Thailand’s blood bank asks donors to self-assess risks before giving blood


BANGKOK – The National Blood Center is asking donors to self-assess their risk of COVID-19 infection before giving blood. The center has implemented physical distancing measures and frequent disinfection of its facility to boost confidence.

More people are now donating their blood, after the Thai Red Cross Society’s National Blood Center voiced its concerns about blood shortages due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has led to some people not coming out to donate blood.

The center says the amount of blood in the blood bank is now sufficient, as hospitals across the country are now requesting less blood. The center is asking donors coming to give blood to self-assess their risk of COVID-19 infection before arriving, as well as answering the questionnaire truthfully, and always wearing a face mask.

The National Blood Center is now implementing measures to ensure confidence among donors and safe transportation of blood from its facilities at the Thai Red Cross Society, the Blood and Plasma Donation Center at Red Cross Station 11 (Wisetniyom), blood donation rooms in The Mall Bang Kapi, The Mall Ngamwongwan, and The Mall Bang Khae shopping malls, mobile blood units, and the 13 regional blood centers.

The facilities are frequently cleaned using disinfectants and UV light, especially any commonly touched surfaces. Donors are seated at least a meter apart while waiting. Donors, and staff collecting the blood are kept separated by a divider. For reasons of hygiene, no linen or covers are used on the donation beds, as well as no blankets for the donors. (NNT)