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Aye, it took “Four Strokes” to win the Shenanigans St Patty’s Day Eve Scramble

Husband and wife team sweep the 1st Wilson/Coca Cola Royal Garden Spa & Fitness Tennis Open

The Square Ring

Fitness Tips

Rocky leads his team to St. Pat’s day victory

House of the Golden Coin still in first place

PSC Members Tornament at Sriracha easier to play than to find

George Slays the Eastern Star Dragon

J&M Bar has another good day

PSC Club Championship Golf Tournament

RVYC hosting Yetsenga 4-Island Race 2001

Schumi slays ‘em at slippery Sepang

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Aye, it took “Four Strokes” to win the Shenanigand St Patty’s Day Eve Scramble

Shivas Irons would have reveled in the golfing celebration - even though he isn’t Irish. Then again, neither was St. Patrick, but that didn’t stop an entire army of golfers, dressed in green, from converging on Eastern Star for the St Patrick’s Day Eve Scramble put on by Shenanigans on March 16.

Team trophy winners in the Shenanigans St Patrick’s Day Eve Scramble on March 16.

It was fitting, too, that the winning team, the “Four Strokes”, weren’t as Irish as they come, either. Aye, the golfing gods were up to a bit of shenanigans of their own, putting Robert Brown, Herb Schweiterman, Rick Bevington and Yasuo Susuki at the top of the podium with their team score of gross 65, net 57.3.

The “Classroom Caners”, made up of those Irish lads Stan O’Fry, Steve O’Ross, Bob O’Patterson and Steve O’Donovan, finished second with a team gross of 64, net 58.6.

The most popular person on the day, however, may have been that young Irish lass Somsri Dokphikun (Bee), who won 45 pints of beer by landing her tee shot closest to the keg on hole #3. A rousing ovation went up from her table as she was called up to collect her prize.

The second most popular person at the celebration had to have been landlord Kim Fletcher, who, through a stroke of genius, decided to give every golfer who participated in the tournament a free Irish coffee, as well as a free run at the delicious Carvery.

There were also some very popular venues represented at the prize giving at Shenanigans following the tournament, for, when Shenanigans Very Friendly Golf Society director Mike Franklin finished announcing the technical winners on the day, he and Kim called out the lucky draw, with many fabulous prizes donated by Eastern Star Resort, Shenanigans, Diana Group (Green Bottle), Guinness, The Classroom Charity Classic, Jools Restaurant, and the Royal Garden Resort & Plaza.

In the end, as the Irish music wafted through the bar, it truly was a good warm up to St Patrick’s Day.


Winning team: “Four Strokes” - Robert Brown, Herb Schweiterman, Rick Bevington, and Yasuo Susuki, Gross: 65 (H’Cap 7.7), net 57.3

Runners-up: “Classroom Caners” - Stan Fry, Steve Ross, Bob Patterson and Steve Donovan, Gross: 64 (H’Cap 5.4) net 58.6

3rd: “Sture Things” - Sture Brisholm, Lennart Belander, Magnus Johansson, and Mats Levin, Gross: 64 (H’Cap 5.3) net 58.7

4th: “Gay Rats” - Gay Horan, Tony Barritt, Bob Heath, and Harry Cranz, Gross: 66 (H’Cap 6.9), net 59.1

Highest score: Jan Svensson, Ove Karlsson, Bert Ekstrom, and Mats Scindin, Gross: 78 (H’cap 5.6), net 72.4

Technical Prizes

Near pins: #4 Stan Fry, #8 Billy Fain, #12 Ken Lill and #15 Steve Toner
Long putts: #9 Stan Fry and #18 Hannu Kemila
Straight drives: #2 Brad Doyle and #14 Len Jones
Long drive men: #13 Barry Winton
Long drive ladies: #7 Keeratika Lohakoon
45 pint keg: #3 Somsri Dokphikun (Bee)

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Husband and wife team sweep the 1st Wilson/Coca Cola Royal Garden Spa & Fitness Tennis Open

Husband and wife, Sittichai Suwananawat and Yupa Tannaporn took top honors in the 1st Wilson/Coca Cola Royal Garden Spa & Fitness Tennis Open completed last weekend after almost a month of competition tennis. The pair took the Mixed Doubles trophy defeating Bridget McCormack and Jeremy Cole.

