The Most Romantic Places to Pop the Question



A holiday in a different country with your significant other can be a truly magical experience and memory maker; after all, it’s just the two of you together in an unexplored, exotic locale, experiencing a new culture, with no one from your real lives there to disturb you. It’s a time to grow together and it can be beautiful and rewarding, but the first step on this journey, simply deciding where to go, can be a challenge. Considered by many to be one of the most romantic countries in the world, Thailand is a dream destination with countless locations meant for lovers. Exciting, interesting, scenic, gorgeous, romantic sites abound, making it one of the world’s best places to sweep your partner off her feet.

Here are some romantic places where you might pop the question and make a memory for life.

1. Sea of Mist at Yun Lai: The starlight shimmers, and gradually fades. The golden light of dawn slowly emerges and the black velvet sky becomes an ochre hue, revealing the sea of mist enveloping mountain tops below. First light is a lovely time to express one’s love for another, the proposal for a journey together like starting a new day. In this setting your gift of a diamond ring will be transformed into a sparkling symbol of commitment when the sun shines upon it.

Location: Located on the green pasture of the cliff of the Yunnan Chinese Cultural Centre, in the Santichon Village of Pai District, in beautiful Mae Hong Son Province. The best time to be there is before 06:00.

2. Hot-air Balloon Flight (Doi Saket): It’s nearly silent and the moon hangs dimly in a black velvet sky. Your balloon floats smoothly into the night, but then dawn emerges on the horizon. Looking down on earth below, darkness slowly, imperceptibly subsides and a carpet of golden rice fields mottled with patches of fresh green reveals itself. The Ping River flows past the mountains under warming sun, a cool wind blows. Pop open a bottle of fine champagne to salute the new day. Pour it. Pop the question. Pour out your heart. A new life together begins. Viewing Chiang Mai from a hot-air balloon during wintertime is pleasing for romantics, slow travelers, and nature lovers alike.

Location: On the Chiang Mai-Doi Saket Highway about 10km from Chiang Mai city center in Amphoe Doi Saket. Approximate cost is around 8,800+THB per person per flight.

3. Doi Phu Kha: Enjoy a trip through the beautiful scenery en route to the Doi Phu Kha National Park,located on the highest mountain in Nan Province. The rising sea mist, winding river

and cool breeze add to the romantic atmosphere amid the bright pink Phu Kha flowers in bloom. Give your special someone a sweet, fragrant necklace of these flowers, like a wreath woven by your heart. February-March is the best time to visit the area because not only do the Phu Kha flowers bloom, but it’s also the season of white flowers in the valleys along the route to the picturesque Boklua View Resort.

Location: To get to the Doi Phu Kha National Park, take route Nan-Pau for 60 kilometers. There is a park sign mark pointing to the park 25 kilometers further. Address: Phu Kha Sub-district, Amphoe Pua, Nan 55120, Tel. 0 5470 1000, 0 5473 1362, Fax 0 5473 1362, E-mail [email protected]

4. Si Satchanalai Historical Park: Si Satchanalai Historical Park is one of the major archaeological sites of Sukhothai Province, located in the Si Satchanalai District about 11 kilometers from Sawankhalok District. Revisit the precious history of Thailand’s Sukhothai period at the Si Satchanalai Historical Park. The cradle of Thai civilization sits amid verdant green grass and shady trees, your imagination giving way to the tales of bygone glory and mysterious charms.Wander in wonder until sunset arrives, ascend the high steps of Wat Khao Phanom Pleng to see the last of shards of light illuminating Lord Buddha’s meditation: the same color as the splendid golden ring gently placed on loved-one’s finger. Standing together side-by-side where Thai civilization started sets the happy couple on the path of their life together.

Location: Si Satchanalai Historical Park is located on the bank of the Yom River at Tambon Muang Kao, Si Satchanalai county, only 55 km. from the town of Sukhothai. It is open daily between 8.30 a.m.-4.30 p.m. Admission is 40 baht. Bicycles are provided for rent at 30 Baht a day, and elephant rides around the park are available at 100 Baht per person per 30 minutes. Tram service is also available in the historical park.

5. Paramotor Ko Thalu: Glide through the wide blue sky like a bird, just you and the air, breeze in your face, all your troubles left behind on terra firma. Oh, your special love is with you as well, and certainly not expecting the big moment in flight! With no barriers between you and nature, flying high in the sky without fear, below you the turquoise sea and secluded Ko Thalu so clear, you are free, and so are your emotions. This sets the scene for a lovely proposal back on ground: a safe landing and the start of a new life together.

Location: Thalu Island is located in Prachuap Khiri Khan. Take a boat ride from Bang Saphan Port. You can visit the island for a day of diving or you can go do the Paramotor activities or stay overnight at the beautiful Ko Talu Island Resort.

6. Underwater Ko Similan: The Similan Islands are a favourite destination for divers and land lovers alike. The best places are on Similan Island or Ko Phaet, which is the largest island and known for its sail-boat rock formation at Ao Hin Rua Bai. The water’s surface reflects the bright sun and sparkles like dancing diamonds. What lies beneath? In the Similan Islands there is a beautiful world hiding below, framed by powdery white sand beaches, blue sky and granite cliffs. This world beckons for exploration, a sea of colors: Plants, coral and fish.

