always nice to be able to reflect in someone else’s reflected glory.

King’s Cup Regatta ends on an upbeat note

The winds and conditions on the last two days of the 16th Phuket King’s Cup Regatta - for the Evason Resort and Spa / QBE Race on Friday and Saturday’s Kata Group event - were absolutely superb. Light-to-moderate northeasterlies dominated and the racing was spectacular. Almost 1,000 sailors who had participated went back to their respective corners of the world, knowing that all was well and the seventeenth regatta in 2003 will be “off and sailing”.

Principal sponsor Gulu Lalvani awards Chris King from “Linklaters Mandrake” which finished second, Racing Class.

The last race, however, had a few disconcerting moments as a massive un-seasonal storm crashed in over Phuket around 6 a.m., deluging it with rain, killing the wind and turning the sea into a mirror. But, by the time the 76-strong fleet had reached the start line, the sky was clear and the north-easterly obliged at around 10 - 12 knots.

Held to honour His Majesty the King during the week of the King’s birthday, His Majesty each year graciously donates the handsome Permanent King’s Cup Trophy.

At the end of the final day’s racing, the host hotel the Kata Group sponsored the Royal Awards Ceremony, presided over by His Majesty’s Personal Representative, Vice Admiral M.L Usni Pramoj, and the closing party at the Kata Beach seafront promenade.

Candle lights at Mom Tri’s Boathouse, to honour the Regatta Royal Patron: HM the King’s 75th birthday.

The Final Curtain

And so, the curtain was rung down on the Sixteenth Phuket King’s Cup Regatta held, as it has been since the first event in 1987, to honour His Majesty the King, this time for the Monarch’s 75th birthday.

The Regatta has been very well covered by the large press and media contingents, as well as the Pattaya Mail - with due recognition to the ever-improving Thai sailors who won two of the nine classes and finished well in several more - and needs no further elucidation here.

The Thai successes are a good sign for the development of yacht-racing in the Kingdom. With an amelioration of the punitive tax burden, formerly placed on the marine sector as a whole, and an extension of the time that itinerant yachts may stay in the Kingdom without additional formalities (now one year), 2003 looks set to see Phuket, particularly, start to win back the exodus of sailors, craft and the concomitant infrastructure to Langkawi and other resorts in Malaysia and elsewhere in the region.


With this year’s principal sponsor, Mr Gulu Lalvani, chairman of the electronics giant Binatone and developer of the Royal Phuket Marina Resort and Spa, very upbeat about Phuket’s future as a centre of yachting excellence, the King’s Cup Regatta projected a most positive image of the Kingdom as an incomparable marine venue. The entry of some 76 yachts, coming from 20 countries was, indeed, an endorsement and a vote of confidence in Phuket, in spite of the “horrendous attack in Bali, just recently, which brought terrorism on to our own doorstep,” said Andy Dowden, president of the 2002 Organizing Committee.

Winner, Racing Class, Aussie Peter Ahern’s “Yo”.

The Regatta reverted back to Koh Phi Phi for the opening gambit, for the first time in five years. By the end of the second day’s racing, which brought the fleets back to Kata Beach, it was grim: the north-easterly was having a Regatta by-pass - AGAIN. Given that the events of the previous two years were almost windless, it threatened to all but kill the Regatta.

But, finally, the conditions obliged and the last three races were sailed “in perfect conditions”, as many sailors acknowledged. The Kata Beach sponsors were most happy: host regatta headquarters for the past five years, the Kata Group and permanent sponsor since day one, Mom Tri’s Boathouse which annually holds the beautiful and touching tribute to H.M. the King on His birthday: a candle-lit ceremony on Kata Beach, with a thousand pinpoints of light honouring the Monarch, timed to co-ordinate with similar Kingdom-wide ceremonies.

