Youth urged to take vocational studies to solve labour shortage


BANGKOK, 14 June 2011 – The Thailand Development Research Institute (TDRI) has suggested the government encourage more youngsters to take vocational studies as a way to solve labour shortage.

According to TDRI Senior Advisor to the President Dr Yongyuth Yuthavong, Thailand is facing a shortage of about 300,000 workers in various industries since applicants’ qualifications do not match vacant positions while labour quality do not meet the demand of entrepreneurs.

The shortage is serious in food, automotive, electric and textile industries. Dr. Yongyuth suggested that at least 5,000 graduates should be produced in each field annually during the next three years while the government should guarantee employments for students finishing vocational programmes.

Those holding vocational certificates should earn at least 10,000 baht per month while those finishing higher vocational studies should get 15,000 baht a month.

Meanwhile, universities should also be encouraged to produce more graduates in scientific fields to meet demands in such fields as public works and high-speed train technology. According to Dr Yongyuth, at present the ratio of graduates in social and scientific fields is 30:70. He thought the ratio should be on the balance while production of the labour force in shortage fields should be accelerated.