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Classroom regains cricket Cup

300 tennis players enter 21st Chonburi Provincial Tennis Tournament

Thai Airways International Mistral Youth & Junior World Windsurfing Championship 2001

The Vikings fall to Lewiinski’s / Orchid G.C.

Kran maintains lead

Mio bowls best game and series of the new league

Fitness Tips

Jack, Doi, Suchai and Wantana win Camel Charity Golf in Ban Chang

Big week for Joe Sebastian

Sus Ige drops the hammer

Brian Wilkinson staggers his playing partners

Keeping up with the Jones Boys

UNICEF to benefit from inaugural ‘Pee-Wee’ Charity Golf Invitational

The Square Ring

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Classroom regains cricket Cup

On Sunday December 9 the Classroom cricket team traveled to Banchang and competed in one of their friendly matches against the Banchang cricket team. This time, however, the game was more serious as the Cup was at stake. The last time the Classroom won the Cup was in September 2000.

The Classroom Cricket Team celebrates winning the Cup.

Having dragged the players from a nearby bar, the match commenced with the Classroom batting first, making 92 runs for 2 wickets with useful contributions of 20 runs from Rob and 28 not outs from Dave. The Banchang team in their first innings made a gallant reply scoring 91 runs for 2 wickets, with Mark H. not out and Mark W. hitting a brisk 25 not out with 3 sixes and 1 four. Dave, who had previously starred with the bat, was the most successful bowler, his 3 overs only costing 13 runs for 1 wicket.

The Classroom began their second 12 overs innings with some massive hitting from Chris and Dave, the former scoring 5 fours in his 25 not out. After threatening to take the bowling apart, Dave stepped on his wickets for 10 runs. There followed a batting collapse reminiscent of the England test team middle order. Four batsmen failed to trouble the scorer. Rob contributed 10 runs, and Paul a useful 14 not out. The innings ended at 84 for 9 wickets.

In their 2nd innings Banchang needed to make 86 runs to retain the cup. This time however, the Classroom boys got their act together and all four bowlers did a useful job. Dave bowled 3 overs for 9 runs, his last over being a maiden; a rarity for this type of game. John D, a useful spinner who plays cricket in England made 3 overs for 15 runs. It fell upon Scott, the manager of the Classroom, to bowl the final over of the game, needing to concede less than 15 runs to win the match.

We all had confidence in Scott’s ability as he had been warned by his boss, Stan, not to return to the Classroom without the Cup. Scotty rose to the occasion and only conceded 4 runs and took the last Banchang wicket. In the Banchang innings, Mark again starred with the bat scoring 26 retired.

The match having been completed, all the players returned to the Camel Bar where the Cup was presented to Bob, the Classroom captain, and the celebrations continued at the Classroom, Pattayaland Soi 2.

The next match will be in Pattaya on Sunday, January 6, 2002.

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300 tennis players enter 21st Chonburi Provincial Tennis Tournament

Chakrapong Akkaranant

Three hundred of the area’s tennis players entered the 21st Chonburi Provincial Tennis Tournament, this year played at the Siam Bayshore Resort in South Pattaya.

The tournament was divided into different age group categories and included a category for honorary senior club members. Some of the tournament winners included teams from the Bang Saen Tennis Club, the Rajanavee Tennis Club in Sattahip, and the Chonburi Provincial Civil Service Tennis Club, who had the team winning the category for honorary senior club members.

Mayor Pairat Suttithamrongsawat opened the annual tournament on December 15. The tournament continued for two days with 13 teams entering from tennis clubs in the provincial area.

The annual tournament has become a traditional event that has continued for the past 21 years providing a platform for teams throughout the Chonburi area to compete whilst promoting the sport as well as strengthening relationships among players.

Each year the tournament is held at a different location; Pattaya was selected as this year’s host. During the opening ceremony the mayor said that the city is fully prepared to provide arrangements for the tournament and hopes to continue hosting the tournament for years to come.

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Thai Airways International  Mistral Youth & Junior World Windsurfing Championship 2001

Chakrapong Akkaranant

The “Thai Airways International Mistral Youth & Junior World Championship 2001” was held from November 28 - December 5 at the Pattaya Park Beach Resort. 147 windsurfers from more than 24 countries took part in the competition.

The windsurfing competition decided world rankings and champions in 13 and 15-year old age groups for boys, and two other groups for males and females no older than 17 and 20.

(from right to left) Masiah Nimrod from Israel, winner of the 15-year old age group, with Singsart Nawin and Anucha Chanleung, both from Thailand taking 2nd and 3rd place.