Certainly, among all the sponsors, ongoing or first-timers, new supporter Bangkok Airways must be singled out, flying some 60 personnel into Phuket, with precision and safety, in well-appointed and scrupulously clean aircraft, attentive in-flight attendants and - even - a lounge at the Phuket Airport, with many comforts, including gratis e-mail at on-line computers.

As one who has been privileged to report on every successive Regatta since the first in 1987, the spirit of co-operation and camaraderie, the hard work of the organizing committee, the incredible support of the long list of co-sponsors and supporters and the good-will of the participants themselves, have never failed to impress me. More so, these past two years, in a world reeling from fear, violence and hatreds, the beauty of the Regatta imparts a great feeling of joy, continuity and a confidence that, through Nature and the intelligent use of her benign forces, we can go forward into the next year.

A beautiful start.

Results, Sixteenth Phuket King’s Cup Regatta

Racing Class (place, points, allowing one discard out of the seven races sailed) First 10 only: 1. “Yo”, Peter Ahern (Mal, 20); 2. “Linklaters Mandrake”, Robert Elliot / Chris King (UK, 21); 3. “Hi Fidelity”, Neil Pryde, (HK, 23); 4. “Pla Loma lV”, Keith Moore (Mal, 29); 5. “Jativa”, Hannes Waimer (UK, 29); 6. Luna Nuova”, Ray Roberts (Aus, 36); 7. “Stella”, Nick Burns (HK, 36); 8. “Jelik”, Frank Pong (HK, 38); 9. “Pasaya”, Schle Wood Thanan (THAI, 43); 10. “Fong Ling”, Paul Winkelman (Mal, 46).

Premier Cruising: 1. “Hocux Pocux”, David Bailey (HK, 8); 2. “Australian Maid”, John Wardill (Aus, 8); 3. “Elektra”, Marcel Liedts (Can, 12); 4. “Big Buzzard”, George Olivet (Sin, 19); 5. “Stormvogel”, Ermano Traverso (Ita, 22); 6. “Windfall”, Jeff Yorke (HK, 27)).

IRC1: 1. “Octopussy”, Viroj Nualkair, (THAI, 13); “Big A”, Horst Lakits (Malta, 13); 3. “La Samudra”, David Lindahl (Jpn, 14); 4. “Mustang Sally”, Warren Batt (NZ, 22); 5. “Jigonda”, Stuart Anderson (HK, 22); 6. “Di Hard”, Rob Williams (26); 7. “Pythias Aura”, Reinhardt Halber (Can, 28); 8. “Emerald Blue”, Robert England (THAI, 31); 9. “Kylie”, Douglas Ludden (35).

IRC2 (first six only): 1. Royal Thai Navy 2, N.C. Nawin (5); 2. “Gotcha Lagi”, Gerry Daughton (Mal, 9); 3. “Fi Tuen”, Jock Crombie (16); 4. Royal Thai Navy 1, Rt. Pera Na Sagulthem (16); 5. “Wake Tere”, Kurt Metzger (Sin); 6. “Amadeus”, Olaf Litjens (24);

IRC3 (first eight only): 1. “Simba”, Bob Ashman (Sin, 11); 2. “Salamanda3”, Alan Nichol (16); 3. “Amanda”, Shuji Hagihara (Jpn, 16); 4. “Patrice lll”, Tracy Williams (20); 5. “Tag”, Mike Downard (UK, 22); 6. Free Wind”, George Foose (THAI, 23); 7. “Rosie”, Richard Vine (Sin, 25); 8. “Southern Star”, Oliver Hughes (THAI, 29).

Classic: 1. “Xyphias”, Chris Edwards (UK, 4); 2. “Sanook”, Julian Hill (USA, 7).

Ocean Multihulls (first six only): 1. “Summersalt”, Mark Prescott (5); 2. “Securicor Fine Pitch”, Tony Lough (7); 3. “Cedar Swan”, Radab Kanjanavanit (THAI, 11); 4. “Cerberus”, Mark Horwood (17); 5. “Chimera”, J. Yamamoto (Jpn, 17); 6. “Nixie”, Leo Wienands (THAI, 24).

