Transport Min to improve entire national rail system


BANGKOK 10 September 2012  – Deputy Transport Minister, overseeing the State Railway of Thailand, Chatt Kuldiloke, said the government will uplift the standard of tain tracks throughout the country. 

Mr Chatt said that the government has allotted 176 billion baht for uplifting the basic structures of the State Railway of Thailand (SRT). The money will be spent, among other projects, on constructing an 873-kilometer double track system, acquiring over 70 new locomotives as well as 605 new passenger and freight cars.

The deputy transport minister expected that the improvement will provide customers with better safety and faster service. He said the SRT’s administrative management will also be restructured into a business unit, which will enable the state enterprise to efficiently compete in terms of price and quality.

The new business management will be divided into three units 1) railway management, 2) maintenance, and 3) asset management.

To prepare Thailand for the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015, Mr Chatt said the 1-meter wide rail tracks will be replaced with 1.435 meter-wide tracks. The move will allow connectivity of Thai rail traks with those of neighboring countries.

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