Transport Minister orders more buses put in service


BANGKOK, 30 June 2013 Transport Minister Chatchart Sitthiphan has instructed the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) to increase the number of buses in service in the evening. 

After a meeting with related agencies, Transport Minister Chatchart disclosed that he had instructed the BMTA to gather detailed information on its services and report the findings to him by July 5th, so that the Transport Ministry could help the BMTA solve its chronic problems.

According to the minister, the frequency of bus services is still low as passengers have to wait a long time before the bus they need arrives. Traffic congestion is one of the causes, another being an insufficient number of buses put in service especially in the evening, which is lower than in the the morning, said Chatcart.

The move to increase the frequency of services came after a failed attempt by Mr. Chatchart to travel by bus from inner Bangkok to Don Mueang airport for a flight, given he had to wait approximately 40 minutes for the bus to the airport before one arrived.