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Sattahip Techical College cheers their way to victory!

Royal Varuna in the grip of ‘NACRAmania’

Pattaya Schools square off in festival beach football

Kran rolls a 614 series-scratch

Festival crowd treated to a look into the past

Lawn Bowls to celebrate Grand Opening

Fitness Tips

Aran Homraruen takes DTAC Windsurfing Championship 2001

Tricky Dicky comes out on top

Dabber makes a ‘Usa friendly’ pair to win Shenanigans

Second place count backs the theme this week

Bill Thompson gets done again

Dan-Dan the Fireman sets Khao Kheow Alight

PH3 Run 893

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Sattahip Technical College cheers their way to victory!

Chakrapong Akkaranant

Cheerleaders from Sattahip Technical College cheered their way to victory in the Vocational College category of the 3rd annual cheerleading competition held during Pattaya Festival 2001.

Winners of the cheerleading competition (high school and vocational college categories) ecstatically show off their trophies at the Central Festival Center.

A large turnout of cheerleading teams from the eastern region participated in this year’s competition held at the Central Festival Center in North Pattaya on April 17 and 18.

The cheerleading teams represented regional schools in categories from kindergarten to high school and vocational school levels.

Judges looked for gymnastic performance, style and ingenuity in the routines, and the ability to draw cheers from the crowd.

The “TAT Team” from the Sattahip Vocational College gyrated and danced better than all others to win their division. The “Sharkey Team” from Pattaya Commercial College and the “Winstar Team” from the Chonburi Vocational College finished second and third respectively.

The cheerleading team from the Peechanusad School won the cute kindergarten category, whilst the Thepprasit Aksorn School won the grade school division.

Pattaya’s Photisamphanphitayakharn School won the high school category.

Trophies in the name of the Minister of Science, Technology and Environment, H.E. Sonthaya Khunpluem were presented to the winners of each category, along with educational funds ranging from 3,000 to 10,000 baht.

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Royal Varuna in the grip of ‘NACRAmania’

by Peter Cummins

A “Cat Clinic”, designed to shake Royal Varuna Yacht Club NACRA sailors out of their collective lethargy, was held recently at the Varuna Club. Initiated by NACRA man-about-the-Gulf Bob Garner, it was, in his words, “An outstanding success, managing to lure 21 of the 28 craft, which had been languishing on the Royal Varuna racks, out onto the water for training, tuning and racing.”

NACRAs launching off Royal Varuna beach: next an Asian championship? Photo by Peter Cummins

Bob’s enthusiasm was infectious, inspiring the more than 40 who attended the seminar to avail themselves of the opportunity to learn how to repair and tune their complex craft; or, to use terminology baffling to the average layman: they experimented with mast bend, rig tension, diamond stay adjustment, hull and rudder alignment...!

One of Bob’s aims is to, “Generate enough ‘NACRAmania’ (this state of being is sure preferable to ‘necrophilia’, I would suggest) to commit at least 10 boats to participating in this year’s Phuket King’s Cup Regatta”. NACRA sailors, such as Singapore’s Scott McCook and Thailand’s own SEA Games gold medallist Damrongsak Vongtim, in fact, have sailed NACRAs to multihull honours in the days when there was a beach-launched catamaran division at the King’s Cup Regatta.

Another major thought behind the “Cat clinic” is that, through the large range of boats produced by NACRA Australia, “It could encourage”, according to Bob, “younger sailors graduating from Optimists, Lasers and other dinghy fleets, to gravitate towards NACRA sailing”.

In fact, two Aussie NACRA builders and specialists, Ross and Michael Guinea, who had come up from Brisbane to conduct the workshop, were inclined to agree with this progression. “NACRA has a boat to suit everyone,” said Ross, “ranging from a 14-ft. resort catamaran to a range of single-handers to a fleet of high performance racing machines, right up to the mighty NACRA 5.8 and 6.0”.

Varuna’s top NACRA racer Gary Baguley has raced several of them with singular success, excelling in the single-handed hi-tech 16 Square and, more recently, the crewed 5.8 in which he has carried off the top honours of Royal Varuna’s two blue riband events - the Koh Larn and the Pattaya Mail PC Classics, raced on successive weeks last month.

