Thousands grieve over the death of National Artist Thawan Duchanee


CHIANG RAI, 4 September 2014  – A large number of tourists have traveled to Nang Lae District in Chiang Rai Province to mourn the loss of National Artist Thawan Duchanee who passed away at 02:00AM on September 3 due to complications arising from hepatitis. 

Locals and tourists have flocked to the artist’s Baandam Museum or “Black House” yesterday in remembrance of “Ajarn Thawan”. The Black House was a private building owned by Mr. Thawan and has been converted into a museum since 40 years ago, showcasing many paintings of the esteemed artist.

Incense sticks and a portrait of Mr. Thawan have been placed in the “Viharn Dam”, a large wooden building for visitors to pay homage to the national artist.

The Black House will remain open, but it might be temporarily closed on September 11, the day for the royal cremation ceremony.