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College Kids Corner

Holiday Inn treats kids on Children's Day

Tai Chi Master from China visits the Montessori School in Pattaya

MUIC Friendship Rally for the General Prem Tinnasulanont Cup

College Kids Corner

College Kids’ Corner” is devoted to essays contributed by college kids from everywhere. College kids and upper secondary school students are invited to send in your essays. The best ones will be published in the Pattaya Mail, unedited. They should not exceed 1000 words and must be original work from the students with their names, school year, school name and addresses provided. If you have any interesting essays you’d like to share with the world, please send in your work via email to Sue at: [email protected]

Human rights (Part 1)

by Tony Malhotra, MUIC Year 2

OK that’s it. This is the 26th time in the last one week that I heard about the issue of the human rights. ‘Human’, meaning ‘of man or mankind’ or ‘being a person’. What about ‘Rights’, it is something one may do or have by now. As a result what does this phrase as a whole mean? Is it civil rights? Does the constitution protect those who live in a country where human rights are given importance? Before I go on thinking about it I’ll try to tackle the given questions that might give me more ideas.

“Universal constants” are the values that are transcending or spreading everywhere; it can be any culture or tradition according to which race you belong to. Every group of mankind teaches their successor different ways. Respecting the elderly people is being emphasized in a country like Thailand.

Just a smile on your face would most of the time secure you from any harm in many regions, I mean wherever you go no matter whether that country is highlighting on any values or not, a smile could be a sign of goodwill.

Human rights is not simply one of the universal constants, it is in fact the most important value as we all know that human being is the most important of all resources. Therefore why can’t we provide this best resource with good facilities and authorized protection?

About my community, respect, politeness, honesty, not harming others, help others if I have to, are just a few of hundreds of values that have been planted into my mind since I started to perceive things.

I’ve been exposed to a few other cultures and that has really broadened my horizons but I’m not sure whether they did generate any prejudice and intolerance or not. I’ve been studying in India for about six years and have learnt many cultures as well as values. Women and children are still underprivileged though its constitution points out the status of women should be equivalent to men. Child labor is still in practice. The ‘dowry’ system is till in place in which at the time of marriage the bride has to provide the bridegroom with whatever wealth his family wanted otherwise no marriage. Such evidence is just a few of many actions that I disagree with, but I did not create any suspicion or prejudice. Why can’t human rights, which are also a written document, remove such proceedings?

Next week – Part 2, the conclusion

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Holiday Inn treats kids on Children’s Day

To mark National Children’s Day, the management of the Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza Bangkok treated orphanage and disabled children of the Chaiyapruek Foundation to lunch, gifts and a performance by The Family volunteer group.

Picture shows members of the management, led by public relations director Earth Saiswang (first row right) and the performers (standing left), with the foundation founder Dr. Cleopandh Soorapanthu (last row, extreme right) and the children.

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Tai Chi Master from China visits the Montessori School in Pattaya

Dr. Wang Ting Jung, also known by his students as Master Wang, paid a visit to the Montessori Children’s Centre International on Soi Wongamat this week to give a demonstration on a form of Chi Kung known as ‘Xing Shen Zhuang’ and the ‘Oo’ style of Tai Chi.

Master Wang carrying out some ‘Oo’ style Tai Chi

Master Wang, who is a professor of philosophy of science at the University of Changchun, Manchuria, China is involved in research in several important government projects and teaches meditation and Taoist arts. He has been a practitioner of Chi Kung and Tai Chi for last 30 years. He began practicing to overcome an illness in his late 20’s. Since then he has mastered his art form to promote his physical well being and develop the more spiritual aspect of the art form and now has students in several countries and in China.

Master Wang is in Pattaya until February 13 and he will be giving a short course in Chi Kung at the BEC School of Languages and Thai Culture on Naklua Road.

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MUIC Friendship Rally for the General Prem Tinnasulanont Cup

The public is invited to participate in a car rally organized by Mahidol University International College on February 24-25, from Nakorn Pathom to Cha-am. There are more than 30 prizes to be won and the top prize is a trophy from General Prem Tinnasulanont with a cash prize of 10,000 baht.

The objective of this event is to promote safe driving and the anti-drug campaign. The proceeds will be donated to charitable organizations and student activities. An application fee of 3,000 baht includes food and accommodation for two days/one night at the Beach Garden Hotel, Cha-am. You can apply by calling 02-4410648-9 or at the student association office of Mahidol University International College, Salaya Campus, Nakorn Pathom.

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