Villagers donate recyclable waste as way to make merit


SURAT THANI- Villagers in Tri Kung subdistrict, Surat Thani, have joined a merit making campaign run by the subdistrict administrative organization which is accepting the donation of recyclable waste to be sorted and later sold. The revenue will then be donated for charity.

At Ban Khon Por village in Tri Kung subdistrict, Surat Thani province, villagers joined a parade dressed up in fancy costumes made from recyclable waste around the village, holding campaign signs asking villagers to sort garbage and help reduce global warming.

The parade was held as part of the religious Tod Pa Pa rite where faithful Buddhists raise donations for temples. The rite in Tri Kung subdistrict is special as villagers are encouraged to donate recyclable waste, which is then sorted and sold. Revenue from the sale is donated to the Mae Khong Paen Din fund that oversees waste management and an anti-drugs campaign.

This donation campaign also promotes the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle among villagers, encouraging them to reduce waste, lower waste management costs, and promote the reuse of materials to generate revenue.