Sittichai Suwanawat was too powerful for Phanuwat Tanadee in the exciting Men’s finals.

Yupa also took the Women’s Single trophy and the Ladies Doubles, partnering with Rattana Luttkaen to push out all rounder Gay Horan and Bridget McCormack.

In the final match of the tournament, Sittichai won the Men’s Singles trophy in a tiebreak at the end of the second set. Sittichai won the match 2 sets to none against Phanuwat Tanadee. Overall a thrilling final for the first open tennis tournament at the Royal Garden Spa and Fitness.

Yupa and Sittichai (centre) display their trophies with the other winners.

The event, sponsored by Wilson Sporting Goods, Coca Cola Thailand and Venice Ice Cream, was heralded as a great success with over 90 participants during the 3 1/2 week competition. Sean Panton, tournament director and manager of the Royal Garden Spa & Fitness was thrilled with the overall response from the community, with people of all ages competing in the tournament. Another tennis open is scheduled for later this year.


Men’s Singles
Winner: Sitticahi Suwnanawat
Runner-up: Phanuwat Tanadee

Ladies Singles
Winner: Yupa Tannaporn
Runner-up: Retno Cheah

Men’s Doubles
Winners: Prasong Pollkhuan/Anusorn Ounnaharek
Runners-up: Saichon Satiew/Prasong Moonvichit

Ladies Doubles
Winners: Yupa Tannaporn/ Rattana Lukktaen
Runners-up: Bridget McCormack/Gay Horan

Mixed Doubles
Winners: Yupa Tannaporn/Sittichai Suwanawat
Runners-up: Bridget McCormack/Jeremy Cole

Veteran’s Singles
Winner: Somkiet Poungpetch
Runner-up: Chris Peters

Boys Under 16s & Under 12s
Suttiporn Kunnieerong
Pakorn Srisophon

Girls Under 12s
Winner: Attaya
Runner-up: Siliwan

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The Square Ring

by Howie Reed

When the sun reaches over the yardarm in Pattaya on Sunday as locals sit back to stir their drinks with the little umbrellas, Las Vegas may have rearranged the order in boxing. Saturday morning David Tua (37-0-2, 32 KO’s) makes his first appearance in the ring since his dismal performance against Heavyweight Champ Lennox Lewis last November. If he is to re invent himself the first step will start at Texas Station Hotel/Casino Saturday morning. He gets Danell Nickelson (39-0-3, 30 KO’s) who’s record looks a lot better than it actually is.

Nickelson has mostly fought against opponents who’s picture should appear on milk cartons, as they’ve been missing in action for most of their careers. He’s been carefully managed. In the past when Nichelson tried to step up to the next level he got beat. Twice in 96 (Kirk Johnson decision, Andrew Golota KO 8) and in 93 when he was KO’d by Jerry Williams at Lake Tahoe on a de La Hoya under card. He does have a 94 split decision over new heavyweight champ John Ruiz who Tua KO’d before the bell stopped ringing to start the first round. Sooooooo?

Should Tua look overpowering he’s a player again. Especially if John Ruiz wins the rubber match with Holyfield and has to start looking for opponents. With a Mississippi River like heavyweight division (a mile wide and one inch deep) a big win and you’re there.

The next night Oscar de La Hoya (32-0-2, 26 KO’s) makes a return to the scene of some of his greatest moments. He’ll be in the MGM Grand Arena in an attempt to “get back” in the mix. The former Golden Boy, after back-to-back losses to Felix Trinidad and Shane Mosley, has lost a lot of his shine. Gone is the team that made him the richest non-heavyweight in the history of the sport. He draws Arturo Gatti (33-0-4 27 KO’s) who has a little construction work of his own to do. He was doing fine as the IBF Superfeather champ when he lost three in a row. Once KO’d by Angel Manfredy and two decisions to light hitting Ivan Robinson. In his last he won a bloody decision over Joe Hutchens.

If de La Hoya is serious about boxing he needs to look great and then get a lot of breaks. Funny but once Oscar’s problems started with women that seemed to think he was the father of their babies, legal battles with former promoter Bob Arum and a lousy CD that sold likes pork chops in Israel, folks forgot that he lost both fights on split decisions. Boxing fans are treating him like golf fans are Tiger. Slump? Not likely. Regardless, Oscar has been pretty much ignored in the 154 division. Now it’s Trinidad, Mosley and “others”. Nevertheless both fights will set up “Yardarm Time” in Pattaya, as in “Sun Over”.

