Train derailment in Songkhla may be work of junk collector


SONGKHLA, 24 September 2014 Authorities in Songkhla have concluded that the removal of the rail anchor spikes, which caused the recent derailment of a train, was not the work of Deep South insurgents.

A team of officials from five agencies on Tuesday explained their conclusion about the derailment of the Su-ngai Kolok-Nakhon Si Thammarat train no. 452, which occurred on September 18. According to Mr. Thawiwut Sangsiri, the chief district officer in Chana district, the police are investigating the missing anchor spikes.

Officials believe it was likely the work of junk sellers who took the anchor spikes to sell at junk shops. Mr. Thawiwut explained that this was likely the motive behind an earlier case in Thepha district where anchor spikes were removed from tracks.

The earlier theft did not result in any mishaps with trains because railway officials had spotted the missing spikes in time.

11 people were injured from the train derailment in Songkhla last week. The State Railway of Thailand promised to take care of their medical expenses.