The weekend of intensive training, tuning and racing, under the tutelage of the two Aussie NACRA men, achieved much and put the fleet at Varuna at the top of the racing schedule. Although there is a large stable of models at the club, comprising the single-handers, the NACRA 14 and 16 Squares, the 5.0, the 5.5, the 5.8, the 6.0 and the Inter-17, it is usually the 16 Square which dominates catamaran racing at Royal Varuna.

What’s in an acronym?

I do not particularly like acronyms - especially if I am not sure what they mean. It is usually fraught with hazards to continue to use any particular one, for there comes a day when the inevitable question appears: what does that stand for? It is somewhat like knowing a person “for years” but never mastering his/her name. Then comes a day of introduction to a third party: “I would like you to meet my long-time good friend, er...!”

Thus I have used the acronym NACRA many times without really knowing what it means, except that it is obviously related to a breed of catamaran. But the NACRA weekend revealed it all: of course, NACRA = the North American Catamaran Racing Association. The fact that almost all of the large fleet housed at the Royal Varuna Yacht Club has been built in and imported from Australia, is sailed by many nationalities - except ‘nordamericanos’ and has no contact with the North American ‘parent’ body, apart from conforming to the Association’s racing rules - is irrelevant. NACRAs they are and NACRAs they always will be!

Finally, a major outcome of the event will be to import some new boats, with the King’s Cup Regatta in mind and, as Bob sees it, “To encourage entry-level competitive sailing to young Thais - and expatriates.”

A larger fleet, with state-of-the art craft available, furthermore, will greatly enhance the prospects of Thailand becoming targeted as a most desirable venue for major Asian championships. This has certainly been the case with other Varuna fleets ranging from the tiny Optimist to the Fireball, the Enterprise, the Laser - and most recently, the Topcats - which have all had world championships in Thailand over the past few years.

Bearing these factors in mind, and seeing the success of the “Cat Clinic”, Bob sees a distinct possibility that the Royal Varuna Yacht Club could be the chosen venue for the 2001 Asian NACRA championships.

No doubt, the Guinea brothers will be back!

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Pattaya schools square off in festival beach football

Chakrapong Akkaranant

Twenty-four teams from ten Pattaya schools took part in the Pattaya City Festival 2001 beach football competition beginning April 16.

The action was as hot as the weather in the Pattaya City Festival 2001 youth beach football competition.

The competition, which took place on Pattaya Beach in front of Soi 6, offered trophies and 1,000-3,000 baht cash prizes presented by deputy mayor Watana Chantanawaranon.

A group of players from 3rd Road called “9 Rai Sai 3” won the competition. “Surf Beach” finished second. Two teams tied for third, Pattaya City School #3 and the “Jaew Waew Nam Sap Team”.

Kriangkrai Saengsombat (9 Rai Sai 3) earned a trophy for scoring the most goals after netting six in the one game during elimination play.

Yuranant Unsri (Surf Beach) received a trophy for best sportsmanship conduct, and Wacharaporn Sompee (9 Rai Sai 3) was awarded a trophy for best defending his goal.

The Pattaya City educational department sponsored the football competition as a way of supporting the anti-drug campaign and promoting sports as method of using spare time wisely and as an alternative to drugs.

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Kran rolls a 614 series-scratch

Three way tie at the top of the PSC Bowling

Cafe Kronborg won all four points from VFW Post 9876 behind fantastic bowling by Captain Kran with games of 222, 188, 204 and a 614 series.

With the House of the Golden Coin playing without Captain Mio they lost all four points to Cafe Ole and are now in a three-way tie for first place. Cafe Ole was fired up by Udom’s 223 in the first game and 550 series, which could not be matched by anyone on the Golden Coin team.

Three Sisters took three points from Sultan’s of Swing. Ow’s 207 game for the Sultan team helped them win the first game and one point. Tue, Sultan’s, rolled a 202 game, 510 series and Otto, Thee Sisters, knocked down 500 pins for his team.

Winchester Club managed to take two points from Shakey Pete’s with good bowling by Jah 171, 206, 174, 551 series and Weal chipped in a final game of 200.

League Standings

Team Captain Points  20 Apr

House of the Golden Coin
Shakey Pete’s
Three Sisters
Cafe Kronborg
Winchester Club
Sultan’s Of Swing
Cafe Ole
VFW Post 9876


24 - 12
24 - 12
24 - 12
21 - 15
15 - 21
13 - 23
15 - 21
9 - 27

0 - 4
2 - 2
3 - 1
4 - 0
2 - 2
1 - 3
4 - 0
0 - 4

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Festival crowd treated to a look into the past

Boonlua Chatree

In ancient Thailand, long before the invention of boxing gloves, young pugilists would wrap their fists with rope and face off against each other in a sport called Muay Khad Chyak, the forerunner of Muay Thai, today’s national sport of the Kingdom.