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Fitness Tips: Ten health rules to live by

G’day Readers,

Interesting article/list of suggestions that might help you out. I came across it in an industry journal last week and thought you all might appreciate it. Have a read and if you get one thing that will help you then the time taken to read it was well worth it and it will make me feel better knowing that I have helped.

Health or wellness has come to mean more than not being sick. It has to do with a quality of life that allows us to live to our full potential. Here are 10 rules that could form a basis for improving your physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health.

Throw away the scales

It will give you peace of mind. The number on that one square foot of equipment is a marker of daily self-esteem for too many of us. Scales only measure the amount of mass we carry, and height/weight charts are designed for a small range of our population. Most people have unrealistic standards of what they should weigh. A recent study showed that in a group where 85 percent of the women believed they were overweight, 35 percent of them were, in fact, underweight. A realistic weight is the one that your body naturally aspires to after normal healthy eating and regular physical activity.

Never crash diet

Avoiding weight gain is the real issue. Any diet that promises you will lose more than two pounds (1kg) a week is a sure setup for eventual failure, because the body can’t healthily cope with a weight loss of more than two pounds of fat a week. When you lose ‘weight’ quickly you’re losing water and valuable muscle tissue that burns calories. The metabolic warfare of a feast-and-fast lifestyle triggers the body to hold on to fat. Adopt a lifestyle that assures you don’t gain weight, and you’ll soon find the fat will come off slowly, and stay off.

Eat a balanced and varied diet that’s lower in fat, lower in sugar, and higher in fiber

Most of the fat in recipes is there to keep food from sticking to the pan. You can cut the fat in almost every recipe in half if you use non-stick cook-ware or vegetable spray coatings on your pans. If you’re craving something sweet, your body probably needs some sugar and fiber. When you choose to give it fruits and breads instead of straight sugar you’ll find your mood will level out and you’ll be able to make more rational choices in every area of your life.

Become a savvy consumer

Labels don’t lie, but liars write labels. A label that says a food is 95 percent fat-free is talking about the weight of the fat in the food, not the calorie content. Enriched, fortified, natural, and organic are all terms that are misused in the labeling industry.

Maintain physical fitness

Exercise is the foundation of wellness but you don’t have to become a ‘jock’ to have a body that functions at its best. The aerobic fitness that comes from a regular brisk walk will make your body more suited to mobilizing fat stores for fuel. The stronger and more flexible body that comes from stretching and weight-bearing exercise is less prone to injury and better able to handle stress.

Notice - without judgment

Becoming aware of (but not beating ourselves up for) a choice that has a quick, positive payoff but a negative long-term price is the first step in finding new tools to deal with self-defeating behavioral patterns.

Know your family

Defining the self is scary because it brings the separateness of people into bold relief. William James said, “Our experience is not what happens to us, it’s what we do with it.”

Identify supporters and saboteurs

We all have patterned ways of moving under stress. Change is stressful to the people around us, and we can’t change anyone but ourselves. Draw a vertical line down the center of a piece of paper. Write your realistic goals on the top of the page. Now list the people who may be upset when you disturb the status quo. Being prepared for change is half the battle.

Make small changes

When we get too excited and say we’re going to make a change, we overwhelm the ‘guardian’ part of our personality. Slow down, enjoy, and plan rewards for achieving the little steps. Remember, substantial changes occur very slowly.

Love yourself unconditionally

We often talk to ourselves in ways we would never allow others to talk to us. Learn to talk in the first person singular. There’s always more than one or two choices for any decision we need to make. Outline the options and choose the one that increases your self-esteem. It takes a lot of work to wear a mask. Being who you really are is taking a chance. It’s risky, scary, threatening, rewarding, and wonderful.

It’s never too late.

Carpe’ Diem

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Rocky leads his team to St. Pat’s day victory

Ray (Rocky) Ryan, very well supported by his teammates - those well known top golfers Steve Mascari, Rick Sharp and Dino Trudgson - took the main prize with 8 under par in the Pattaya Sports Club St Patty’s Day tourney at Burapha on Saturday, March 17. In all, 16 teams took part in the four man team scramble.

