Two persons missing in flood triggered by tropical storm Nock-Ten


PHRAE, Aug 1 – Unexpected floods have hit many provinces in Thailand’s North and Northeast due to the influence of tropical storm Nock-Ten, with two persons reported missing in Phrae.

Two persons went missing in Rongkwang district when their boat capsized while they were on duty helping flood victims.

Roads in the municipality are under water and flooding at the provincial bus terminal forced vehicles to park outside.

In Uttaradit, runoff from nearby forest areas has flooded homes in three sub-districts. Some areas are under two metres of water. Residents moved cars, farming equipment and valuable belongings to higher ground. Many roads are under water and a number of villages have been cut off from the outside world.

As rain continues, resident were forced to move to the second floors of their homes. The provincial disaster response agency warned residents for foothill areas in the provincial seat, Thasap and Laplae districts to beware of flash flood. Local authorities are on alert around the clock.

The storm brought flooding to Phisanulok’s Bang Rakam district, destroying over 4,000 rai (1,600 acres) of the current paddy rice crop. A 10km portion of the Chart Thakarn-Borpak Road is under water and three villages are isolated from the outside. The province issued flood warnings for nine districts.

In Phayao, flash flooding hit Phaholyothin Road and the interprovincial highway,causing difficulties for small vehicles. The province issued a flood warning for nine districts.

In the northeastern province of Nong Khai, heavy downpours triggered flooding in the business centre, with some spots flooded almost one metre deep. The provincial electricity authority turned off power for safety, while the provincial bus terminal has been flooded.

In Nakhon Phanom’s Ban Phaeng district, heavy runoff from nearby forests in Phulangka National Park flowed into ten villages. More than 1,000 households are affected and residents moved upstairs in their dwellings along with their valuables. Two schools are closed as a safety precaution.