Phanom Rung sunset phenomenon to occur March 5-7


Phanom Rung Historical Park is preparing to hold their sunset festival in March.

Park officials are inviting visitors to witness the natural phenomenon of the sunset being visible through all 15 doors of Phanom Rung shrine. Phanom Rung is a Hindu shrine, built in dedication to Shiva.

(Photo by Benh Lieu Song via Wikipedia)(Photo by Benh Lieu Song via Wikipedia)

According to astrologers, the first sunset phenomenon will be visible between 5:45pm and 6:15pm from March 5 – 7. The next occurrence is forecast from October 6 – 8. Conversely, the sunrise phenomenon will occur from April 2 – 4 and from September 9 – 11.

Additional security and administrative officials will be on duty at Phanom Rung Historical Park to facilitate tourist activities throughout the festival.