Second place honors went to George Bennison, Dave Hester, Jeff Noth and Neil Gamble.

Third place prize was taken by the Pattaya Sport Club chairman Dennis Willett and his team, whilst Andy Nesbit finished in 4th place with his team.

Burapha was the scene of a great day out for the Irish and their many friends in Pattaya, as was stated by Dennis Willett and the MC for the evening, Dave Pittman. Mick Bowes, Willie Mercer, Brendan Kelly and Steve Donavan organized the tournament.

There were numerous prizes with nearest the pins, long drive and best lady on the day, which was won by Nual Russell.

The evening saw everyone returning to Caf้ Kronborg where they were treated to an excellent meal, sponsored by the owner Bjarne Neilsen, of a superb Irish stew and lovely corn beef. The Irish celebrated a great day in Pattaya and look forward to a bigger outing next year.

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House of the Golden Coin still in first place

Pattaya Sports Club Bowling

The House of the Golden Coin won 3 points from the Winchester Club behind strong bowling from Somrak, 544 series, and Sven with a 509 series. Captain Jon, Winchester Club, bowled games of 208 and 201, and a 526 series.

Second place Shakey Pete’s won 3 points from VFW Post 9876 as both teams struggled with the lanes and only Hartmut with Shakey Pete’s managed a 508 series.

Captain Kran led Cafe Kronborg to a 4-point sweep of the Sultan’s of Swing with a 202 game and 516 series. Peter, Sultan’s of Swing, rolled a 533 series.

Caf้ Ole took 3 points from Three Sisters behind good bowling from Captain Jeed, 202 game, 529 series and Suda who knocked down 523 pins. Mai with Three Sisters toppled 521 pins in a losing cause.

League Standings

Team  Captain  Points  16 Mar

House of the Golden Coin
Shakey Pete’s
Three Sisters
Winchester Club
Caf้ Ole
Caf้ Kronborg
Sultan’s Of Swing
VFW Post 9876


16 - 4
14 - 6
10 - 10
10 - 10
10 - 10
9 - 11
8 - 12
4 - 16

3 - 1
3 - 1
1 - 3
1 - 3
3 - 1
4 - 0
0 - 4
1 - 3

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PSC Members Tournament at Sriracha easier to play than to find

On Friday, March 9th, PSC hosted 80 players at their 6th Monthly Members Tournament held at Sriracha International Golf Club. Of these 80 golfers, 25% managed to beat the course by equaling or breaking their handicaps. And, luckily, all starters managed to beat the violent storm that erupted shortly after play was completed. The rain fairly bucketed down with everyone safely in the clubhouse.

Winners Kevin Taylor, Claes Ernlund, Ebrahim, and Marcel Wittner.

With the prize winners averaging an amazing 39.25 Stableford points the golf course on the day seemed easier to play than to find. I mention this as several people (my driver included) took the odd wrong turn and found themselves O/B for a click or two.

The 4 flight winners averaged 41 points each, so they certainly deserved their trophies and more certainly deserve some attention from the handicapper. A Flight victor, Kevin Taylor, confessed to dreaming through his first 9 holes which he completed in just 35 strokes. He shouldn’t have had the reality check at half way as his second nine was eight shots worse and must have been a bit of a let down. Still Kev’s 41 points got the job done with a bit to spare.

Ebrahim, who got lost traveling to Sriracha, was also a bit erratic with his driving on the course. Washing out on three holes and scoring only single points on a number of others, he scored heavily on the rest and managed to win the B Flight with 38 points.

Claes Ernlund continues his good form and his handicap is falling rapidly as his 41 points took the C Flight trophy. The unlucky player in this division was Gerry Carpenter; he has had a run of poor form recently and his 39 points was a big turn around. Unfortunately, he missed a spot on the podium being edged out on count back by the consistent Mam Trayling and Ken Ince.

Another hard luck story will be told by Rick Bevington who was positively beaming after a career best round of 89 for 44 points. But as often happens, the last card to reach the scorer was that of Marcel Wittner, also in D Flight and also with 44 points. A slightly better back nine by Marcel saw Rick relegated to second place; still it was a great score by both players.

