Yom River’s water level reaches a critical stage


SUKHOTHAI, 4 September 2014 – Four districts in Sukhothai province have been urged to keep an eye on the water levels of the Yom River around the clock, as the water could overflow anytime. 

The river’s water level in the downtown area of Sukhothai has continued to rise due to torrential rains. Meanwhile, the water from the Baan Had Saphan Chan Dam is being drained at a rate of 600 cubic meters per second, releasing more water into the area.

Residents living in low-lying areas in downtown Sukhothai, Sawankhalok, Si Samrong, and Kong Krailat districts, as well as those living in Phitsanulok’s Bang Rakam District are advised to monitor the situation for the next 2-3 days.

Authorities from the Sukhothai Municipality as well as soldiers in the area have placed sandbags in local communities and roads to deter the flow of water.