Water management in Bangkok will be more effective than last year: Water agency


BANGKOK, Sept 8 — Water management in Bangkok this year would be better than last year, while water handling on the eastern side of Bangkok has changed from testing to implementation, effectively preventing floods in Lat Phrao and Senanikom areas, according to a senior official of Water and Flood Management Commission (WFMC).

Dr Royal Chitradon, chairman of the Water and Flood Management Commission’s sub-committee on water situation analysis, and Royal Irrigation Department Director General Lertviroj Kowattana jointly appeared on the “Yingluck Government Meets the People” weekly TV and radio programme.

Dr Royal, Director of Hydro and Agro Informatics Institute (HAII), said that testing for the western approaches to Bangkok on Wednesday has given satisfactory results, beyond the expectation, particularly at the bottle neck of Phasi Charoen canal. After installing water jets, he said, the water could flow more effectively making the water levels at Thawi Watthana, Phasi Charoen and Bang Pai canals more balanced. The information would be collected to use for actual situations.

As for the flood testing in the east side of Bangkok on Friday which was cancelled because of heavy rain, he said the test changed into real scenario, particularly at Lat Phrao canal.

Boats were placed at 12 locations to help the flow of water, and the water level was below the canal banks. If there was no boats to help drive the flow of water, it could have inundated Lat Phrao and Senanikom, he said.

Meanwhie, Mr Lertviroj said that water flooding paddy fields in Ayuthaya was not related to the flood testing in Bangkok.

He said the water levels of major rivers were normal despite heavy rain. The director general said that his department has closely monitor water levels and managed the irrigation system effectively and was confident that the prepared water could ease drought for 500-600 million rai.