Ocean Rover: 1. “Klondike”, Donald Radcliffe (4); 2. “Blue Jay”, Jarvis Jay (7); 3. “Good Hope”, Geoff Horn (12)

Big Vodka Villy

Lawn Bowls Division One

Big Vodka Villy played like a man possessed and his partner G and T Peter over came a bad start being down by 8 shots in the early part of the game. As the night went on and the large vodkas came easy, so did the game whilst outplaying the boys from the Tartan Bar.

The other games in the evening were: Carlsberg Kids narrowly beat The Cobblers on the last end to stay top of Division One. Windmills, the Dutch duo, are back destroying the Somtams. Look out boys and girls these boys are coming up the league. Bob and his on loan player Jeff from Australia lost to the all girl team Yingyangs on the last end. Bobby try to sign this man up, it will not be long till you win. In the last game of the evening the Likely Lads Steve the Streak and Mr. John Stringfellows, who had a fantastic game, just getting across the line by beating Fat Boy Slim Kev and Bob.

Results: Team Somtams 8 - Windmills 29, Likely Lads 16 - Dream Team 12, Carlsberg Kids 15 - The Cobblers 13, Asylum (1) 15 - Yingyangs 16, Chaplin Spam Heads 26 - Tartan Bar 6.

Bullshead claim title, parents complain

MBMG International League Week 6

It was an exciting week in the MBMG International League with teams eying championships and playoff places. The Mighty Warbler stayed top of Conference A with a close 1-0 victory against a rejuvenated British Club team, who were well marshalled by the outstanding Mel Berkinshaw. What perhaps was more remarkable than the game itself was that The Mighty Warbler, led by manager Robbo, have now won a breathtaking 22 league games straight. Rumours abound the league that when the New Year’s honours list is published in London, Robbo’s name will be on it.

The Bullshead threw down the gauntlet to the rest of the league with a crushing 6-2 victory against Bangkok United. Nick Smart, the outspoken captain of the Bullshead told reporters at the end of the game, “We will win the championship this season. When we get our noses in front, nothing will stop us.”

In Conference B, leaders Pattaya stayed top by beating Bangkok Pattana 4-2, hammering in 4 goals in the last ten minutes to clinch the points. Elsewhere, SCI won again, this time 6-1, against an overpowered High School Casualz team. There were some unpleasant scenes at the end of the game with a number of rowdy parents angrily calling for the expulsion of the HSC’s manager. In contrast, SCI are at present putting together an impressive run and look good for a playoff berth. However, the post game press conference was a somewhat quiet affair with SCI’s manager, McGuigan refusing to attend, upset at what he sees as press favouritism towards the undoubtedly more talented Mighty Warbler and Bullshead teams.

The Square Ring

by Howie Reed

Let me be the first one in this column to wish one and all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (or as we say in Land of Smiles “Sawasdee Pee Mai”). It won’t be such a great Christmas for Lamont Pearson, who recently challenged Yodsanan 3-K for the WBA Super Featherweight Title.

Many noticed, as did this sharp eyed reporter, that after the second round of that fight Pearson tossed nary a right hand. Nary is a lot like none but more so. He had a pretty good excuse. The hand was broken. Pearson underwent surgery last week to repair the damage. He’ll be “on the pine” for about six months then resume boxing. As he’s a postman and nothing stops the US Male, Christmas cards will arrive on time.

Last Friday at Nakornsawan WBA #7 & PABA Champ Prawet Singwangcha (16-2-1,9 KOs) successfully retained his PABA lightweight title for the 7th time by stopping Jun Jun Geraldino in 2. That’s a win for the home team which will kinda make up for some L’s reported later.

