Water level in Lam Takong dam has dropped to the lowest point in 10 years


The Royal Rain-making and Agricultural Aviation Department has stepped up cloud-seeding efforts since October 15 with the hope of adding more water into dams in Nakhon Ratchasima, especially the Lam Takong dam where water level has dropped to the lowest point in 10 years.


Over 30 cloud-seeding flights have been launched each day so that there may be rains in Nakhon Ratchasima to fill up the dams which are now running short of water.

Lam Takong dam now has 33 percent usable water which is the lowest level in a decade whereas the Lam Phra Ploeng dam in Pak Thongchai district and Lam Sae dam have 40 percent and 46 percent of usable water respectively.

Meanwhile, the Royal Irrigation Department has farmers who have access to water from irrigation system to switch from rice to crops which consume less water as the Lam Takong dam will not be enough to support second-crop cultivation in the next dry season.

The department also suggested the provincial waterworks authority to pump more water from Lam Takong dam into its storage facilities to ensure sufficient tap water to last through the upcoming dry season.

The waterworks authority’s Office where tap water is produced is located about 100 kms from Lam Takong dam.