Thailand Post assures public of its computer security system


Thailand Post Company has asked members of the public to have trust and confidence in its security system that their ID numbers they gave to the company during the registration to receive commemorative postcards of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej.


The company issued the above statement Monday evening in response to a message posted in the social media by an unidentified individual warning the people not to give away their ID cards or mobile phone numbers, claiming that the ID card or phone numbers can be used by con men to steal their confidential information or money from their bank accounts.

The message which went viral in the social media also alleged that Thailand Post Company was, in fact, CP, the agro business conglomerate.

Thailand Post Company said, in its statement, that in order to give away the post cards featuring a stamp bearing the portrait of the late King, the ID card numbers are needed to make sure that the persons who made the registration really wanted the post cards.

As for the numbers of mobile phones, the company said they were meant for it to send more information to them.