TAT Update: Conditions for tourists on Thailand’s Andaman Sea remain normal following 4-hour tsunami alert on 11 April 2012


The magnitude 8.6 earthquake that occurred in the Indian Ocean about 500 kilometers to the west of Northern Sumatra, Indonesia on 11 April 2012, did not result in any significant tsunami waves reaching Thailand.  Tsunami warnings and evacuations of coastal areas in the provinces along Thailand’s Andaman Sea coast, including Ranong, Phangnga, Phuket, Satun, Krabi and Trang, only remained in effect for four hours.

The airports in Phuket and Krabi, which suspended operations following the tsunami warning, are operating normally as of today.  All flights have resumed as scheduled.

The TAT Phuket office coordinated with the provincial administration, the Thai Hotels Association (THA) and local hotels to provide accommodations for travellers waiting for flights delayed due to the airport suspending operations.  Hotels and resorts throughout the affected areas ensured tourists were promptly moved to safe areas and were well taken care of.

The TAT offices in Phuket and Krabi also implemented their response plans to ensure tourist safety and minimize disruptions due to transportation delays. The preparedness plans that the Thai government has in place to respond to tsunami warnings in the provinces along Thailand’s Andaman Sea coast proved their effectiveness.

Tourists who were planning to visit the Andaman Sea coastal provinces during the Songkran Festival will find that conditions in the area remain normal.  Songkran celebrations elsewhere throughout Thailand were not affected and will take place as scheduled.