Was suppose to be a big night last Saturday for boxing. In the UK Joe Calzaghe and Ricky Hatten were both on TV. In the Colonies (aka USA) Evander Holyfield (38-6) would fight Chris Byrd (36-2) for the IBF Heavyweight title. In England, as expected, neither Calzaghe or Hatten hardly broke a sweat which probably made the POM’s happy but did nothing to enhance credentials of either fighter on a world wide basis.

Calzaghe dropped Tocker Pudwill twice in the first and once in the second. The dumping in the second forced the referee to step in and do the ever popular “No Mas”.

Hatten didn’t have much more trouble as he KO’d Yank Joe Hutchinson with a body shot in the 4th.

Got an e-mail from regular reader David Stewart, a pro fighter from Scotland, who visited Thailand, picked up the Mail and now reads The Square Ring on the Internet. While in Land of Smiles Stewart trained at the Sot Chitalada Gym in Klong Toey. Maybe when he fights next time, January 30 date, it will be “David Stewart-Sot Chitalada gym”. On the same Scottish Amateur team was promising super-feather Alex Arthur. He fought Saturday night, also having little trouble in stopping Carl Greaves.

In Atlantic City Chris Byrd gave the “old man” Evander Holyfield a box fighting lesson from the book “How to Box”. Byrd won a unanimous decision (116-112, 117-111, 117-111. The Square Ring and their very sober boxing expert had it 116-113 for the winner) and the IBF Heavyweight belt tossed aside by the “Imperial One” Lennox Lewis. After the fight Holyfield mentioned that he hurt his left shoulder after the first round which he won on all cards. “I had chances to throw the left hook, my best punch, but I couldn’t get my shoulder up.” Asked about a possible injured shoulder former champ George Foreman said, “Byrd hit him on the heart with some very strong jabs. You get hit there long enough and you’ll think your shoulder hurts.”

Prior to the fight itself there was a brief interview with Holyfield. “Evander, is there anyone that you ever fought that you truly didn’t like?” “Yes. Lennox Lewis. He called me a hypocrite because I have fathered some (editors note: “a bunch of”) children out of wedlock. He didn’t need to say that. Sure I’ve made mistakes but everyone makes mistakes. You have to forgive people. People told me a lot of things about Lewis but I never said anything.” Gee wonder what those were?

After the fight “The Imperial One”, aka The Greatest Fighter on the Planet” Lennox Lewis had some comments about his next opponent that I won’t be reporting. I made an early New Year’s resolution to report nothing of what “His Majesty” says until he say’s something worthwhile. Lewis was ringside doing the commentary for international television with the Colonel Bob Sheridan, who happens to be Pattaya Resident Vic “OR” Cross’s favorite boxing announcer. Lewis got the gig plus a million bucks and a Range Rover for tossing away the IBF Belt.

Last Sunday in Japan twice WBC bantam champ Joichiro Tatsuyoshi (17-6-1, 12 KOs) made a comeback from 40 months out of the ring in spectacular fashion. He scored a 6th round stoppage of ex-WBA flyweight champ Saen Sor Ploenchit (43-2). It was reported that he “outjabbed and outlegged the Thailander with his superior speed, sweeping all rounds. The 5th saw Tatsuyoshi have him reeling to the ropes with a wicked left hook and batter him from all angles. He effectively followed up with his fusillade of punches to prompt the stoppage.” That from Mr. Joe Koizumi. Why Joe Koisumi? He was there.

Tatsuyoshi didn’t pick the easiest spot by inviting the ex-WBA flyweight ruler Saen Sor Ploenchit (43-1, 14 KOs) to the land of the Rising Sun. Tatsuyoshi had been inactive since he lost his bid to reclaim the title from Veeraphol Nakomluang-Promotions (39-1). He lost the title via a 6th round KO in 1998 and 8 months later had a little better luck lasting until the 7th round with the same results. Since then he’s been “riding the pine”. Proenchit lost his championship to Jose Bonilla in 1996 but since then had run of 17 wins in a row. Guess the Thai’s win streak stops here. How about them apples?

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