Location: From Phuket Taxi, mini-van or hourly bus service leaving Phuket Town to Khao Lak, the main point of departure to the Similan Islands. From Khao Lak it is short journey to your waiting boat at Thap Lamu Pier. Divers and snorkelers will usually be picked up at their Khao Lak accommodation, or meet at the dive centre, for a group taxi ride to Thap Lamu. Safari boats also depart to the Similans directly from Phuket, or provide a direct taxi transfer from Phuket to Thap Lamu.

7. Khao Yai National Park: Take a leisurely drive from Bangkok to the Khao Yai region, a mostly rural, mountainous area with small villages, lush greenery and the country’s largest national park. If hiking and camping under the stars aren’t what you consider romantic, the region also has a number of wineries that offer tours and tastings, perfect for couples. The vineyards are close enough to each other that you can easily visit the three main ones (PB Valley, Village Farm and Gran Monte) in one day. You can also camp at Khao Yai National Park, or stay at one of the wineries’ fine, rustic resorts.

Location: From Bangkok, buses leave the Northern Bus Terminal (Mo Chit) for Pak Chong and Nakhon Ratchasima about every half hour. Address: Amphoe Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima 30130 Tel. 08 6092 6529, 0 3735 6033, 0 4424 9305 Fax 0 3735 6037 E-mail [email protected]

8. River Sunrise at Wat Arun: There is certainly something magical about dawn, nature’s daily ritual that promises a new day. Watching sunrise by the side of the easy-going Chao Phraya River, at Bangkok’s famous Temple of Dawn, can be a heavenly experience. As the sun lifts itself over the horizon, Wat Arun is bathed in soft light and you feel at one with the rich culture and history of this exotic land. And you’ll feel at one with each other, the perfect opportunity to take the next step in your loving relationship and turn this special time into a romantic memory.

Location: The easiest way to get to Wat Arun is to take the ferry from the opposite side of the river. The ferry is located at the Tha Tian pier, located down a small outdoor market alleyway heading west, across the street from in between the tall white walls of Wat Pho and Wat Phra Kaeo/The Grand Palace. The walk from the street to the ferry is no more than 50-100 meters.

9 Sam Phan Bok: If you are searching for a romantic vacation, an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, or simply to spend more time with someone special in a beautiful setting, then Sam Phan Bok is for you. Also known as the grand canyon of Thailand, Sam Phan Bok is one of the most mystical of wonders in northeastern Thailand. The “Three Thousand Holes” are situated alongside the Mekong River, its strong currents running their course over the area’s mountainous terrain for thousands of years, creating the intriguing formations. Strengthen the course of your relationship with a bended-knee proposal in this wondrous part of the Thai countryside.

Location: Sam Phan Bok is located in Ban Phong Pao, Moo 4, Lao Ngam sub-district, Pho Sai district, Ubon Ratchathani. It is about 120 km. from Ubon Ratchathani. Visitors can drive along the road no. 2050 via Trakan Phuet Phon District to Pho Sai District to witness the impressive Grand Canyon of Thailand.

10. Rai Le Beach: This picturesque beach offers great opportunities for couples in search of romantic getaways and serene, relaxing holidays by the sea. Rai Le Beach is a mesmerizing retreat that offers astonishing views, untouched nature and amazing tranquility. The inaccessibility by land gives the place a special sense of seclusion that you’ll appreciate for your escape to paradise. Let the emerald waves wash away your worries, the velvet white sands under vertical limestone hover over your peace and quiet, and pop the question in a blissful surrounding

Location: A boat from Ao Nang can be hired to go Rai Le beach which will cost 80THB and 10 minutes. Ao Nang is located approximately 6 kilometers from Hat Noppharat Thara and 20 kilometers from the town of Krabi.

11. Phangnga Bay: Being with your loved one while exploring one of the world’s most beautiful natural landscapes is a moment to cherish. Lie down together in a comfortable canoe while a guide gently paddles through the many caves of Phangnga Bay and its fantastic lagoons, leaving you amazed, relaxed, and with endless images in your mind. The otherworldly scenery and gravity-defying limestone formations will surprise and perhaps inspire you. The best way to explore is in a silent kayak slowly gliding under the giant rock cliffs, like a womb from which your new existence together can emerge.

Location: Once in Phangnga Town, take the highway heading to Takua Thung District, past the provincial Hall. After three junctions, you turn left and go about 2.5 kilometers. to the National Park Office. Contact for long-tailed boat renting at Customs House Pier.

12. The Grandfather & Grandmother Rock: Also known as Hin Ta and Hin Yai, these are fascinating stone formations that rest between Lamai and Hua Thanon on Ko Samui’s south coast. They are unique in their approximations of certain male and female private parts, giving way to the legend that an old couple, whose son had come of age, felt that it was time he got married. They decided to sail to a neighbouring province to ask a man for his daughter’s hand, but during their sea journey, their boat was seized by a storm. The old man and his wife, unable to swim ashore, perished at sea and turned into rocks as proof to the would-be bride’s parents of their true intentions. A built-in story and a beautiful coastal scene – the perfect backdrop for your very own marriage proposal.

Location: Hin Ta and Hin Yai are located off Route 4169 on Samui’s southeast coast, about two kilometres south of central Lamai Beach. It’s about 11 kilometres away from Chaweng Beach and 17 kilometres from the airport. As one of Ko Samui’s most popular attractions, every taxi driver will know how to get here.