Winning the 13-year old age group for boys was Patricio Gasque from Mexico with a point total of 12.00. The two runner-ups in the same age group were Tom Oliver Schliemann from Germany taking 2nd place followed by Paco Nistico from Italy.

Israel’s Masiah Nimrod took the championship title in the 15-year old age group with a point total of 24.00. Thailand’s Singsart Nawin took 2nd place followed by Anucha Chanleung also from Thailand taking 3rd place.

Frederico Esposito from Italy won the championship title in the 17-year old age group (males) with a total point score of 17.00. Shahar Tzubari from Israel was the runner-up followed by Wong Yu Him from Hong Kong.

Chen Linuo from China took the championship title in the 17-year old age group for females with a point score of 22.00. Chanleung Sunisa from Thailand took 2nd place followed by Flavia Tartaglini.

In the 20-year old age group for men the winner of the championship title went to Chan King Yin from Hong Kong after outscoring last year’s champions with a score of 18.00. The champions from last year, Joeri Van Dijik from Holland and Byron Kokalanis from Greece, ended up in 2nd and 3rd place.

Shiri Ron from Israel won the championship title in the female 20-year old age group with a point score of 16.00 outscoring Roni Shaked, also from Israel. Napalai Tansai from Thailand placed 3rd in the competition.

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The Vikinigs fall to Lewiinski’s / Orchid G.C.

A Special Ryder Cup was played last week over 2 days at Great Lakes between the visiting and local Scandinavians and the Lewiinski’s / Orchid G.C. The format on the first day was pairs joint Stableford and the second day singles match play Stableford.

After the first day Lewiinski’s was up 7 to 1, requiring just 5 1/2 to win and they duly obliged by getting 10 1/2 to win overall by 17 1/2 to 6 1/2.

The awards part was at Lewiinski’s on Friday where the food and the atmosphere were very enjoyable, with the Scandies singing their hearts out in defeat.

Other results:

Green Valley - Sunday 16th Dec.

A flight:

1st: Gerry Power, 41 pts.
2nd: Larry Nicholas, 35 pts.
3rd: Richard Montgomery, 35 pts.

B flight:

1st: Lamud Chaidara, 37 pts.
2nd: Ed Mc Murray, 34 pts.
3rd: Steve Ross, 33 pts.
Near pins: #2 Stan Fry, #9 Steve Mascari, #12 Joe Mcardle, #16 George Jackson.

Ban Chang - Monday 17th Dec.

1st: Stan Fry, net 68
2nd: Svein Vistung, net 68
3rd: Steve Ross, net 74

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Kran maintains lead

PSC Golf Kronborg Tuesday Bowling league

In week 14 of the PSC Cafe Kronborg Tuesday Bowling League, Kran’s team extended their lead by beating Otto’s team 4-0.

Somrak, who rolled a 223 string

In the other matches there were some close games; Nual’s team came out on top for a change against Somrak’s 3-1, and Mio’s team managed a 3-1 win over Jeed’s team.

This week only Somrak managed to break the 200 barrier with a very good 223 string.

Team standings after 18 Dec.

  Won Lost

1. Kran
2. Mio
3. Jeed
4. Somrak
5. Otto
6. Nual



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Mio bowls best game and series of the new league

Pattaya Sports Club Friday Bowling

Mio, House of the Golden Coin captain, showed just how good she could be on Friday bowling games of 211, 256 and 199 for a 666 series. This gives her both the high game and high series in this league. She led her team to a three-point victory over the Three Sisters team with the help of fellow team member Suphan who had a 200 game and 540 series. Mai was best for the Three Sisters, bowling a 203 game and knocking down 504 pins.

La, bowling chairperson, and Mio, who bowled like a pro

Meanwhile the Sultans of Swing increased their first place lead taking all four points from the Cafe Kronborg. Dang led the Sultan team once again with a 522 series and Ken knocked down 200 pins in game one. Kran, not bowling to her normal form, bowled a 501 series for Cafe Kronborg.

VFW Post 9876 took four points from Shakey Pete’s with steady bowling from all four bowlers. Bill had a 506 series and Morn a 502 series for the VFW and La led Shakey Pete’s with a 206 game and 521 series.

Winchester Club got back on the winning track and took four points from Cafe Ole. Jon had a 528 series and Konrad a 510 series for Winchester. Cafe Ole just had a bad day and no one could even bowl a 500 series on this Friday.

