Tourism Authority of Thailand Fact Sheet on Thailand Oil Spill Situation Update of 2 August 2013


Satellite image by Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA), as of 2 August 2013, 05.33 hrs

Further improvement in the oil spill off Samet Island, Thailand, is clearly indicated in the “COSMO-SkyMed-2” Satellite image at 0533 hrs, August 2nd, 2013. The image shows the area of the oil film on the north side of the island has reduced significantly since August 1, 2013, and is now almost invisible via satellite.

August 2 is the fifth day of oil spill cleanup operations under way in Ao Phrao, Rayong Province. As of this morning, the pictures on the Mass Communications Organisation of Thailand website show that the recovery is making progress. The sludge of black oil which was all over the beach several days ago is now almost gone.

The oil slick and toxic sludge is being removed to the refinery at the PTT GCC for disposal.

Tourism business at other beaches in Rayong such as Hat Mae Ramphueng, Hat Suan Son, and Hat Wang Kaeo has remained unaffected.

The provincial administration has set up a special centre to receive complaints from those affected by the oil spill.

The compensations payments will be made immediately by PTT Public Company Limited (PTT) after inspections without having to wait for payment from an insurance company.

PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (PTTGC), the flagship company of PTT, has allocated a special budget in this year’s fourth quarter to pay for the labour, chemicals and restoration of Phrao Bay while compensation alone could be as high as US$50 million.

About twenty beaches on Samet including with Had Sai Kaeo (Crystal Sand Beach), Ao Wong Duean, Ao Phai, Ao Kio and Ao Karang which are located on the east coast of Samet Island which is totally unaffected.

About 2,000 rooms on the island are currently occupied, representing 70 percent of all rooms on the island.

A special tour package to rebuild tourism at Ao Phrao is being prepared with full cooperation from Thai tour operators.