PSC Golf chairman Dennis Willett conducted the prize giving in the function room at Sriracha G.C. and after welcoming the players urged all to support the sponsors whose generosity make these events possible. For the great array of trophies and the many, many lucky draw prizes we would like to thank our regular supporters: Rosie O’Gradys, Green Bottle Pub, Papa Ray Rogers, Caf้ Kronborg, Good Golf (Duck Square) Shenanigans and of course the PSC. Also, we welcome aboard three new supporters, the Blue Parrot (Pattayaland 2), Tequila Reef (Soi 7), and the Hide-A-Way (See Dennis for details). Our thanks to all.

There will be no monthly members tournament in April as the PSC and its sponsors are directing all of their efforts to promote the Club Championship. This two day stroke event will be held Monday and Tuesday, April 2 & 3 at Green Valley, Rayong Golf Course. Sign up sheets are at the PSC office on Soi Diana now; so hurry in and get your name down.


A Flight
Winner: Kevin Taylor, 41 points
2nd Place: Mike Dige, 37
3rd Place: Andres Pederson, 34

B Flight
Winner: Ebrahim, 38 points
2nd Place: Yasud Suzuki, 37
3rd Place: Kris Helgason, 37

C Flight
Winner: Claes Ernlund, 41 points
2nd Place: Mam Trayling, 39
3rd Place: Ken Ince, 39

D Flight
Winner: Marcel Wittner, 44 points
2nd Place: Rick Bevington, 44
3rd Place: Mike Seely, 40

Nearest to the pins: Kevin Taylor, Gerry Carpenter, Marti Valle, and Kevin Taylor

Longest putts: Dave Richardson (a massive 60 footer) and Ernst Studer
Men’s long drive: Per Aschan
Ladies long drive: Mam Trayling

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George Slays the Eastern Star Dragon

IPGC Pattaya Golf Society from the Bunker

On Tuesday, 13th March, twenty-seven Bunker Boys and Girls travelled to the beautiful, but very damp Eastern Star Golf Club to play a Stableford competition, which also included the second round of the annual Bunker Matchplay Championship.

Four other Bunker stars were already there enjoying the prize won at an earlier major, which included two days free golf and accommodation. The course was very damp and, as usual, proved to be a tough test for all the golfers.

In Division One, Wilf Latham blasted his way to 33 points, trailing Mam Trayling on 34 points. Way out ahead of the field, and sometimes on the next fairway, was local player Paul “Houdini” Butler, who savaged the course with an impressive 38 points.

Division Two saw the senior “Sunshine Boy”, John Preddy, return to something like his true form whilst carding 33 points, just behind Peter MacKay on 34. The honours on the day were reserved for Derek George who managed to slay the beast with an impressive 39 points.

Nearest-the-pin awards went to Michael Dige (2) and Derek George (2).

Winners in the matchplay competition were Remy, Wilf Latham, Charlie Chen, Bruce Lawrence, George Meigh, and the two Grumpy Old Men, Chris John and John Preddy.

Catch up with the Bunker Boys at

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J&M Bar has another good day

The J & M Bar, fishing in the Pattaya Sports Club monthly fishing tournament had another good day.

Bob Myers landed the catch of the day, an 18 pound pompano.

Bob Myers, from Leeds Yorkshire checked in with an 18 pound pompano for the catch of the day, while Frank Pickett, of Jersey came in second with a nice 15.6 pound queen fish.

The J & M Bar has been a strong contender every month in the PSC monthly fishing tournaments. The fishing team consisted of Middy Campbell, Bob Myers, Tony Shuttleworth and Frank Pickett.

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PSC Club Championship Golf Tournament

The Pattaya Sports Club will hold their annual Club Championship Golf Tournament on April 2 and 3 at the Green Valley Golf Course, Rayong. The tournament is played over two days with the stroke scoring system. Entry fee is 500 baht per player and players will pay their own green fee and caddy fee at the golf course. Each player will receive a Club Championship golf shirt. Players must be members of the PSC and provide proof of a registered handicap.

The field will be limited to 120 players so sign up early at the Pattaya Sports Club Office on Soi Diana next to the Caf้ Kronborg. Players can make up their own group for the first day but pairings will be made according to your net score for the final round. Trophies and prizes will be awarded to the winners in each of four flights.

