All TV and radio channels to return to own programming but with no entertainment and emotional content


The government last night issued a statement allowing all television and radio channels to broadcast their own programmes after last night’s live broadcast.


But all must refrain from entertainment and overly emotional content for 30 days, government spokesman Lt Gen Sansern said.

He said radio and television channels as well as online media were requested to air appropriate content to boost public morale, reduce confusion and relieve public concerns.

The broadcasting committee of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission also issued instructions for the broadcast.

It stated that programmes should not include any element of entertainment, dancing, joy, violence, impoliteness or overly expressed emotion.

Besides, all programme hosts, announcers and guests must dress in black and white tones, mainly black, without a pattern.

Information and news on the passing of the King must be approved by directly responsible organisations and refrain from elaboration, analysis and criticism.

These instructions will be applicable for 30 days from Thursday, and also apply to imported programmes.

In case of instant broadcast of royal ceremonies from the Television Pool of Thailand (TPT), all channels are required to immediately switch to relay it’s broadcasts.