Flood situation in Southern provinces still critical


YALA, Dec 23 – Flooding in Thailand’s southern provinces remained critical today, where many areas still face continuing downpours, causing rivers to overflow their banks and inundating local homes.

Endless rainfall in Yala province caused the Pattani and Sai Buri Rivers to overflow, flooding Yala municipality.

One school in the city was forced to close due to the flood.

Meanwhile, villagers from Ta Lo Ha Lor sub-district in Raman district, who had evacuated to makeshift shelters near the Sai Buri bridge last Thursday due to flood,  were facing shortages of rice and dried food.

Several areas in Patthalung province were still submerged under floodwater of up to 2 meter high, prompting local residents to commute by boats.

Six districts have been declared disaster areas due to severe inundation while around 10,000 households have already been affected.

The continuous downpours in Surat Thani province and high sea level also caused the Tapee River to overflow its banks and flooded four communities of Surat Thani municipality this morning. Flood level in the city stood at some 30-50 centimeters high.

Provincial workers were deployed to assist local residents move their belongings to higher ground.