Thailand faced off against Burma in the ancient sport of Muay Khad Chyak

During the Pattaya Festival, on April 16, Thai boxing coach Yodthoong Senanan from the Yodthong-Phayak Arun Boxing Camp in Pattaya organized for festivalgoers a “glimpse back in time”, staging five Muay Khad Chyak bouts.

To add a bit of authenticity, as well as incentive for the boxers, the famed boxing coach invited five Burmese boxers, in ancient times bitter rivals of Thailand, to face off against five Thai boxers of equal stature.

Thailand managed to win 4 of the 5 bouts, the lone Burmese win coming on a 4th round knock out.

Master Yodthoong also organized bouts of the more humorous sport of Muay Kraphuan. In Muay Kraphuan, boxers enter the ring blindfolded and wearing bells around their waste. The referee directs the fight by coaxing the two boxers as they follow the jingling sound of the bells. This style of boxing always brings much laughter from the spectators.

Mayor Pairat Suttithamrongsawat, accompanied by former deputy health minister Santsak Ngamphiches awarded the boxers with 1,000 baht bonuses following the fights.

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Lawn Bowls to celebrate Grand Opening

“The Bowling Green” lawn bowls club, which was recently built on Soi Drarin (situated between Soi Buakow and Third Road next to the new X-Zyte Disco), has now started to bowl and will celebrate their official grand opening this weekend, April 28 & 29.

The Bowling Green lawn bowls club is now open for bowling.

During this opening the Thai National Bowling Team will be visiting and Pattaya will provide a team to play them.

The club has a fully stocked, inexpensive bar and restaurant, complete with pool table and dartboards. The club also offers night bowling on their floodlit green. Bowling starts at 10 a.m. and continues to 10 p.m.

The Bowling Green is also starting a lawn bowling league, commencing in May. If any bars, clubs, associations or individuals are interested please contact the club through their web site or tel. 038 720741, fax 038 720742.

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Fitness Tips: The ideal fluid supply

by David Garred
Club Manager Dusit Resort Sports Club

Requirements Met

Now that we have discussed the subject of equalising the body’s fluid deficit we have to find out about carbohydrates. If exercising causes you to lose 1 kilogram weight it will equal a loss of 150 grams carbohydrates. An optimized make-up of the drink will help keep the carbohydrate reduction in the body at a minimum. It is important to comply with the maximum amounts (according to the type of carbohydrate) as they pertain to gastric retention.

Dr. Wolfgang Feil recommends adding to 1-liter mildly carbonated mineral water with a high natrium content (over 900 mg) 3 tablespoons Maltodextrin to meet the carbohydrate requirement in the isotonic area and 1.5 tablespoons fruit sugar (for pre-exercise carbohydrate supply without raising the blood sugar). In addition, he recommends a pinch of salt. If you find yourself doing anaerobic exercises for an extended length of time, you should prevent the onset of acidity with a still water with a hydrocarbon content of more than 2800 mg/1 (acid buffers).

The osmolality determines the absorption speed of a fluid (there is a little definition that you can work into conversation with friends, might even come up in a pub quiz night somewhere soon, after they run out of questions like what London suburb has an underground station named after the local football team). Fruit juices, having a potassium content of about 1000 milligrams per liter, play an important role. Only 225 milligrams per liter are being lost through sweat, therefore, a sports drink should never have any more than 220 milligrams of potassium per liter. Fruit juices must be diluted in proportions of 1:3, otherwise the high potassium level of the drink may risk an elevated lactate concentration in the blood (Neumann 1994).

The following chart lists the ideal composition of a sports drink:

Portion carbohydrates 6-8% (i. e. 3 tblsp. Maltodextrin, 1.5 tblsp. fruit sugar)

Isotonic 300 mosmol per kilogram

Portion sodium chloride 1 pinch min. to 900 milligrams per liter Dosage < 0.2 liters per minute

Portion fruit juice < 1/3 Hydrogen carbonate > 2800 milligrams per liter

So please read the labels.

How often should you drink?

