Turbulent seas at west coast; 1 person killed during storm’s passing


NAKHON SAWAN, 14 May 2013 The Meteorological Department has warned that the approach of cyclone Mahasen will churn up strong winds and high waves on Thailand’s west coast. In the meantime, 1 person was killed in Nakhon Sawan when a storm swept past the province.

Cyclone Mahasen is moving from the lower part of the Gulf of Bengal towards the northwest, and is expected to be over the upper Gulf of Bengal between May 14-16. The winds and waves in the Andaman Sea will become more intense during the period.

In Nakhon Sawan province, 3 homes in Lad Yao district have been swept away by a tropical storm, which also downed dozens of large trees. One person was seriously injured in the presence of the storm, and a 76-year-old man was killed when the intense wind lashing at him caused him to lose balance and fall to the ground, hitting his head. In all, about 20 homes have been damaged by the storm.