League Standings

Team Points 21 Dec

Sultans of Swing
House of the Golden Coin
Winchester Club
VFW Post 9876
Cafe Ole
Shakey Pete’s
Cafe Kronborg
Three Sisters

31.5 - 20.5
30 - 22
28 - 24
27 - 25
24.5 - 27.5
24 - 28
22 - 30
21 - 31

4 - 0
3 - 1
4 - 0
4 - 0
0 - 4
0 - 4
0 - 4
1 - 3

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Fitness Tips: Weight lifting techniques under the microscope - Part 8c Effective abdominals

Effective abdominal exercises

The following exercises should be performed progressively over a number of classes. You must be satisfied that all participants are competent at one level before you progress to the next level.


LEVEL 1 (S = stable base)

Lie prone (face down) on the floor with arms folded under head, and chin resting on forearm. Contract abdominals and hold for approximately 10 seconds and increasing to 20 seconds. Keep breathing normally throughout the set / brace position. This is the same position that I described earlier; pull you navel back towards your spine as you exhale.

LEVEL 2 (L = lever)

With knees on floor, lift the body off the ground in a straight line, maintaining hip position. Hold for approximately 10 seconds, with a 10 to 20 second recovery (depending on experience). Eventually aim to hold for a minute, with a 20 second recovery. Note: there should be a straight line from the shoulder, through the hips to the knees. Ensure the hips are not higher nor lower than this line.

LEVEL 3 (L = lever) - refer to photo 1

Combine all three exercises. Start with level 1 to get a feel for the movement; progress to level 2 to experience the exercise with load; and then introduce this level (i.e., raise knees off ground, so body is positioned off the ground in straight line from shoulders, through hips and knees to the ankles). Try 20 seconds to introduce level 1, 20 seconds to introduce level 2, and then 20 to 40 seconds for this level. Progress this exercise by increasing the amount of time spent in the 3rd position.

LEVEL 4 (O = open up, and B = change the base) refer to photo 2

The same exercise can be performed on the ball. Try the same progression as above, but this time with elbows on the ball. Or you can try it on your fists or even a set of dumbbells on the floor. Make sure the body stays in a straight line and that the hands are vertical, obviously lower but also behind the line that comes down from the shoulder. Same straight line with the body from shoulder to ankle.

Hover - prone stabilisation learning tips

Maintain a comfortable breathing rhythm throughout.

Keep the pelvis, the spine and the knees in a straight line.

If you are shaking, the exercise is too difficult for you - drop to the next easier option immediately.

The elbows should be underneath and slightly behind the shoulders. It is normal to feel a degree of shoulder fatigue due to the uncharacteristic nature of the movement. Adaptation occurs quickly.

During the third level, if you become fatigued, one knee may be dropped to give some recovery before moving on.

Level one is a great starting point for people with poor postural abdominal strength.

The ball progression should not be made until you can hold the level 3 hover for approximately one minute. If the lower back feels as though it is fatiguing, drop it down to the easier level. If in pain, discontinue.

Next week, more “effective abdominal exercises”. Until then,

Carpe Diem

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Jack, Doi, Suchat and Wantana win Camel Charity Golf in Ban Chang

107 golfers turned out to support the Camel Charity Golf tournament played on December 15 at the Century Golf Club. The proceeds from the tournament, plus the assistance of the Ban Chang Sports and Social Club, will be used to build a metal and woodworking shop at the Chumchon Wat Suwan Rungsan School in Ban Chang. This will give the students a chance to participate in after school activities and hopefully help prepare them for the future.

Dennis Willet (right) rewards the winning team

The golf was a four-person team format using the scramble scoring system. Jack Ashline’s team, composed of himself, Doi, Suchat and Wantana won the first place trophies with a whopping 53.7 team score. The team played off of a 4.3 handicap, the lowest in the field, and they obviously proved to be the better team.

John Richardson, Bob Ellis, Jeff Lofthouse and Alan Jackson finished second with a very respectable 56 net score. Third place, won by a fraction, went to the team of Martin, Ivor, Steve and Kim. Rod Carmichael, John and Ali Kirkwood, and Tony Holehouse finished in fourth place.

Nearest the pin winners were Steve Hoove, Tom Elsey, Kim Harbeck and Brent Merron. Long putt winners were Ake Overgreen and Khun Jum. Khun Bee won the ladies’ longest drive and Ian Warwick won the men’s. George Davis won the straightest drive contest; now who would ever believe that George won this award in a field of 107 players?

