Urgent meeting for ruling Pheu Thai members today


BANGKOK, Dec 6 – Thailand’s ruling Pheu Thai Party is meeting specially today to plan the next move after an announcement by anti-government protesters to continue their demonstrations.

The party stood firm that the prime minister will neither resign nor dissolve the House as demanded by the protesters.

Pheu Thai spokesman Prompong Nopparit said the government’s resignation could not resolve the country’s political conflicts but it would rather intensify disputes which have been created by only a group of people.

Referring to a statement by opposition chief whip Jurin Laksanawisit calling on the prime minister to make either decision, Mr Prompong said the Democrat MP was pressuring the premier in parallel with a similar action by protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban.

Mr Prompong said Mr Suthep’s call to implement Section 7 of the Constitution to form an interim government was not possible and that it was unlawful as the charter clearly states that the prime minster must be an elected MP.

Political scientists and legal experts objected to Mr Suthep’s proposal, he claimed.

He said the former Democrat MP and protesters will have to destroy the Constitution or stage a coup to pave the way for a proposed “people’s council” and interim prime minister.

A people’s council exists under a dictatorial rule or communist system which is against constutional monarchy, said Mr Prompong, adding that the opposition Democrat Party should review its political role and that Mr Suthep should surrender to the authorities.

He said Mr Suthep’s announced “final battle” today (Dec 6) is aimed at creating a misleading and false hope and amassing the protesters for his benefit.

The Criminal Court last week issued its second arrest warrant for Mr Suthep on insurrection and several other charges. (MCOT online news)