TCT to propose launching ASEAN Family Theme Park


The Tourism Council of Thailand (TCT) has announced plans to launch the ‘ASEAN Family Theme Park’ to attract tourists within the region to Thailand. 

TCT President, Piyamarn Techapaiboon, said that after a meeting with relevant tourism agencies, the council is planning to propose the construction of the ‘ASEAN Family Theme Park’ to Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on June 17.

The project was devised to serve the government’s policy to increase tourism revenue to 2 trillion baht within 5 years.  The park will be the country’s newest large-scale man-made tourist destination, aimed to attract mainly ASEAN visitors.

Piyamarn elaborated that 2,000 rai of land will be allocated for the theme park which is set to embody the unique cultural elements of all ASEAN countries, featuring a variety of cultural performances and replicas of important landmarks in the ASEAN region.

The new attraction is tentatively planned to be built in one of the lesser-known provinces in a bid to boost local income.  Hotels, shopping complexes and other amenities will also be constructed within the theme park.

Additionally, the agencies participating in the meeting with the TCT also agreed that the Royal Barges Museum in Bangkok should be promoted alongside the Grand Palace, which is a main attraction of Thailand.  They also suggested that light and sound shows be staged along the Grand Palace’s walls to attract tourists at night.