Fine Arts Department confirms Ayutthaya under great care


BANGKOK, 5 May 2012  – The Fine Arts Department is preparing to protest the Global Heritage Fund of UNESCO for listing the Ayutthaya Historical Park as one of the 10 architectural sites that are the most in danger of “irreparable loss and destruction”. 

The Fine Arts Department has planned to request UNESCO to clarify the listing as it could lead people to think that the country is war-torn.

Soamsuda Leeyawanich, Director-General of the Fine Arts Department confirmed that the government had allocated a budget of more than THB 500 million for the restoration of historical sites since the flood crisis last year. She added that it would be inappropriate for UNESCO to draw such a conclusion as the repair work was still ongoing.

Other Asian architectures which the Global Heritage Fund deems to be in danger of vanishing under a tide of economic expansion, war and tourism include Preah Vihear, Fort Santiago in the Philippines and Taxila, an ancient economic crossroads in Pakistan.