Flowers and fashion show in full bloom at Nan’s Art and Artistry Festival


Nan, 5 February, 2014 – As well as its ancient Lanna culture and stunning natural scenery, the northern Thai province of Nan has much to offer visitors and with the lovely local rose just coming into bloom, this is the best time to visit and enjoy a festival of local culture at “The Chompoo Phuka Blooms – The Art and Artistry of Nan” event.

Organised by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Phrae Office in cooperation with the Nan Industrial Office, the annual festival unites Nan’s beautiful scenery and man-made artworks together and just in time for Valentine’s Day. “The Chompoo Phuka Blooms – The Art and Artistry of Nan” event is this year scheduled to be held from 12 to 26 February, 2014, at Khuang Muang Nan.

Mr. Thawatchai Arunyik, Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand said, “This is always a lovely time of year in Nan, and the fact that our rare, and beloved Chompoo Phuka rose comes into scented bloom and shows off her colours just adds to the sense of occasion and romance.”

This year, the 15-day event’s highlight is a special fashion show called ‘Ngam Fai Sai Ngam’ or ‘Silver of Love’ that reveals some of the lovely woven textiles for which Nan is famous and show how they can be made into very stylish outfits.

“Fashion lovers will enjoy seeing how these textiles, produced in the same way for centuries, can make an ultra modern fashion statement. Little wonder that the sale of such cloth is increasing year on year and is highly sought by designers and dressmakers the world over,” the TAT Governor said.

The tranquil province of Nan in Thailand’s far north has always been known for its natural beauty, flora and fauna, but there is one bloom that really stands out from the rest – the ‘Chompoo Phuka’ or Bretschneidera Sinensis.

In Thailand, this lovely flower can only be found in the environs of the Doi Phuka National Park and usually blooms around mid-February, so it is seen as the kingdom’s symbol of Valentine’s Day. It is well worth making the trip to Nan for and visitors will also get the chance to see the province’s famous silverware, woven cloths and textiles, which are renowned for being among the kingdom’s best.

As always, there will be a great deal to see and do at the festival and lovers of the art and culture of Thailand’s far north will particularly enjoy the interactive exhibition that includes demonstrations of how silverware and woven textiles are taken from the raw material and fashioned into meticulously finished products.

Visitors will of course get the chance to buy some of the best pieces of silverware and woven woollen cloth for themselves as well as handicrafts from neighbouring countries; such as, Vietnam, China and Lao PDR. There will also be cultural performances, a singing contest and mini concerts by several big-name singers.

The festival is not only about flowers and fashion. Throughout the 15 days, visitors will enjoy a range of fun-filled activities as well as the chance to see some of the real natural beauty of the province and explore some of its ancient Lanna culture.

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