Sus, from Hawaii, clearly had the shot-of-the-day, holing a 124 yard second shot on a par four for an eagle. Herbie Ishinaga, his playing partner, said, “No big deal, that’s what we flew him in from Hawaii to do.” Great shot Mr. Sus.

After the golf, it was back to the Camel Pub and Restaurant where Chef Ronnie Coulson did the thing he is most famous for: putting on a great meal for everyone. Four enormous turkeys headed the menu along with great roast pork, Chinese and BBQ spare ribs and BBQ chicken. A great recipe for potato salad, rice and garlic bread added to the terrific spread. The meal was topped off with platters of fresh fruit.

More than 200,000 baht was raised by the players and sponsors to help the BCS&SC build the metal and woodworking shop at the Ban Chang School. Sponsors included: Crane Services, NCE, UTS, Pattaya Sports Club, Mammoet, John Car Rent, Loritex, Crathco, MRAS, Profound Innovations, Thoresen & Co., RMS, English Enterprises, George Davis, Mrs. Vind, Debora’s, Rainbow Restaurant, Glyn Jenkins, Riekermann, Simple Simon, Offshore Bar, Faces Bar, McAllister’s Bar, the Warbler, Ray Caron, Mark Gorda and Rod Carmichael. A special thanks for their continued support goes to Ron Coulson, Shenanigans, Jerry Carpenter and Rosie O’Gradys who are always willing to support charity golf events. Thanks also to Khun Uten and the staff at Century for having the golf course in good shape and taking care of everyone.

The organizing committee of Ronnie Coulson, Terry Tansley, who remains the most famous non-golfer in Ban Chang, Glyn Jenkins and Dennis Willett thank all of the players and sponsors for making this a great golf outing and a great day.

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Big week for Joe Sebastian

PSC Golf from the Cafe Kronborg

Monday 17 December - Treasure Hills (stroke)

The beautiful Treasure Hills course was host to twenty-five golfers for a stroke play competition in two flights.

Wayne Koch took the A flight with a net 73. Bill Plath was second with net 76 and Irish Joe McCardle 3rd with net 77.

Bill Gibson took the B flight with a net 72. Joe Sebastian finished second with a net 72 and Herb Schwietermann came third with net 75.

Near pins: #2 Wayne Koch, #6 Barry Kerr, #13 Dave Richardson and #17 Joe Sebastian.

Thursday 20 December - Khao Kheow (The Memorial)

The immaculate Khao Kheow Country Club was the venue for 46 golfers to honor fallen comrades Karl Lislevatin and Dr Suthep Aronskool (Dr Sam).

The field was divided into two flights, “A” 0-16 low gross and “B” 17 and above in a Stableford tournament.

Ahti Suutari took the A flight with a gross 79. Paul Coutolmas finished second with gross 80 and Brian Wilkinson came third with a gross 88 on a count back from Brent McGraw and Don Richardson.

Joe Sebastian took the B flight with an astounding 46 points. Steady Arthur Bailey finished second with 33 points and tournament director Dave Richardson finished third with 30 points on a count back from Teppo Kelava and Ben Irwin.

Near pins: A3 Paul Coutoumas, A5 Ben Irwin, B3 Ahti Suutari, and A8 Don Richardson.

Long putts: A9 Howie Forrest and B9 Rick Bevington.

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Sus Ige drops the hammer

PSC Three Sisters Golf

On Monday morning golf, a newcomer from Johnston Island, Sus Ige dropped the hammer on the rest of the field. Sus, originally from Hawaii has been working down at Johnston Island for a donkey’s age now and takes his vacations here in Thailand. With a 15 handicap, he managed 5 under par to come in with 41 points. Sus had already shown his capabilities in the Camel Tournament in Banchang when he eagled the second hole (his drive and his second shot in the scramble). Needless to say, if he stays around, his handicap will be taking a nosedive.

Trying to catch up with Sus for the bragging rights were Gerry Carpenter and Dick Caggiano with 39 points each. Dick has been sniffing around the top position trying to get the bragging rights for the last couple of weeks but has not managed to quite get there.

Following the leaders were Jerry Lien and Erle Kershaw with 38 points.

At the bottom of the pile was Gordon McKnight with 24 points. Gordon was caught holding the bag as Kenny Mau struggled past, limping around the course. Gordon just hasn’t shot a good round yet but it will be coming.

After golf, the golfers retired to caddy shack 2 and newcomer to the group, Andy Bettany, supplied the ham sandwiches to go with the beer.

