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WGC Thailand says corporate giveaways of gold a big boost to gold consumption last year

Royal Garden Resorts Group appoints new director of intenational sales

Tisco, Philip Securities, Fnweb, and Mthai, to provide for expanded information channels

WGC Thailand says corporate giveaways of gold a big boost to gold consumption last year

Just-released research from the World Gold Council shows firms in Thailand are the biggest users of gold for marketing purposes in Asia. Thai companies spent 436.13 million baht on a total of 80,024 baht gold in sales promotion activities last year.

Of the gold used this way, most of it was in the form of gold jewelry and gold bars and given away in consumer firms and automotive manufacturers during TV programs and sales promotion activities. These activities raised gold consumption in Thailand to 67.7 tons last year, up from 48 tons the year before.

The World Gold Council separates businesses that use gold jewelry or bars as awards into seven categories: vehicles and parts and oil, food and milk products, consumer products and electrical appliances, beverages, game shows, department stores, and others.

Last year, the vehicles, parts and oil business spent the most on gold for marketing purposes. It used up to 49,544 baht of gold, worth 270 million baht. Isuzu was the biggest spender in this group, using 39,036 baht of gold, worth 212.75 million baht.

The second biggest user of gold in terms of business group was the food and milk sector. Some 14,956 baht of gold, worth 82 million baht, was bought. Dutchmill, a milk product, used the most gold in 2000, about 5,000 baht of gold at a cost of 27 million baht.

The third biggest users of gold were firms in the consumer products and electrical appliances sector. About 9,995 baht of gold, worth 54 million baht, was acquired and given away. Rosso, the underwear for men, was the biggest spender here at 3,900 baht of gold, worth 21.25 million baht.

In fourth spot was the ‘others’ group, which is made up of companies that award gold to their salespeople and staff. This sector recorded 2,128 baht in gold used, worth 11.6 million baht.

In fifth position was the TV game show, Game Pissawong. The program’s producers made use of 2000 baht of gold in 2000, at a price tag of 11 million baht.

The sixth biggest user was the beverage group. Companies in this segment gave away 1,400 baht of gold at a cost of 7.6 million baht. Master Blend used the most gold here: 400 baht in weight at a cost of 2.2 million baht.

World Gold Council manager for Thailand, Dan Sornmani said, “Consumer firms often adopt sales promotion activities or sponsor TV game shows to promote their products and when they do they often give away gold jewelry or gold bars as prizes because gold is wonderful gift. It retains its value unlike a car or a house.

“We encourage consumers firms to select gold of 96.5% standard for any giveaway. Gold bars are an alternative to gold jewelry and offer the advantage of being VAT free.”

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Royal Garden Resorts Group appoints new director of intenational sales

Michael Burchett, vice president of the Royal Garden Resorts Group, recently appointed Ms. Ruth Zukerman as the director of international sales of the Royal Garden Resorts Group.

Ms. Ruth Zukerman

Ms. Zukerman, an Australian, brings more than 26 years experiences in hospitality and tourism covering operations and management. She has held regional sales and marketing positions for Intercontinental and Hyatt Hotels in the USA and Asia as well as for the Marriott Hotels in Australia. Her latest position in Asia was the director of sales at the Beaufort Hotel Singapore.

With the Royal Garden Resorts Group, Ms. Zukerman is responsible for international sales for the group comprising of Royal Garden properties in Bangkok, Hua Hin, Pattaya and Vietnam.

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Tisco, Philip Securities, Fnweb, and Mthai, to provide for expanded information channels

As part of eGuide’s plans to be Thailand’s premier online business directory, eGuideThailand plans to continuously introduce a range of value added services to further enchance the usage and functionality of its offerings.

Beside its online directory, eGuide Thailand also assists small to medium-sized businesses to build their web presence. eGuide designs and produces websites for business entities and hosts the web sites for customers on eGuide Thailand directory. eGuide caters to the exacting needs of business, from entry level web presence through Internet technologies to full e-commerce platforms.

Mr. Lim commented, “This year the revenue will come mainly from online advertisement during the first half, while the latter half our e-commerce services will start to increasingly generate revenue when we launch e-Marketplace in Thailand, where sellers can actually sell their products on eGuide Thailand”.

“Our revenue model has proven to be very successful in Singapore and Malaysia. The eGuide business model itself allows all advertisers to gain the greatest exposure to the eyes of business community as well as bringing out the best image for their products. Besides our presence in Asia-Pacific countries, eGuide Group continuously invests in promotional campaigns in Asia, Europe, America and Australia to draw visitors worldwide, while locally eGuide Thailand has already spent 10 million on the first advertising and promotional campaigns 3 months ago, and plans to invest an additional 30 million baht for this year,” he added.

In line with eGuide’s commitment to play an integral role in assisting companies in Thailand embrace the net, eGuide Thailand recently launched e-business educational campaign for the year 2001 to support SMEs to go online. One activity in the campaign is a series of bi-monthly seminars & workshops for the busy businessmen and SME owners. Moreover, with the objective of e-commerce promotion among SME as well as creating awareness of preserving the well-being of Thailand’s wildlife, eGuide Thailand is currently developing a full e-commerce website for the Elephant Artist Project of Thailand Elephant Conservation Centre in Lampang. The website will exhibit and sell paintings and music produced by the elephants in the centre.

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