Woman attacked by tiger popular visitor attraction


A shocking incident took place at the popular Million years Stone Park and crocodile farm on August the 11th when a tiger attacked a tourist.

48 year old Pimonpan from Bangkok was doing what thousands of visitors to the theme park do, sitting beside a tiger for a photograph.

This tiger has posed for thousands of photographs yet lashed out at one tourist.

The staff briefed her on how to sit however she got up to check the photo, when she sat down again she sat in the wrong spot and put her hand above the tiger’s head, this unnerved the tiger who bit her arm and clawed at her face and she was quickly rushed to Bangkok hospital Pattaya where she was treated for her wounds and would spend 3 to 5 days for observation.

The Chairman of the Million Year Stone Park and Crocodile Farm, Suan Panomwatanakul said on the day the woman had sat with a 2 year old white male tiger named Milky had been posing for photographs with visitors for over 6 months now and that this was the first time any thing like this had happened.

Suan said that they would cover any medical expenses and any counseling that Pimonpan may require and stressed that his theme park has strict rules and safety measures for tourists and that they are followed very strictly.

The atmosphere at the theme park soon went back to normal with huge number of Thai and foreign tourists visiting the attraction.

Woman attacked by tiger popular visitor attraction