Vast forest areas damaged from fire in Narathiwat


NARATHIWAT – The forest fire incident in Narathiwat has damaged 1,700 rais of forest land in the Peat Swamp Forest and National Reserve Forest, while the prosecution of involved persons is being expedited, says governor.

Narathiwat Governor Sittichai Sakda has revealed that local officials have been ordered to arrange the first fire patrol to prevent arson in Su-ngai Kolok, Su-ngai Padi, and Bacho districts, while the situation in Yi-ngo and Tak Bai districts is under control as is being observed to prevent the fire from spreading underground.

The incident has caused initial damage to 990 rais of Peat Swamp Forest land, 715 rais of National Reserve Forest land, contributed to 1,705 rais of land damaged, while the fire also burned away 120 rais of land in the Bacho Cooperative Park’s reserve forest, and 2,049 rais in private forest areas. The total area of damage to forest land in 6 districts is at 3,874 rais.

It was reported that rainfalls on 17 May 2016 have helped to increase aerial moisture in the area and extinguished the fire.

Narathiwat Provincial Natural Resources and Environment Office has been appointed to execute their power in order to arrest and prosecute persons involved with arson, while all private lands affected from the fire will receive assistance from the district disaster victims helping committee.

After the incident, the Songkhla Royal Rainmaking Unit has now adjusted its operation plan from controlling the fire, to drought relief in the Southern border provinces.