Unidentified Drunk foreigner sustains severe injuries


At 1 pm on the 9th of March the Sawang Boriboon officers were called to a railway bridge on Soi Nernplubwan, upon arrival they found the body of a foreign man under the six meter high bridge he was unconscious and his leg was at an odd angle indicating that it was broken and that perhaps he had jumped or fallen from the bridge.

The officers could find no identification on the man whom they estimated was aged between 40 and 50 years old however the man reeked of alcohol which is why they thought he had jumped or fallen.

First aid was administered to the man before he was transferred to the Bangkok hospital Pattaya, witnesses stated that they had seen the man walking alone, drunk and talking to himself before stopping at the railway bridge, where he climbed over the bridge’s edge and jumped down which knocked him out and broke his leg.