Sniffer dogs employed to prevent drug smuggling in border areas


Narcotic sniffer dogs have joined army and border patrol police forces in a year-end operation to prevent illicit drugs from being smuggled across the border from Myanmar into Thailand through Tak province.

Basic CMYK

As part of the drug suppression and interdiction operation, Colonel Kittipong Chuenjaichon, commander of the task force unit of the 14th infantry regiment led a combined force of army troopers and border patrol policemen with the help of sniffer dogs to man the border checkpoints in Ban Huey Hin Fon set up on the Mae Sod-Tak highway.

An unusually large number of Thai and Burmese people are anticipated to cross the border back and forth during the New Year’s festival through the Mae Sot-Myawaddi border crossing.

Thai security officials, however, suspected that drug smugglers might seize this opportunity to mingle among the ordinary people and smuggle illicit drugs, especially methamphitamines, into Thailand.

Sniffer dogs, said the officials, will be very helpful in the preventive measure.