Thailand’s Or Tor Kor Market in CNN’s top 10 best fresh markets in the world


BANGKOK,(NNT) – CNN has praised Thailand’s Marketing Organization for Farmers’ Markets as one of the top 10 best fresh markets in the world.

Thailand News - 21-04-17 3 NNT Thailand's Or Tor Kor Market in CNN's top 10 best fresh markets in the world 1JPG

Known locally as the “Or Tor Kor Market”, the US news network described the market as a vibrant place with fruit and vegetables that can only be found in Thailand and a hub for various other products imported from across Asia. The market has been praised for its cleanliness, and its convenience due to its abundance of pre-made foods and snacks.

CNN’s top 10 list includes:
La Boqueria Market in Barcelona, Spain,
Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan,
Union Square Farmers’ Market in New York City, USA,
Or Tor Kor Market in Bangkok, Thailand,
St. Lawrence Market in Toronto, Canada,
Borough Market in London, England,
Kreta Ayer Wet Market in Singapore,
Lancaster Central Market in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA,
Marche Provencal in Antibes, France,
and Kowloon City Wet Market in Hong Kong.