Sign up for two fun-filled days of golf.

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RVYC hosting Yetsenga 4-Island Race 2001

The Yetsenga 4-Island Race 2001 will be sailed on Sunday, March 25 at the Royal Varuna Yacht Club.

All members of the RVYC and their invited guests, and all classes recognized by the RVYC are eligible to participate. Separate classes for Lasers, Hobies and Nacras can be entered, provided there are minimal 5 boats in each class. The minimum for the Open class is 3 boats.

Briefing will be held at 10 a.m. with racing beginning at 11 a.m.

Multihulls: Start at RVYC flagpole, Koh Chun to port, permanent south mark to starboard, around Koh Krok to port, Koh Sak to port, Koh Krok to port, south mark (buoy) to port, finish at RVYC flagpole. Depending on wind, this course can be reversed. Monohulls: two back-to-back trapezoids. Time limit 4 hours for the long distance course, 80 minutes per race for the trapezoid course.

Handicap will be wind adjusted and the low point scoring system will be used. Prizes will be awarded for each class, 1 prize for every 5 boats, counted as the average per race. The long distance race prizes are for the crew.

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Schumi slays ‘em at slippery Sepang

Ferrari driver, and current world champion, Michael Schumacher was totally dominant at the second round of the Formula 1 Championships held at the Sepang Circuit in Malaysia. In storming to first place, almost 30 seconds ahead of his team mate Rubens Barichello and another 5 seconds in front of 3rd place getter David Coulthard in a McLaren Mercedes, he became the first living driver to win more than five races back to back and also gave Ferrari their 50th 1-2 victory.

Fun in the first corner at the Sepang Circuit in Malaysia

Whilst the race was one of the best seen for some time, it also had some of the qualities of a French farce. As the field moved off for the warm-up lap, Frentzen’s Jordan refused to join them, only much coaxing from the mechanics eventually getting it running did he rejoin at the tail of the field for the official start. Unfortunately, Fisichella in the Benetton missed his grid position and promptly stalled the engine in the middle of the track and the start was delayed for clumsy parking. This was good for Frentzen who then re-took his original grid position, but bad for Montoya in the second BMW Williams who then snuffed his engine. Montoya was last seen running back to the pits to get into the spare car.

At the green light it was all Michael Schumacher as he ran away from the pack, but into the first corner the shambles began with Barichello nudging Ralf Schumacher in the BMW Williams into a big spin and the rest of the field taking evasive action, other than young Kimi Raikkonen whose Sauber refused to leave the line with transmission failure.

On lap 2 Panis in the BAR introduced the insides of his Honda engine to the Malaysian shrubbery, and parked it neatly to one side of the sand trap in flames.

However, on lap 3 a monsoon hit with amazing results. Michael Schumacher running straight off on turn 5, followed by Barichello showing that Rubens would always follow in Michael’s footsteps, or in this case tyre tracks. The two Ferrari drivers were lucky to avoid hitting the wall and both motored back to the pits. Not so lucky were Montoya, Heidfeld in the Sauber, Irvine in the Jaguar, Villeneuve in the BAR and Bernoldi in the Arrows who all spun off in the atrocious conditions and beached their machines.

By this stage the safety car was out and we witnessed two Ferrari’s in the pits, line astern, while agitated mechanics tried to get 8 wet weather wheels ready for their cars. It took over a minute with Ferrari tactician Ross Brawn actually admitting later to the stuff-up. Barichello and Schumacher rejoined in 10th and 11th places.

When the safety car was called in Schumacher was on a charge, lapping 5 seconds a lap quicker than anyone else to take the lead within six laps, and Barichello then took over 2nd position, which they held till the end.

However, the positions behind were well fought for, with Mika Hakkinen not covering himself in glory as he was soundly outdriven by Verstappen in the Arrows, and by Frentzen and Ralf Schumacher who turned in some great wheel to wheel dicing.

At the flag it was Schumacher M, Barichello, Coulthard, Frentzen, Schumacher R, and Hakkinen taking the final point. For once the fans were treated to overtaking and some brilliant driving displays. This was best summed up by BAR Technical Director Malcolm Oastler who was disappointed, but had not lost his sense of humour, “It looked like a great race; it’s a shame we were not in it,” he said.

The next round will be in Brazil on 1st April.

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