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Brian Wilkinson staggers his playing partners

IPGC TAGGS Golf from The Haven

Monday 17th December - Phoenix Golf Club (Stableford)

1st: Lamud Lindborg, 39 pts.
2nd: Klaus Schackt, 38 pts.
3rd: Phil Groves, 37 pts.

Lamud continued her fine run of form, and just managed to keep ahead of the always-steady Klaus and the improving Phil on a blustery day that saw the rest of the field struggling. For once, Oradee was unable to stay in contention, although she did share the twos pool with Lamud, much to the delight of Bob and Klaus.

Wednesday 19th December - Burapha Country Club (Stableford)

1st: Phil Groves, 40 pts.
2nd: Rick Bevington, 38 pts. (cb 9 21 pts.)
3rd: Peder Gjelstrub, 38 pts. (cb 9 16 pts.)
4th: B.J. Smith, 38 pts. (cb 9 15 pts.)

Phil at last showed why he is a single figure handicapper, playing off the blue tees at the beautifully maintained private Burapha Country Club, where the TAGGS were lucky enough to have been invited. The chasing pack were led by Rick, who just managed to secure second place by count back over Peder and B.J. with a great 21 points over the difficult back nine holes.

Back at the Haven, Richard Livingston, the resident PGA professional, welcomed back Karl Holm from Sweden and Brian Wilkinson from Ostwistle in Lancashire via Norway. Brian also picked up the twos with a dodgy downhill putt at the last par three.

Friday 21st December - Phoenix Golf Club (Monthly Medal)

Ladies Division:

1st: Lamud Lindborg, 72
2nd: Saranya Chaiyanont, 80

2nd Division:

1st: Brian Kelly, 72
2nd: Bob Lindborg, 76
3rd: Al Rolnik, 76

1st Division:

1st: Ake Ovegren, 69
2nd: Michael Dige, 75

The competition was, as usual, fierce for the top honours in the monthly medal, which, as always, was contested from the blue tees, and played in extremely windy conditions.

Lamud proved to be the most reliable of the ladies and kept newcomer Saranya far behind, as she cruised to her first win and ensured a place in the gold and silver medals to be played at the season’s end.

Brian, now playing with great confidence and enthusiasm off his new and lower handicap, also proved too good for the boys in the second division and ran out an easy winner to also secure his first monthly win.

Ake led home the first division, with Michael for once being a long way off the pace.

Brian Wilkinson again cleared up in the twos competition with another downhiller to stagger his playing partners.

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Keeping up with the Jones Boys

IPGC Pattaya Golf Society at the Bunker

On Tuesday, 18th December, the Bunker Boys travelled to Gary Player’s inspiration at Sriracha International Golf Club for their weekly medal competition. As is common at this time of year the course was fully booked and the sad thing about this particular venue is that there are usually no buggies or hand trolleys available for the later starters. This was to affect the performance of some of the more senior Bunker Boys, especially the Bunker’s transport manager, poor “Private” Preddy. The majority enjoyed the round and the bone dry fairways made for a lot of run.

In division one the Jones boys came to the fore with Bill winning with net 70 and Len following with net 74. In third place came Michael Dige with a very creditable net 75.

In division two fireman Danny Greer scorched to a net 71, closely followed by Chris John, aka “Andi Capp”, on 73 and Joe McKerr with 75.

The Bunker Super Sawng award was shared by Michael Dige and Jon Wood, with Michael recording a two at the former crocodile hole and Jon securing one on the seventeenth. Jon Wood also took the Bunker Banana Booby for his finishing burst of 10, 2 and 13!

The Bunker Boys would like to wish all our readers a really Merry Christmas and a splendidly successful New Year.

Check out

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UNICEF to benefit from inaugural ‘Pee-Wee’ Charity Golf Invitational

The inaugural Pee-Wee Charity Golf Invitational is scheduled to take place at Eastern Star Resort on Friday February 1st. Exclusively for up to 45 keen young 7-14 year old golfers, this charity golf invitational, over 18 holes in four age divisions, is being staged the day before the 2nd Khun Anand Panyarachun Charity Golf Invitational for UNICEF.

The organizers saw this as an opportunity to seek individual sponsorship for the young golfers and thereby raise money for UNICEF. Former Prime Minister Anand Panyarachun, who is also the Ambassador for UNICEF in Thailand, will be attending the prize giving ceremony in the Masters Conference Hall to present trophies and prizes to the winners. All proceeds from this event, and the Anand Panyarachun Charity Golf Invitational the day after, will benefit disadvantaged children in Thailand through UNICEF projects.

