Twenty-four hour opening still on the table


At City Hall on January 18, Deputy Mayor Ronakit Eakasingh chaired the first local business operation and regulation meeting in the presence of various sectors of the community and officials.

The committee discussed the often contentious issue of regulations governing the zoning of entertainment establishments and the opening and closing times of bars in the city.

Ronakit said that reformed zoning would ease the strain on the tax collecting system but that it would have to be implemented in line with the city’s current overall structure and zoning plan.  He did however indicate that some new changes may have to be introduced.

The Deputy Mayor gave examples of some of the zoning methods that could be applied.  He said that an imaginary Zone A, which could be open for 24 hours, might have to pay more tax than current rates, while a Zone B, which would only be able to stay open till 3 a.m., would be levied for tax at a lesser rate.

He cautioned however that more studies needed to be conducted in order to ensure that any changes implemented were done so in a fair and cost effective manner for all concerned parties.

Twenty-four hour opening still on the table