TAT Newsroom Contest 2014 launches for photo, travel feature, and video documentary


Bangkok, 12 May, 2014 – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has today launched a contest in which both amateur and professional photographers, writers, and videographers from Thailand and all over the world can take part.

The “TAT Newsroom Contest 2014” for photos, travel features, and short video documentaries, which showcase Thai tourist destinations under the theme “I Like. I Share. Amazing Thailand: It Begins with the People…” has arranged cash awards of over 200,000 Baht for the winners and runner-ups from all contests.

Mr. Sugree Sithivanich, Deputy Governor for Marketing Communications of TAT said, “This project aims to promote and strengthen the positive image of Thailand as well as showcase the kingdom’s gems to international tourists. We would like the world to appreciate our wealth of natural, historical, cultural, and traditional attractions as well as our bustling cities; all of which are fascinating through the eyes of enthusiastic travellers.”

The contest offers a great opportunity for local and international entrants to use their talents to present their impressions of Thailand that capture the “Amazing Thailand” slogan. Entrants can present their work via three types of creative media: photos with captions and details of techniques used, travel features with accompanying photos, or short video documentaries with supportive stories that provide a narrative.

Recognising that domestic tourism also provides fun and memorable experiences, the competition is open to Thai travellers as well as foreign tourists so that everyone gets the chance to share their stories, be in print, or through photographic images or videos.

“We believe that it’s the tourists who have experienced Thailand before and fallen in love with its blend of exotic adventure and natural beauty who can best portray the nation in a truly positive light to the world. We feel that through this “don’t take our word for it, ask people who’ve been here” approach, we are showing the best bits of the nation and enhancing Thailand’s reputation in a way that can’t be seen as biased. This should lead to many more visitors coming here in the coming years to experience it for themselves,” said Mr. Sugree.

To reach a global audience, all entries submitted for the “TAT Newsroom Contest 2014” must be presented in English. All entries that win awards will be published through various media channels of the TAT Newsroom.

In order to promote local talent and encourage Thais to enter the competition, the TAT Newsroom Contest 2014 team is organising a special workshop to disseminate knowledge and inspire potential entrants. In this workshop, professional photographers, writers and video producers have been invited to share their tips and skills as well as pass on their knowledge. The workshop will be held on13 June, 2014, atthe TAT Head Office.

Anyone interested in entering the “TAT Newsroom Contest 2014” can visit www.tatnews.org, which is the online publicity channel of the TAT’s International Public Relations Division, to learn more on the terms and conditions for each area of the contest and to download the application form.This contest has received the honour from leading experts in print and digital media, as well as the advertising industry to be the judging committee.

All entries for the contest must consist of original work. Any copying, duplicating, imitating will result in disqualification. In addition, no work that has been published via other media will be accepted. All entries must be submitted from now until 31 July, 2014, to P.O. BOX 45 Santisuk Post Office, Bangkok 10113 Thailand only.

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