It is essential to drink plenty of fluids in due time! Recommendations run at about 1 liter per hour divided into 3-4 intakes. In other words, about 150-200 milliliters every 15 minutes during exercise.

Runners should take smaller quantities more often as the shock from each impact may cause gastric stress.

Slightly chilled drinks (5-8 degrees Celsius, depending on the individual) will be absorbed faster.

Carpe’ Diem

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Aran Homraruen takes DTAC Windsurfing Championship 2001

Chakrapong Akkaranant

Aran Homraruen, a gold medal winner in the last ASEAN Games, accumulated the most points in the professional category (no more than 7.4 square meters of sail area) to easily win the DTAC Windsurfing Championship 2001.

A hot day with mild wind added an extra challenge in this year’s DTAC Windsurfing Championship 2001.

Aran’s two partners on the Thai National Windsurfing Team, Bhanuhach Ruamsap and Suhaimee Muhamadkasem, took 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

The windsurfing competition took place in front of the Jomtien Surf Beach Hotel from April 13-15 as part of the annual Pattaya Festival. There was little wind on the day, making it difficult for competitors to maneuver around on the Jomtien coast.

The owner of the telecommunication firm DTAC sponsored this year’s competition, which was divided into nine categories. Age groups from 10-20 (males and females) competed for cash prizes ranging from 2,000 - 6,000 baht. A general amateur category and a general open category were also included.

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Tricky Dicky comes out on top

IPGC Pattaya Golf Society from the Bunker

On Friday, 13th April, the not-so-unlucky Bunker Boys travelled to Century G.C., near Chonburi, for a Stableford competition.

Once again the weather was very hot and in division one Anders Karlson and Dave Fotheringham shared second place with 34 points, losing out again to consistent Michael Dige, who scored a very creditable 36 points.

In division two Len Jones at last overcame his habitual disastrous start, this time carding one point from the first four holes, to share second place with playing partner Sunny from Holland on 34 points. Looking down on the rest of the field, with the best score of the day, was Dicky Barbe who came out on top with 37 points, the only sub par round of the day.

Nearest-the-pin awards went to Jim Wilson, Norman Brooks and Steve Bullock.

The infamous Bunker Banana Booby was awarded to mental Mickey “Montgomery” Noon for a catalogue of errors which included removing his shirt thus violating the strict Bunker dress code. This paled into insignificance when he threw his clubs four times, almost wiping out his playing group’s caddy allotment! Mickey, this is not done in the Pattaya Golf Society, not even for bananas!

Find out the latest news from the Bunker at

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Dabber makes a ‘Usa friendly’ pair to win Shenanigans Songkran Scramble

The last minute pairing of Mike Dabanovich and Usa Chaiyusit proved successful at the Shenanigans Songkran Pairs Scramble at Eastern Star. Both playing off a fourteen handicap, and with a team allowance of just 5.6, Mike and Usa returned a gross 68 and a winning net 62.4.

Runners up were Mike O’Connor and Herb Schwieterman, off 18 and 27 respectively, with a gross 73 resulting in a net 64.0.

Eastern Star was playing well, and near pins were claimed by Mike Dabanovich, would you believe Kim Fletcher, Terry Phur, and visitor newcomer Tony Rosmalen.

Mike O’Connor had a slightly longer putt than Usa Chaiyusit on the ninth, but not to be outdone, Usa sank the long putt on eighteen, so there!

The field of twenty golfers was good for Songkran Pattaya week as many of the regulars had wisely fled up country, but it was helped by seven newcomers, all of whom were very friendly and were most welcome.

The Shenanigans Funhill Cup is next on Friday April 27th, and the next Tuesday outing on May 15th for a Pairs Aggregate Stableford. No fixture on May 1st as it is a Public Holiday.

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Second place count backs the theme this week

IPGC TAGGS Golf from The Haven

April 16 - Great Lake (Bogey)

1st: Anders Karlsson, 2 up

2nd: Brian Wilkinson, all square (cb9 3 down)

3rd: Jimmy Little, all square (cb9 4 down)

Although first place in all three TAGGS (The Alternative Golf Gentlemen’s Society) from The Haven outings this week were uncontested, second places were not so easy to determine. In two out of the three competitions it took a count back, and in one instance a lot of counting back, to decide who would get the honor of playing bridesmaid for the day.

On April 16, after a lengthy but scenic trip to Great Lake, Anders Karlsson comfortably won the bogey competition by finishing 2 up on the course.

