More tropical thunderstorms to hit Thailand


BANGKOK,(NNT) – Thailand expects more tropical thunderstorms during 4-7 May 2017 while the Greater Bangkok area will likely have normal thunderstorms.

Meteorological Department (TMD) Director-General Wanchai Sakudomchai said the overall weather condition in Thailand this week will remain hot with thunderstorms in some areas, particularly in the lower northeastern, eastern, lower central, and central regions.

A mass of cold air is expected to begin to prevail over Thailand during 4-7 May, disrupting the current hot weather and resulting in tropical storms which will likely happen on 4 May in the northeastern and eastern regions, and on 5 May in the northern and upper central regions.

The summer storms may cause strong winds, hails, and thunders in some areas, mostly where the temperature exceeds 40 degree Celsius. People in the affected areas are advised not to be in the open area, under big trees, or large billboards during the time of storm.

The TMD Chief has added the Greater Bangkok Area will have some thunderstorms not as severe as the summer tropical storms as normal temperature in the area is currently only at 37-38 degree Celsius, not exceeding the threshold at 40 degree.