Yala governor files police complaint against Facebook con-men


YALA, 7th May 2017 – Yala Governor Doldej Pattanarat has filed a police complaint against a group of con-men who created a fake Facebook page representing the governor and used it to swindle local officials out of money.

Governor Doldej has denied any involvement with the Facebook page in the name of Daldej State whose owner has pretended to be him and borrowed money from village headmen and government officials with an offer of interest.

On Facebook, Mr. Doldej has asked the general public not to fall prey to the bogus Facebook page and spread the news to others while confirming that he has already notified the police of the scam.

His secretary disclosed that the governor was not ready to give further information on the matter for fear of affecting the police investigation. The fake Facebook page has been closed down.