After starting strong on the front nine, Brian Wilkinson and Jimmy Little faltered a bit down the stretch to finish tied for second, all square with the course. The ensuing count back landed Brian in second, relegating the disappointed Jimmy (he always likes playing the bridesmaid) to third.

April 18 - Pattaya Country Club (Stroke Play)

1st: Doug Campbell, 68 (9 handicap)

2nd: George Jackson, 71 (14)

3rd: Michael Dige, 72 (6)

The consistent Doug Campbell carded a net 68 off his 9 handicap to win the TAGGS stroke play competition at Pattaya Country Club on April 18.

On a day dominated by low handicappers, George “One Ball” Jackson carded a net 1 under par 71 off his 14 handicap to finish second.

Michael Dige, who has been playing solid golf of late, carded a net even par 72 off his 6 handicap to grab the final place on the podium.

April 20 - Siam Country Club (Stableford)

1st: Stephen Beard, 36 pts

2nd: Larry Nicholas, 32 (cb9 16 pts, cb6 9 pts)

3rd: Brian Wilkinson, 32 (cb9 16 pts, cb6 7 pts)

4th: Doug Campbell, 32 (cb9 15 pts)

5th: Moe Deverdenne, 32 (cb9 13 pts)

IPGC chairman Stephen Beard tamed the difficult greens at Siam Country Club on Friday, April 20, carding a even par 36 points to win the TAGGS Stableford competition by four points.

Following Stephen, 4 players scored 32 Stableford points to tie for second, and it took counting back over 15 of the 18 holes to decide the eventual runner-up. Larry Nicholas, by virtue of his 25 points over the last 15 holes earned second place. Brian Wilkinson, who earlier in the week came out on top after a count back, scored 23 points over the final 15 holes to finish third.

Doug Campbell, who won a knotted putter trophy two days earlier, finished fourth after scoring 15 points on the back nine. The long hitting Moe Deverdenne finished 5th with his 13 points on the back nine.

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Bill Thompson gets done again

PSC Three Sisters Golf

It seems that Bill Thompson just can’t make it. Last week he got run over by Bob Deane after shooting a fantastic 40 points off a 9 handicap and this week he gets pipped by Herb Ishinaga. It seems that Siam Country Club just isn’t the place for Bill to win. Bill shot his handicap at 36 points but Herb managed 37 by making a few putts which he would normally miss. Herb played a steady game and kept his new 48" driver on course to win the bragging rights for the day. A few others gave chase but faded along the way. A few golfers were missing due to Songkran but it was still g good field with 4 groups.

Jim Tully and Bob Moberg were doing well until the trees got in their way. Jim started almost from the first hole pushing his ball to the right. Bob Moberg waited until the 13th hole before he figured that it was cooler in the trees than in the middle o f the fairway. I’m sure that Bob was not too happy as his drives kept going off course and trees kept jumping in front of his ball.

As usual, the group got together after for a few beers at their new watering hole to discuss the day’s events. It was said that next week will be at the same place and the same time. See all of the non-serious golfers there.

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Dan-Dan the Fireman sets Khao Kheow Alight

IPGC Pattaya Golf Society from the Bunker

On Tuesday, 17th April thirty-two Bunker Boys escaped the water throwing in Pattaya and travelled to the beautiful Khao Kheow golf club for a Stableford competition. Courses B and C were the challenge and apart from a sharp thunderstorm which flooded the course for a short while, good scores were recorded.

In division one Mr. Loy recorded 35 points in third spot, closely following George Meigh with 36 and the ever consistent Michael Dige with 37 points.

In division two Peter Altman played well to return a score of 34 points, with the Iron Man Jon “Woodless” on 35. Everyone, however, was left in the wake of “Fireman” Danny Greer who scorched around the course amassing 39 points, even when deprived of his free drops.

Nearest-the-pin awards went to Dave Murray, George Meigh, Michael Dige and Danny.

The Bunker Banana Booby was awarded to Len Jones for his “Schumi” impression on the journey home, which cost him a “fine” of two hundred baht. Tea money for some deserving soul! Also worthy of mention was Chris John, the retired bank manager no less, who inadvertently tipped his caddy 1100 baht! A final question for the doyen of the Cheers quiz team - What is worse, tipping a caddy this amount or chasing her across the car park to get it back?

