Workers in certain occupations may need to be authorized before getting a job


BANGKOK, 4 March 2015 – The Department of Skill Development (DSD) is planning to make a list of occupations that require verification in order to assure safety in workplace.

According to DSD Director General M.L. Boontarik Smithi, the DSD is currently working with various career associations in identifying occupations that could potentially be harmful to the public and the workers themselves.

New requirements will be enforced demanding prospective employees of these jobs to be verified by the authorities of their qualifications and skills. The move is aimed at increasing safety for both the workers and people around them.

Labor Minister General Surasal Kanjanarat will be asked to approve the criteria applicable to electricians and welders first. However, they will be notified and allowed a period of time to adjust to the new regulations before they take effect on March 26.

Employers will also be required to hire only candidates that have been authorized to work in such fields. They could face a maximum fine of 30,000 baht if they do not abide by the rules. The workers who have successfully gained an employment without proof of authorization will be subjected to a fine of up to 5,000 baht.