Three killed in ongoing violence of restive South


PATTANI, Nov 10 – Two administrative officials were shot dead in this restive southern province, while one villager was also killed in a shooting attack in nearby Narathiwat province.

The three casuaties occurred in three separate incidents.

The first victim was identified as Nimu Niloh, 63, a former village head in Pattani’s Yaring district.

He was riding his motorcycle to a local tea shop this morning when an unknown number of gunmen in a pickup truck, approached and sprayed bullets at him.

Another attack took place in Kapo district last night when assailants shot Ma Sado, Karubi sub-district chef, and Ariya Nimae, a village head, while the two officials were in a pick up truck heading to their homes.

The two victims were wounded and rushed to hospital. Ma Sado was later pronounced dead.

Police are investigating whether or not the two attacks were motivated by southern insurgency.

In nearby Narathiwat’s Ruso district, three villagers were wounded in a shooting ambush in a rubber plantation Saturday night.

One of them, identified as 18-year-old Abdulroman Muso, was later pronounced dead.

Personal conflict or southern insurgency are possible causes of the attack. Police noted that the crime scene in Ruso district was considered as a “red village” with frequent reports of insurgent attacks.