Finally, advance notice of the latest Pattaya “major”. The Bunker Four-man Team Scramble is being held at Phoenix G.C. on 25th May and the notices and entry forms will be in all the usual venues shortly.

The Bunker Girls scoop the pool at Phoenix

The day after Songkran dawned with twenty-eight Bunker boys and girls travelling to a hot and dry Phoenix Golf Club for a medal competition.

In division one Anders Karlsson and Remy tied for second place with level par 72s but it was the lovely Bunker girl, Usa that came out on top, shooting a net 71.

In division two the transport manager, John Preddy cruised around the Mountain and Lakes courses in level par, the feature of his game being his excellent long iron play again. Fireman Danny Greer continued his fine recent form to record a net 70 but even he was left “trayling” in the wake of another Bunker Belle, Mam Trayling, who fired a net 67. The girls had won the day, benefiting from some very generous ladies tee placings, and with a few more ladies we can have a regular Bunker Belles competition!

Nearest-the-pin awards went to Anders Karlsson, Usa, P.J. and Michael Dige.

The sought-after Bunker Banana Booby went to Sunny for his 70 on the Mountain Nine followed by a hugely impressive 53 on the Lakes Nine!

The Bunker Lucky Draw went to Ed Trayling, for once beating his wife, Mam, to a prize.

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PH3 Run 893

My name is Alan Olcott (Big Al). I am a virgin scribe and this was my 5th run. We didn’t drive too far this time but the bus was attacked by many people with water guns. We should have been armed so we could defend the bus. I think everyone wants Songran to end.

We arrived at the A site which was behind an old building. Boy George asked me to scribe and said he had a special name for me. I said oh boy I can’t wait; thanks George. He then said form a circle and the new shoes were christened. Then the Hares explained the run and we were on-on.

Within a few minutes we came across a huge buffalo right in the middle of the trail. He looked angry but let us pass without any problems. Then came a couple of good checks after which came the mud and water. Everyone said typical Charlie Manson run so in the water we went. My girlfriend scrubbed my socks for an hour but they wont come clean. I think she wants to box with him. I saw a couple of idiots with flip flops on. We should chip in and get some shoes for them.

Then we saw some beautiful flowers growing in a pond and trampled through some gardens (sorry farmers), then through villages and chicken farms. Very scenic run. (Good job Hares!)

C Face sold shirts and umbrellas and Twiggy sold tickets. I bought 5 and won a nice Okinawa hash shirt. Too bad it doesn’t fit but Girlfriend likes it.

Then Seagull S and Honey Bunny on in for a newlywed note (nice couple best of luck to them). Returners, leavers and virgins dealt with. Hares then were iced; everyone having trouble pronouncing A Hoppers name. Sir Airhead finally gave up.

Psychodelic Paedophile wants his name changed. His mom in Norway doesn’t like it. R.A. Tom asks for new names and he got Chester The Molester! I don’t think he will tell his mom.

Big Al on in - G.M. Boy George gave me my name Macho Surrogate Sucker. Then I got surrogate hash [email protected]#t. Thanks again George. Baby’s Arm on in with Sarah Moon to explain bikini incident on beach social outing. Seems he spent 600B for a three piece bikini and she wanted to wear all three pieces. He could have got her a two piece one for 400B and avoided this problem. Double Down-Down for being stupid.

Anniversaries for Salvatore (150) and Billion S (100). Congratulations! Chicken F sings a song for the newlyweds and puts all married people on ice. I didn’t think 12 people could fit on 2 blocks of ice but they piled on.

Karamba on in with Twiggy on his lap. Fossil looks jealous but no boxing. Terminal F on in to explain unshaven look. Seems lady boy made off with his wallet while he was sleeping (Poor Guy). Spaghetti Head on in G.M. and Hash apologize for stolen radio and wallet and sing a song for him. Uncle Fester caught leaving early - double down-down (Bad Boy!) Dr. Pinky and Sweet Plum on in to explain run story from last week. Pinky admitted to helping her. Karamba and Fossil on in for sex on ice (Twiggy jealous). I think they are rekindling their love affair. (Good luck to them!) (Sorry Twiggy)

Hares sung a very funny song and everyone laughed. (Good song) Hash Hymn sung then off to T.Q. for more beverages, hot dogs, good music and a lot of flesh. Thanks T.Q. Just another fun day of hashing!!!

On-On Macho Surrogate Sucker

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