The challenging Robert Trent Jones Jnr. course at Eastern Star Resort is a good place for Pee-Wee golfers to start, using special fairway tees, and each Pee-Wee ‘Three-Ball’ will be accompanied by a non-playing adult golfer to supervise and advise on rules and etiquette. PGA Professional Glyn Jenkins will also be on hand to supervise the overall activity on the course.

Schools on the Eastern Seaboard are being invited to enter their junior golfers and raise sponsorship support for them, related to individual performance on the day.

Mike Franklin, tournament director for both events, commented, “Having the opportunity to run a Pee-We golf tournament was good in itself, but the addition of the charity element linked to the Khun Anand Panyarachun Charity Golf Invitational for UNICEF is a real bonus. We hope that local schools will encourage their young golfers to take part, and for parents and friends to give them encouragement through generous sponsorship support.

“Grateful thanks to Cathay Pacific Airways, Shenanigans and Eastern Star Resort for organizing and supporting the Pee-Wee Charity Golf Invitational Tournament, and to recently retired Cathay executive, Paul Horsting, for coming up with the Pee-Wee concept and piloting the idea to reality.

“It is never too early to start to play golf, and this level of activity introduces these very young players to the game in the best way possible.”

Any company or individual wishing to sponsor the players or donate prizes should contact Mike Franklin, by e-mail at [email protected] or by phone/fax at 038 731144.

Full details with entry form, and player sponsorship forms are available at Eastern Star Resort and at Shenanigans, Pattaya. Or, download from Eastern Star or Shenanigans web sites at or

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The Square Ring

by Howie Reed

The Kingdom was spared yet another Holyfield-Ruiz fight the 16th of December. Lucky you. This third time was not the charm as Ruiz, WBA champ, got a draw that smells like Pattaya use to when the tide was out. Judge Julie “The Token” Lederman had it for Holyfield. Tommy Kaztmarick had it a draw while Ruiz Massachusetts neighbor had it for Ruiz. A survey of knowledgeable boxing fans had it solidly for Holyfield. Who were those experts queried by the Pattaya Mail? George Sherring, Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder to name but three. In the 12th Holyfield smashed the chumps proboscis to such an extent that he’ll be out of the ring about six months. Meanwhile, Holyfield is ready to rumble and might meet WBA number one Kirk Johnson.

The Tyson-Lewis fight is on for April 6 in spite of the fact that Mike has been charged with whacking Michale Rose (2-8-1) for calling his pals chickenheads. Rose, who’s record doesn’t look like much, has one claim to fame. He beat Butterbean, the Champion of the Four Rounders. Well, yes, and was whacked by Tyson. It is very possible that Tyson-Lewis will be the largest grossing fight in history. Some estimates run as high as 120 million UD$. That’s a lot of Phuket Island Lagers. With Don King out of the picture in regard to Tyson-Lewis, he offered Tyson 79 million dollars for a four fight deal. Under the deal, Tyson would fight Ruiz first. “It would be an easy fight for Tyson,” said King. He promotes Ruiz. The word is that Tyson has said “Neyt” until his lawsuit against King is settled.

David Tua (38-3), trying to rehabilitate his career, got back against Garing Lang (20-27) who has lost to the worst in boxing. It took Tua 9 rounds to get the KO which is not good news for the Tuaman or his ever-dwindling faithful fans.

Bangkok has its last fight card of the year tonight when Somsak Singchatchawal (24-1-1) fights Michael Domingo who either has no record or it’s so bad they’re hiding it from the press. Sairung Singwangcha is on the same card fighting a member of the TBA family which is surpassed in numbers only by the number of Wong’s in the Hong Kong phone book.

2002 could be one of those years. If either Acelino Freitas (30-0) or Joel Casamayor (26-0) is convincing when they battle on January 12th for the WBO & WBA Jr. Lightweight title, a new star is born. A star waiting to happen has been Shane Mosley. He’s squandered his star power after beating Oscar DeLaHoya almost two year’s ago. Late in January he gets a chance to actually fight someone that can fight. Mosley (38-0) defends against Vernon Forrest (33-0) for the WBC welterweight crown. A convincing win and he validates his pound-for-pound top ranking by some.

The year will get its usual dose of Roy Jones fighting no ones (Glenn Kelly in February), a lot of meaningless title fights and maybe an April 6 mega heavyweight brawl. But what the heck. Writing boxing beats the heck out of working for a living at a real job. Happy New Year Pattaya, God Bless and Thanks.

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